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#AstroSpeak Will He Cheat On Me? Here’s The Answer Based On His Zodiac Sign  

Will he cheat on me? Let’s ask the stars!

But before we do that let’s talk a little about why people cheat in the first place.Our heart is a bottomless pit. It is never satisfied with anything; and the same is true for love too. When we set eyes on someone, and fall for them, there is nothing that we can concentrate on until we have them in our lives. But once we do, once we win their love, we start missing the chase, the excitement of the chase. And so, we fall for someone else. Relationships are so irrational! Do you remember that Woody Allen quote on relationships?

“It reminds me of that old joke- you know, a guy walks into a psychiatrist’s office and says, hey doc, my brother’s crazy! He thinks he’s a chicken. Then the doc says, why don’t you turn him in? Then the guy says, I would but I need the eggs. I guess that’s how I feel about relationships. They’re totally crazy, irrational, and absurd, but we keep going through it because we need the eggs.”

I think that describes what I am trying to say, in a more apt way!

beta male

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To find out if your boyfriend will cheat on you, you can use this guide that explains why a man cheats based on his zodiac. However, this is a generalized article, and you should not believe me blindly. If you have doubts regarding your boyfriend, and this guide bolsters your suspicions, then you need to talk to your man and ask him about whatever it is that is bothering you.

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Will he cheat on me?



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An Aries man cannot wait to declare his love for someone. He is flirtatious, and falls in love way too many times. And when he does fall, he falls hard, mind you. He will make you the center around which his world revolves. He will shower you with love. He will always be there to protect you. However, soon it will get tough for you to keep up with his need for a brand new adventure every minute. And this is usually why he cheats.

So if your relationship has become a little monotonous, then it is likely that he will cheat on you.



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Taureans are known to be sensitive. Not just that, they love being loved; they want to be hugged, and kissed all the time. When they let someone into their lives, they expect this person to make them feel secured and safe. Since they are pretty stubborn, they will take some time to open up to you, and once they do they expect that to be safe with you. They will love you with all their heart, but once that feeling turns lukewarm, they set sail to find newer greener pastures, and hence, end up cheating on their partner.



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These men are flirtatious little scoundrels. They are extremely enthusiastic about their partners while they are dating. They know they need a stable partner and so, will always be on the lookout for a girl who can handle how unstable they are. Also, they need a lover with whom they can connect both on the intellectual and physical level.

For a Gemini man, communication is of the utmost importance, and once that starts failing, he is likely to go find another girl.



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A very loyal partner, the Crab, is very unlikely to cheat. They have a tough time letting go of people, which makes it very hard for them to cheat on their lover. Your Cancer boyfriend, will stick with you through thick and thin, unless he is an exception! This guy who is a black sheep in the Cancer herd, will cheat only if he cannot connect with you on the emotional level. If there is a disconnect there, then it is highly likely that he will betray you. For a Cancer, emotions and feelings are everything.



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Since Leo men are super energetic, they like being independent. They love having fun and are always on the lookout for adventure and some adrenaline rush. These folks are pretty decisive; they know what they want, and they very well know how to get their hand on it. However, their need for independence, though initially attractive, later becomes a problem. Also the Lion has a fragile ego that they think should be catered to all the time. Once the girl draws the line between love and satisfying the Leo man’s ego, he is likely to cheat on her.



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Virgos are usually the silent type. They do not go all Shakespeare on you, describing exactly how they feel for you. Anyhow, these guys are immersed lovers, as they love being loved! Since they ache to be the most important person in their S.O.’s life, they will want to be committed. Believe it or not, the Virgos are serial monogamists, though their traits make you want to not believe this. This is the general rule. But if your guy is not the general Virgo type, then he will cheat on you as soon as the relationship gets a little chaotic.



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Though these men pretend like they don’t want to be in a relationship, these folks crave a relationship so bad, they usually fall for the wrong partners. What they need is a stable partner, one who brings in harmony to their pretty chaotic life. They make their S.O. the priority, but after a point of time, it is only to maintain the peace in the relationship. They hate being alone, and if they feel neglected, they are likely to cheat.

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Scorpios are very passionate; I am sure you know that, if you are dating one. They NEED extreme sensuality in their relationship. And that’s why they really think a lot, contemplate so many factors before getting into a relationship, and tend to stay committed for a long time. However, since they crave passion so much, they tend to drift once that sensuality is missing. Also, intimacy scares these people, so you are better off without them!



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The Sags are known to be spontaneous, which attracts other people towards them. They want to constantly experiment with new things, and when they find a partner who shares this craze for life, they are sure to fall for her. They are also super loyal. Once they have committed to you, it is high unlikely that they will break your heart. However, the spontaneity comes into the equation again, and that’s when things fall apart. They need change (how douche-y is that!)



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If you are with a Capricorn man, then you would know how he is careful about everything he does. He will invest all his time and energy in you. To be honest, of all the sun signs, this is the least likely to betray a partner. Since it is difficult to make a Capricorn fall in love with you, once they do they will make you their world.

The exception to this rather loyal race will cheat on you if you betray him first. If he finds out the you are cheating on him, he will tend to take revenge on you. So, if you are not in an adulterous relationship, you have nothing to worry about.



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The Aquarius loves engaging in stimulating conversations, and so, they tend to fall for women who love intellectual exchanges. Also, the Aquarius realizes the importance of their partner’s independence, and never ever try to step on it. However, if you start taking them and their kindness for granted, they are likely to become disloyal. They believe in equality, and that’s the reason they will be disloyal to you if you do that to them.



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These folks are romantics. They are very selfless when in love, and so, one thing you can expect from them is that they will love you like there is no limit to it. However, they expect you to make them your axis; they want you to pledge your love to them. And if they feel unappreciated (!), they are likely to cheat on you. Still, you should know that they will do it as a last resort.

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That is a wrap on today’s post on will he cheat on me, according to his zodiac. Did you find this useful? Let us know in the comment section below. If you have any recommendations of your own, then do share them with us!

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See you again tomorrow.

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Will He Cheat On Me? Here's The Answer Based On His Zodiac Sign  
"Will he cheat on me?" If you're beating yourself up about this, then you need to read this zodiac post that'll tell you if your man is cheating on you!
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