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Pisces love life 2015: What does your Zodiac sign say about your love life next year?


19th February – 20th March


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What does the Pisces love life 2015 look like

If anyone invented the concept of romancing the partner, it was definitely a Pisces. You are a generous and compassionate person. You have a creative streak, and you also evaluate every aspect of a project that you undertake. You seek a deeper consciousness and perception of the world around you. Symbolized by the fish, you go with the flow, and love the peace and decorum of all things. You can be a bit lazy and avoid getting caught up in tasks that require too much energy and involvement. When it comes to relationship or family, you are highly unpredictable. You can either be completely attached and caring, or you might add them in ‘do-not-attend-call’ list, permanently.

Pisces in Love

I will give all, and take what you offer!

For you love is a selfless thing; it is not about giving and receiving, just giving. You regard true love as magical and cherish it more than your religion. But you also tend to fall in love too often. Or you can also say that when romance is around, you just follow it. And thus the reason of all your heartbreaks is explained. When you are sad, you channelize all your negative energy, and take a lot more time than others to cope or move on. That is also why when you are with a partner, you tend to agree with them on all matters, to avoid any conflict or suffering. You also give up on family or friends just to keep your partner happy. It is another road to betrayal, rejection, and misery.

Although you have faced anguish a little more than your peers, you have learned even more. As you progress through your relationship, you become more cautious and successful. But you do have some principles which you will never let go, unless your partner is worth it. Ruled by Neptune and belonging to the element Water, you are stubborn and do not care to explain your stand, to absolutely anyone. Also, you regard love as a pure thing – the one way to achieve greatness in life.

Expectation in Love

Show me that the cup is half full, and not empty!

Once you have matured like a fine wine through all the adversities life and other relationships have thrown at you, you become one of the greatest partners. And you need a partner who understands you, accepts you with all your past tragedies and negativity, and brings you happiness. Just as you do, they too have to believe in fairy tales and happy endings to be with you. Your partner knows that you will go to lengths to evade any disagreements and therefore must not take your accord or silence for granted. You are committed but sometimes like to fly – or swim solo, and your partner should give you this time.

A strong-willed, optimistic, and supportive person would suit you best. You need someone to show you the light when you are sinking into the darkness of depression. They should be able to fascinate you and keep you enticed with their mystique. A partner who likes stability, same as you, will perfectly fit your puzzle of life. Most importantly, they should be romantic. Rose petals, candles, walking hand in hand, heart-shaped balloons, poetry, and many such things come with your package, and you need a partner who can enjoy it completely.

You tend to fall in love too often. Be a little cautious in choosing the one you want; you might miss the right one amongst all the wrong ones. This New Year, if you have found your soul mate, open you heart to them and appreciate them for being with you. Your silence can be irritating, so take this time to express your true emotions to them, and see the magic around you!

Featured image source: Shutterstock

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Pisces love life 2015: What does your Zodiac sign say about your love life?
The final Zodiac sign, Pisces, is a Water sign, and ruled by the planet Neptune. Here's what the New Year looks like for a Pisces.
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