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#AstroSpeak Daily Love Horoscope For 25th February, 2017

You may experience an ebb in energy and expression today. Your creative energies are shifting and consequently, you may find yourself lying low on both the personal and professional fronts. Your partner may be bothered with you retreating into a shell and your bosses may be alarmed by an ebb in productivity. You are in need of immense self-determination and motivation to pull through.

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If you need the stars to guide you, read your daily love horoscope here:

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Aries horoscope

Love and relationships:  You may want to make some adjustments in your expectations or you shall set yourself up for major disappointment.

Health:  You may want to strike a healthy balance between diet and workout.

Work:  You may want to change the way your cubicle looks, so you can allow the right vibes in.

Money:  Things shall start to look up, on the financial front.

Favorable color: Red

Taurus horoscope

Love and relationships:  You are madly in love but your partner may not be quite there yet. Hold your horses before handing them your heart and getting it broken.

Health:  You may be troubled by panic attacks today. Do not take more medication than advised.

Work:  You feel drained of all energy at work and need to fuel up.

Money:  Your partner may offer to help you financially. Refuse.

Favorable color: Cobalt blue

Gemini horoscope

Love and relationships:  You might get proposed today. Be prepared to be swept off your feet.

Health:  Yoga is helping you with a body-mind-soul conjunction and you want to keep at it.

Work:  Be careful so as to not indulge the office grapevine. It ain’t nobody’s friend.

Money:  Sudden travel plans may cause you to dish out some big, fat wads.

Favorable color: Grey

Cancer horoscope

Love and relationships:  Your love life is a bit of a challenge today. However, pruning your strong reactions may be a wise idea.

Health:  Beware of a wrong step- you might sprain your ankle.

Work:  The pressure at work is going to mount- so make sure you have a team to delegate responsibilities.

Money:  You might come into some inheritance today. Save it for the future.

Favorable color: Sky blue

Leo horoscope

Love and relationships:  You may want to hold off commitment for the time being. Wait until you are completely sure.

Health: You are not in the right state to fight off illnesses. You are extremely susceptible and it shan’t hurt to heed precaution.

Work:  You shall call in sick. You deserve a day off.

Money:  Your instincts shall guide you home.

Favorable color: Ochre

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Virgo horoscope

Love and relationships:  If you have falling out of love or have fallen out of love, man up and tell your partner yourself.

Health:  Yoga might help to sharpen your consciousness and improve your state of being.

Work:  This is the period of positive energy and vigor. You shall gear up to take on more challenging tasks.

Money:  Some financial tension is likely. Be judicious with money.

Favorable color: Crimson

Libra horoscope

Love and relationships:   You are tired of your partner’s indifference. Try talking about it instead of repressing it.

Health:  Your health may deteriorate in the first half of the day but as the sun goes down, things may start to look up.

Work:  Somebody at work may ask you for a favor. Decide if you trust them enough to extend help.

Money:  An exigency may require you to withdraw a hefty amount. Remember to save some for the future.

Favorable color: Magenta

Scorpio horoscope

Love and relationships:  The past has a sneaky way of interfering with your present relationship. You need to let go and check in the baggage now.

Health:  Dining out has been messing up the results of your workout. Shift to home cooked meals.

Work:  You may want to ditch your procrastination habits and get to the project you have been given, so you can deliver in time.

Money:  Your investments need to be looked over by an expert.

Favorable color: White

Sagittarius horoscope

Love and relationships:  Flirting with your partner may help keep the romance alive. Try it.

Health:  You may need to take care of your hygiene to ward off infections.

Work:  Work may be crazy with even crazier deadlines. Pull up your socks and catch up.

Money:  You may realize you let some good money-making opportunities pass you by.

Favorable color: Indigo

Capricorn horoscope

Love and relationships:  Your partner is feeling particularly insecure in the relationship and you may need to do something to lend that extra assurance and put their fears to rest.

Health:  Your mood swings are interfering with your fitness routine. Keep them in check and stick to a dedicated regimen.

Work:  You may be struggling to fight the negative energies at work. Try to seek out some challenging opportunities that may exhort you to tap into your full potential.

Money:  A theft might cause some major losses.

Favorable color: Orange

Aquarius horoscope

Love and relationships:  You may want to turn down the romance knob for a bit. Rushing things is only going to misfire.

Health:  An eye infection may complicate issues. Seek professional help.

Work:  You may need to travel for work. Make sure you can leave at short notice.

Money:  You may want to consult with a financial expert before taking some major decisions.

Favorable color: Black

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Pisces horoscope   

Love and relationships:  You may have a heated argument with your partner. Be sure you do respond, not react.

Health:  You may want to turn to an old hobby to lift your spirits.

Work:  You may want to seek out more challenging employment opportunities. Make sure you are ready to switch.

Money:  You may want to rein in your expenses today.

Favorable color: Gold

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