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27 Awesome (Or Not) Ways To Kill Time When You Are Home On A Weekend

Time is a funny thing. If you are enjoying yourself, you will notice that time flies by really fast, and when you are in math class it doesn’t seem to go by at all. One of the most frustrating experiences ever is to get bored at home, without having anything to do.  If your social life has taken a hit and you don’t have any friends to annoy, these are some of the things that you could try out to make sure that you kill time.

1. Call up your school teachers and ask them if they have done their homework

Time wasted: The time required to source the phone numbers + 10 seconds for each call.

You may hear some music, if you know what I mean! 😉

2. Go to the museum and pretend to be a statue

kill time_New_Love_Times

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Time wasted: The time till the security guards find you.

3. Read through the dictionary to get educated

Time wasted: 15 minutes. Or until you reach the word “Bored”

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4. Plan your survival under a zombie attack

Time wasted: 1 hour minimum. You could entertain yourself by watching a zombie movie afterwards.

5. Write your will

Time wasted: 5 minutes. You don’t have that much property.

6. Make a list of all the people you want to kill

Time wasted: 10 minutes. Or more. Depends on how vindictive you are.

7. Make a list of the various ways in which you want to kill them

Time wasted: 1 hour 30 minutes. Use your imagination. Hint: Katana’s are fun.

8. Memorize the periodic table.

Time wasted: 1 hour.  You never know what might come handy.

9. Take online quizzes.

Time wasted: The number of quizzes on the internet*2minutes = infinity.

10. Diagnose yourself on webMD.

kill time_New_Love_Times

Image source: imgur

Time wasted: Time until you realize you are going to die.

11. Fragment and defragment your computer.

Time wasted: A LOT.

12. Eat a pomegranate.

Time wasted: One afternoon.

13. Surf the internet on Internet Explorer.

Time wasted: 3-4 hours minimum. Make sure you go for government sites.

14. Help your grand mom knit you a sweater.

Time wasted: Flexible. Depends on how old your grandmother is.

15. Watch other people sleep.

kill time_New_Love_Times

Image source: riffsy

Time wasted: 2 hours. You might be called a creep.

16. Draw out your family tree

Time wasted: 2.5 hours. Ask your grandparents about their grandparents. That should take up a considerable amount of time.

17. Draw spectacles on photographs in newspapers

Time wasted: 30 minutes. You could also add moustaches and chin straps. That will take up another half an hour. Also, the time needed to placate your grandfather because you have ruined the newspaper.

18. Fight with an imaginary friend.

Time wasted: Your sanity.

19. Find out who borrowed your scissors and get them back.

Time wasted:  Only the amount of time taken to find out who borrowed them. They are never giving them back.

20. Practice hand shadow art.

Time wasted: Until the sun goes down.

21. Rub the rim of a glass until it makes noises

Time wasted: Until your fingers start to hurt.

22. Look up the phone book to find people with your surname and ask them if they are your relatives.

Time wasted: 5 minutes to lift the phonebook, 30 minutes to find the people. And 30 seconds on each phone call. There will be swearing!

23. Count the number of matches in a box

kill time_New_Love_Times

Image source: gifsec

Time wasted: The time you waste because you didn’t read the back of the box.

24. Search something on Google and start checking links from the third page.

Time wasted: 1 hour. Stretch your patience. See how far Google will allow you to explore.

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25. Watch a Lav Diaz movie.

Time wasted: 10 hours (approximately)

26. Arrange your clothes according to the color of the rainbow.

Time wasted: 15 minutes if you are poor. 3 hours if you are rich. 1 minute if you are homeless.

27. Bingewatch “Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi”

kill time_New_Love_Times

Image source: gifsec

Time wasted: Too much time. You don’t have this much time to waste. Seriously.

You have also wasted a considerable amount of time reading this article. Congratulations!

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27 Awesome (Or Not) Ways To Kill Time When You Are Home On A Weekend
Home on a weekend and want to kill time? Try these gems. At your own risk! :P
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