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Here is what a couples sleeping positions reveals about their relationship

Did you know that an average person sleeps for one third of one’s life? That is, if you live, say, for 75 years, that’s 25 years asleep. Seems too much, doesn’t it. But, it’s an essential part of being alive. And apparently, the way you sleep – prone, supine, curled up in a foetal position – also tells so much about you as a person.

Although it isn’t an exact science, scientists have come to the conclusion that people’s personalities are invested in their sleep positions. The people who sleep on their sides are likely to be balanced or well-adjusted, while people who sleep in the foetal position, as well as those who go to sleep face down, are more likely to be anxious. And the people who sleep on their back, which is called the ‘royal’ position, have higher self-confidence.

And what about how a couple in a relationship sleeps? Well, there’re many couples sleeping positions that reveal the dynamics of the relationship too.

1. In each other’s arms: Although this position is the classic romantic pose lifted from popular movies depicting intimacy between the protagonists, it is impractical and unrealistic too. But apparently, it lasts for a short period of time, indicating a new/rekindled love or a honeymoon position.

couples sleeping positions

In each other’s arms


2. Spooning: This position has one partner wrapped around the other, while both of them lie on their sides, facing the same direction, one behind the other, like a set of spoons. But the partner doing the wrapping tends to be the stronger, more confident, and most giving in the relationship. Men who do the wrapping tend to show that they’re in control, while women who do it show their nurturing side.

spooning sleeping positiongs for couples


3. Face-to-face: Facing each other while falling asleep may be indicative of a strong need to be more communicative and enjoy conversation in bed. Sleeping apart may not necessarily mean your relationship has come to an end, as long as you’ve cuddled up first or had a warm kiss good night prior to settling in for the night.

honeymoon couple sleeping position

4. On one person’s shoulder: This is where one person lies on their back and the other person rests their head on the first person’s shoulder. It usually indicates that the person sleeping on the shoulder is relatively more compliant and it makes them feel secure. It also indicates a certain degree of trust and companionship with each other.

couples sleeping positions on one person's arms

5. Back-to-back touching: When you’re sleeping separately but with your backs touching, it shows you probably give each other spce in your relationship, and also stable in the knowledge that you won’t lose each other. This sleep position is indicative of a comfortable and intimate relationship.

couple sleep positions back to back sleeping

6. Entwined legs: You may sleep in whatever position suits you, but you link your leg with your partner’s. Couples who sleep with their legs looped, demonstrate their togetherness, all while showing their sense of independence and respect for each other’s individuality.

So does your sleeping position describe your relationship accurately? Tell us in the comments.


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Relevance of couples' sleeping positions
In what positions a couple sleeps, reveals a whole lot about their relationship. Read on to know more about this interesting theory.
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