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Is He Falling In Love With You, But Is Scared To Tell You That?

Sometimes picking up hints and finding out if a guy is in love with you can be pretty difficult. However, this post lays down perfectly all the signs he is falling in love but scared. After reading this, you will easily deduce if he is serious about you or not.

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Here are 25 signs he is falling in love but scared to tell you:

Signs he is falling in love but scared


  1. He keeps staring at you now and then, and as soon as you catch him peering he turns away. Also, when you do catch him staring, he has “that” look on his face, which says it all!
  2. You can have deep conversations about life with him, but you have noticed that as soon as those intimate and very meaningful discussions are over, he pulls away from you.
  3. After sex, he sticks around and loves to cuddle, but as soon as it is morning, he leaves unannounced.
  4. He keeps telling you that he is scared of getting too close to anyone because what happened in his last relationship. He tells you honestly that he does not want to go through a heartbreak all over again.
  5. He gives you several mixed signals. You, most of the times, think he is an asshole for doing that, but in your heart, you kind of know that he is in love with you, but too scared to tell you that.
  6. Whenever you bring up the future, he starts acting bizarre. However, he treats you like an angel and by the look of it you can tell, he is not going anywhere any soon.
  7. He gets super uncomfortable and weird when someone brings up marriage. The idea of dating scares him too, though the relationship you and he share is what constitutes one between a boyfriend and a girlfriend. He is, basically, Barney, and you, his Robin.
  8. He talks to you in that gooey baby voice and tickles and cuddles, but as soon as it dawns on him that this is all too cutesy, he behaves distant. He is your Darcy!
  9. This guy has never labelled you as his girlfriend or he as your boyfriend, but your families behave like you guys are an item. Actually, everyone knows you both are dating, except the two of you.
  10. He wants you to pick the hints, and understand his love from his actions. For example, he does not ever tell you how much he has missed when you guys meet after a long time, but you can easily tell from his actions that he has definitely been lonely without you.
  11. During moments when you both know in your hearts that this is a lot like love, he behaves weirdly and tries to leave as soon as possible.
  12. Though this dude has never admitted his feelings to you, his friends are your pals too, and they have told you that he loves you and is serious about the relationship.
  13. He is not seeing any other girl, and though he has not said this to you, you know that we would not be happy if you started dating someone else.
  14. Everyone around you can easily spot that you guys are dating, though the two of you don’t hold hands or behave like a couple in public.
  15. You know that there is something he is dying to tell you and is holding himself back because he is scared it might ruin the friendship.
  16. Whenever there is someone else who is trying to hit on you, he gets jealous. However, when you call him out on it, he pretends as if it doesn’t bother him at all. He even goes on to tell you that it is your life and you can do whatever the hell you want. You know, he does not mean that. 😀

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  1. He pushes you away whenever you guys get too close. But then he realizes how much he needs you, and so pulls you closer again. He is a confused soul!
  2. He is generally a supremely sweet fellow. He has introduced you to his family, his closest friends, and people he admires. But as soon as you mention this to him, he pretends as if this is not a big deal; as if he does that with all his friends.
  3. He attends weddings and extremely personal gatherings with you, though he has not called you his girlfriend yet. You know that you are the woman in his life, whether he admits it or not.
  4. He tells you directly that he likes you and may be even loves you, but relationships terrify the hell out of him, and that’s why he does not want to get too serious with you.
  5. He trusts you completely. In your relationship, there is trust, companionship, and respect, the three pillars of a great romantic relationship. And trust can only be built in a relationship, when both the people are comfortable to show each other their vulnerable sides. If he has done that, then we are pretty sure he loves you, but is scared to death that it might ruin the friendship.
  6. He always tries to make you happy. Your happiness means the world to him, and you can see through his actions that all his efforts are toward making you feel good, though he will never talk about it, or even expect any credit for it.
  7. He confides his deepest and darkest fears in you. If he tells you everything, and he does not do that with anyone else, chances are he loves you like crazy. You are his person, and he knows that, but will never say it out loud.
  8. He likes you just the way you are. He does not try to change you; in fact, your quirks are his best things about you. Also, whenever the two of you argue about something, he never criticizes you. Instead he presents his points logically, and hears you out. Though he may pretend that what you are saying makes no sense, you know that he values your opinion.
  9. He always make you feel safe. Whenever you are going through a problem, he steps in, and tries to help you out in the best way possible. He offers you great suggestions whenever you have issues at work or in your personal life. He does not trivialize your problems.

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That is all we have on today’s post on signs that he is falling in love but scared to tell you or anyone. Was this helpful? Will you be recommending it to others too? If you have relationship queries that you would like to share with us, then please do so in the comment section below. Our experts will get back to ASAP.

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Article Name
Here Are The Ultimate Signs He Is Falling In Love But Scared
Sometimes picking up hints and finding out if a guy is in love with you can be pretty difficult. However, this post lays down perfectly all the signs he is falling in love but scared.
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