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When You Meet The Right One At The Wrong Time…

Has your love-express ever trudged through the ‘had we met five years from now, we’d be perfect together’ or ‘why didn’t you find me two years ago’ junctions? Have you ever screamed, ‘f*ck ya Timing, you’re a b**ch?’ Have you ever felt like Sod’s law decided to play hopscotch across all quarters of your love life’s clock? Yes, I am talking of LOVE and I am talking of TIME – the two things that are eternal and the two things we wish would stretch into eternity in our lives… only, they choose to play hide and seek with most of us looking to find them and bring them together..

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… and that’s the thing about love and time – they are disobedient and come around like uninvited guests who won’t leave – hardly understanding that we aren’t quite ready to accommodate them, to run their errands, to be a home-y haven, to host, entertain, or even be courteous! But you know what – just like the guests who barge in uninvited and do not leave, creeping inside your closely guarded defenses, causing havoc, and leaving you vulnerable in their wake but making you a helluva lot more patient, causing you to ponder on what could have been and in the end, changing you – the love of your life probably crosses your path on several rainy days under a yellow umbrella when the ‘timing’ isn’t quite right for you to meet them or be with them and start a happily ever after… but to allow you to get there.

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So whether you have met the love of your life when your career just began to pick up or bumped into them right after your boyfriend had slid a sparkly rock on your finger, ran into your soul mate just when life had begun to happen to you and ‘twas too much or when your dream girl knocked right when you were nursing the wounds from your fresh heartbreak, whether you ran into them when they were taken or they fell for you when you were in a rock-solid commitment… there is always something ‘off’ about the timing and the reasons we build around it to fool ourselves into believing that it isn’t our own self who’s keeping us from meeting the RIGHT ONE but the WRONG TIMING.

The more I dwell on it, the clearer it gets. Timing has been quite the b**ch for all of us – for me, for you, for the girl next door, and even for the pizza delivery guy! But isn’t there a reason Blaise Pascal said, “the heart has its reasons of which reason knows nothing?” There most certainly is. You see, timing can only be a b**ch if you allow it to dig its sharp canines into your flesh and then lick the salty wounds to taste the agony of having to say ‘goodbye’ almost as soon as you said a ‘hello’ to the love of your life.

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Here’s the deal about Love and Time – these two characters, much like Shakespearean lovers, would love to be united but seem too caught up by the obstacles that stand in their way to be able to make their way toward each other. But you don’t have to stick to the script. If all the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players, who the f**k said there couldn’t be any improvisation?

Take your time to kick all the obstacles to the curb. It isn’t everyday that the universe pulls out a rabbit out of its love-hat by bringing about a meeting with the love of your life. But it is almost with every tick of the clock that the evil forces conspire to make you lose them. Make the ‘bad timing’ fall on the wayside by just turning the hands of the clock to whatever you think IS the RIGHT TIME. Confused? Can’t decide – 1 o’clock? Two weeks ago? Four years from now? A year sooner? Some indistinct shadow of time when the obstacles would have taken care of themselves??


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Here’s the naked truth of it – the people you meet at the WRONG time are actually the WRONG people. Coz when you pass up someone under the pretext of the ‘wrong timing’ bullsh*t, you are basically saying that you don’t see how you can ‘make time’ for the person. To be honest, I have seen a hundred couples blame it on the timing for one partner was starting a new venture or another seemed unable to commit, where one wasn’t ready for something serious while another was already too serious. But if you wait for a time when all your concerns will magically wipe themselves out of the BIG PICTURE, let me just leave you with one thought – have the number of things you need to wrack your brains about been multiplying since childhood? There you go…

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And with the right people, the illusion of ‘time’ we build around ourselves falls out. Coz the right people are timeless. YES, you need to be ready to embrace love, to be in love with your own self, and possibly, the best version you can be at THAT time – but when the right person trots along, you do not worry about fitting them alongside your work calendar or doubt if your vulnerability will get you another blow, you do not fret over what adjustments you’d have to make and what constraints on time, work or dreams you’d have to manage, coz the RIGHT person seamlessly blends into your time, they make you feel safe in the intensely gripping novelty of the emotion you feel and never stand in the way of things that you’d always wanted, but encourage you for more!

 And when this Mr./Ms. Right comes along, the clock reads ‘It’s TIME for you to be together.’ Seize the moment my friend. Carpe diem :)

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