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Sagittarius Compatibility: Which Zodiac sign should you fall in love with?

Sagittarius Compatibility

A Sagittarius is aptly represented by the symbol of the ‘Archer’. It describes the tenacity of a Sagittarius to achieve a goal. Like the flying arrow, a person born under this sign likes to venture into the unknown and find meaning to his/her journey. Being very fond of traveling, it is very difficult for a Sagittarius to settle. But if they are given the chance to wander about, even while being in a relationship, they might consider entering into one.


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They believe in compartmentalization of life, one aspect not touching the other. A Sagittarius also has a funny bone which makes them the star of a group or gathering. They are known to have many friends, but still are very aloof, and like to disappear in their own thoughts.

Sagittarius (22nd November – 21st December) and Aquarius (20th January – 18th February)

We’re joined at the hip!

Aquarius is a creative and mysterious creature, and is perfect for Sagittarius, because the latter finds them intriguing, which ensures a longer relationship. Sagittarius likes the adrenaline rush, and Aquarius likes to try out new things. So they both may take a trip to the most virgin beaches a country has to offer, and have a wonderful time together. And even if Aquarius is feeling just a bit lazy and wants to cuddle up with a good book, they would never mind if Sagittarius just went on a trip or some adventure sport on their own. This makes them completely compatible with each other – they provide the other exactly what they want.


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They both admire each other – Sagittarius for Aquarius’ innovative ideas and flexibility, and Aquarius for Sagittarius’ intellect and a philosophical conscience. Sagittarius belongs to the element Fire and Aquarius to Air, and together they can create spectacular work. They both like to have some time to themselves, which perfectly sits well with the other. Also, in case they have any issues, they sit and talk it out, rather than overreacting or overanalyzing stuff that is not present.

Sagittarius (22nd November – 21st December) and Aries (21st March – 19th April):

I will follow you everywhere!

Sagittarius and Aries form a highly compatible love match as their interests align, and they also share the love of travel. They are both impulsive, which means that they tend to have too many accidents, of all types. Sagittarius and Aries have a lot of energy, and they promptly utilize it to experience new things. But they do not have the mystery to go on in their relationship, and only if they can find some common ground, they may not have to suffer heartbreak. Aries is the sensitive one in this pair, and can get hurt by the upfront comments of its Sagittarius partner, however both of them have the unique capability of ‘forgive and forget’.


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The spark between them never fades as they both belong to the element of Fire. Aries is the one who takes initiative, and when it’s about an adventure or some road trip, Sagittarius is more than ready and eager to follow. They never struggle about ‘who is in charge,’ as Aries leads from the front, with equal inputs of its Sagittarius partner, who takes charge behind the scenes. There are times when Sagittarius has to reassure a somewhat possessive Aries that wherever the former may go, they will always return home.

Sagittarius (22nd November – 21st December) and Leo (23rd July – 22nd August)

Made for each other – without any doubt!

A combination of Fire signs, full of passion, enthusiasm and energy – that is what best describes a love match between Sagittarius and Leo. They can discuss at length their different views on life – Sagittarius being the spiritual one and Leo being materialistic – and accept the adjustments that may be required. Leo, at times, can be self-indulgent and forget that Sagittarius is around, but the latter uses this time to indulge in activities that they love.


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Where there is love, some issues are bound to happen. Leo, with its larger than life view, can seem to be vain and shallow, and it does not gel well with the ‘broader view’ of Sagittarius. But the loyalty, appreciation, and affection they have for each other can overcome all these hindrances. They both have an intensity about them, which only the other can handle without any fear.

Other Pairings (At your own risk!!)

Sagittarius is also extremely compatible with another Sagittarius and a Libra. It has problems with those who like to know what their partner is doing and thinking every moment of every day. Although, there has to be some level of transparency in all relationships, when it curbs on the freedom that Sagittarius enjoys, trouble ensues. That is why Sagittarius can hardly stand Capricorn and Scorpio, who, to some extent are possessive about their partners. The latter two signs also like to have a stable and routine life, which is absolutely against Sagittarius’s inherent nature. Friendship is a possibility between Sagittarius and Capricorn or Scorpio, but even that wouldn’t be a deeper one.

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Sagittarius Compatibility: Which Zodiac sign should you fall in love with?
Sagittarius doesn't like to be part of a relationship with a possessive partner. Here's who would be compatible with a typical Sagittarius.
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