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Libra love life 2015: What does your Zodiac sign say about your love life next year?


23rd September – 22nd October


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What does the Libra love life 2015 look like

The glyph for Libra resembles an ‘equal to’ sign and its symbol is the ‘Scales.’ You are one balanced person. You believe in a world where everything has its opposite sides, and you are always known to quote that ‘karma will take care of it.’ You adopt a logical approach to everything that makes you fairly objective towards everything. You know that every person has certain flaws and accept that even you are bound to make mistakes. You are sensitive and compassionate, and are great at reading people, which makes you a great leader. Although, you like to be in charge, you do not have any care for the title, just the job description. People find you attractive because you are realistic and emotional, a rare combination indeed.

Libra in Love

I love you, I love my Audi too. Can you both live together?

You are a charming and fascinating partner, thanks to your ruling planet Venus. You have a trail of admirers following you. But you take your time. You need to know and understand what you are committing to before you do it. You are present in most social gatherings, which is generally the place where someone might find you. You are also very persuasive in case you really want something or someone. You come off as a supportive and thoughtful partner, because you do not expect perfection. You also believe, to some extent, that love necessarily has to be a give and take relationship, to ensure harmony between the partners.

You also love things that are considered to be a luxury, and try hard at your career to fulfill your materialistic desires. This could make your partner think that you value things more than people, which in reality is not far from truth. You love both, in equal measures, because for you good people and good things make a good life. When you are in love, you come with the whole package – roses, heart-shaped balloons or cookies, romantic poems and all other love-ly things. As you love peace, you always try to adapt to your partner, and let them have what they want at a particular time – space, affection, care, or gifts.

Expectation in Love

I give 20, you give 5, and all is well!

Because of your persuasive ways, you need a partner who does not think that you are maneuvering them on a path you want. You need someone who is a party animal like you, and also loves to enjoy silent evenings with you. In case of confrontations, you tend to give in just to maintain the peace; your partner needs to understand that once you do so, it is time to end the argument. You like to be in charge and your partner has to be flexible with it. They also have to be passionate about the life you are building together, be committed to you, and also be honest. They must be able to appreciate and enjoy the finer things in life, just as much as you do.

Being ruled by Venus, Libra enjoys beauty in all things, and that is when you feel most connected with people around you. It doesn’t matter if your partner has physical beauty, but they must possess a heart that sees the broader picture, and believe that all that they do must change the world in a small but good way. Being influenced by the element of Air, you sometimes tend to fly high, without any foresight; a partner who can keep you grounded and closer to safety is important for your life and successful relationship. They have to be patient, kind and respectful towards you and your needs, the same way you are towards them.

You are huge on social scenes and places that celebrate art in all forms – from museums, galleries to high-end restaurants. These are the best places for you to find someone who interests you and also shares your love for all things fine. You will need to go on several dates before you can decide if you can be with them, and they should be able to understand it. You are not clingy and accept the same from your partner.

This New Year, while you attend a great party, keep an eye open for the one who has eyes only for you. Have a drink or two with them, but make yourself clear. You do not want them to be already planning a valentine date with you, while you may not even be interested in noting down their number. Put on your best dress and moves on, and you never know, you might have someone to kiss and welcome the New Year with!

Featured image source: Shutterstock

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Libra love life 2015: What does your Zodiac sign say about your love life?
Libra is represented by scales and ruled by the planet Venus. Here's what the new year holds for Libra in terms of love.
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