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An Open Letter To All Women Who Hide Their Broken Heart Behind A Brave Face

They say that there is a story behind every smile, all the more true for those who are wearing it to mask pain– a series of heartbreaks and disappointments that every woman has experienced before painting that beautiful smile on her face. It takes a whole lot of courage to overcome your past and pretend like nothing happened.

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There are moments when you try to smile even at the worst of times to hide your emotions. It could be that recent heartbreak you are hiding or a fight that you had with your partner, a personal setback, the loss of a loved one, or any other thing that must have put you down. But overcoming that pain and letting the world know that you are fine, all by yourself, not only makes you strong but an inspiration to other girls and women out there.

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The universe can play really unfair sometimes. Often, out of all the people in the whole wide world, it makes us meet that one person who ends up becoming our “almost” lover. You go out there, take risks, and do everything that you can in order to make things work between the two of you, only to hear the “not us” in the end. You spend sleepless nights trying to figure out why the universe wanted you to do so much, only to lead you to a dead end. You can’t have control over your own life, and the thought makes you angry and frustrated, both at the same time.

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There are days when you don’t want to wake up, get ready, and face the world. You know there would be people out there who would ask you everything about your broken heart. What they don’t understand is that sometimes, all you need is to be by yourself. There is no pill to heartaches, no one to assist you to collect all those broken pieces of your heart for you. It is just you against them all, which makes you realize that you can only do one out of the two things – you can either spend your whole life crying for your broken heart or you can face the world with a big smile on your face.

The warrior in you always chooses the latter, as there is no bigger weapon is this world than your smile. You let the entire world know that even after facing the worst and falling every step of the way, you are able to rise once again.

The phoenix must be set on fire in order to rise from its ashes, and you are nothing less. Instead of letting a broken heart put your entire life to an end, you can take inspiration from it and let the heartache paint the most beautiful picture to your life.

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The smile on your face that initially came to hide your pain gradually becomes your greatest weapon. There comes a time, after a while, when you stop pretending. You don’t have to. The smile you have been wearing as a mask becomes your genuine self. You have a truthful smile on your face when you start living your life while finding the reason of your happiness in you. I know that it is getting to that one fine day, when this will all make sense that seems like the hardest part – and know what, it is. But it will happen.

You have yourself on this journey. And you know what? It is all you need. Go out there and take the whole damn world, as it awaits you to leave your mark. Fall in love once again, make mistakes, create memories, and let your broken heart be the biggest inspiration to your life.

Most significantly, don’t forget to smile!

Featured image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

Article Name
An Open Letter To All Women Who Hide Their Broken Heart Behind A Brave Face
A broken heart is a brave heart. It beats as it bears the pain, knowing how to wear a smile!
Bhavya Kaushik

Bhavya Kaushik

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