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6 Reasons Why You Can’t Seem To Stay Away From The “Bad Boy”

Have you ever wondered why you just can’t help feeling more attracted to Mr. Wrong than Mr. Right? It has been observed the world over that women find bad boys irresistible. Here are six reasons why that might be:

1. It’s hardwired


Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

Throughout evolutionary history, the male members of almost every species have strutted around to flaunt their aggression, cockiness, and looks in order to win female attention. Whether it’s the king of the jungle lion defeating all his peers in the vicinity to mate with the lioness, or the peacock showing off his magnificent feathers to woo the peahen, aggression and confidence have traditionally been desirable masculine attributes. Beneath the façade of civilization and more cultivated behaviors, many females still abide by the rules of evolution. The irresistible attraction to the “bad boy” is just due to the way their chromosomes are paired.

2. Fairy tale overdose

beauty and the beast

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If you are a die-hard romantic, then the “beauty and the beast” rhetoric must appeal to you in a primal way. Psychoanalysts say that some women project too much of “reel life” into real life, and thus throw themselves into a series of unhealthy relationships based on unrealistic expectations. There is no bigger romance than finding someone who is the perfect antithesis of the traditional “hero,” and transforming him into the epitome of goodness. There is a reason why fairy tales like The Princess and the Frog and Beauty and the Beast are so popular. In real life, however, the beast doesn’t always turn into a handsome and charming prince in the end.

3. Rebellion

Were you raised in an extremely conservative family? Have you ever felt resentful towards your prim and proper upbringing? Though you may consciously know the difference between “good” and “bad” guys, a part of you wants to cross into the forbidden. Perhaps dating a flashy bad boy is a way for you to thumb down traditions that have shackled you since childhood. Whatever it is, you need to be aware of your deeply-rooted temptations every time you are wildly attracted to an obvious Mr. Wrong.

4. Alluring charm

the bad boy

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Let’s face it – there is something about a swashbuckling, fearless man that is just so very tempting for women. Sexually, these men probably also experiment more in bed, thus proving to be better lovers. But if you are looking for something more than just a one night stand, then remember that charismatic appeal and sexual performance are not sufficient elements for a healthy relationship. Such physical attraction is merely transient in nature, and it would do you good to notice the warning signs and any red flags early on.

5. It’s that time of the month

Scientific studies show that women are attracted towards bad guys when they are ovulating. Biologically speaking, this is when a woman’s chances of conceiving are at its peak, and sexual urges are piqued as nature’s way of obtaining the best quality sperm. Unfortunately, at the same time, men with high levels of aggression – what we commonly take as “bad guys” – have a higher testosterone quotient and produce more robust sperm. Once your ovulation phase is over, your cravings will again reach a plateau and you will find yourself leaning towards more stable, mature men. So if you find yourself wildly lusting after the bad guy on occasion, then remind yourself that this is just biology at work.

6. Low self confidence

woman contemplating

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If you constantly make yourself believe that you are not attractive, educated, or cultured enough to attract a desirable man, then it probably means that you are suffering from low self-confidence. Your attraction to bad guys may signify that you are seeking validation of your unworthiness. Cultivating a healthy self-esteem may be the only remedy here. Understand the source of your attraction in order to get out of a potentially damaging relationship.

How to break the jinx

If you find yourself irresistibly attracted to the wrong men and have thrown yourself repeatedly into damaging relationships as a result, then try and kick the habit now. Analyze the reasons above, and decide for yourself the source of your biased attraction. Once you have identified the root cause, tell yourself that you deserve better, every time you can’t tear your eyes away from the cocky stranger you met at a party. Thoroughly understand the pitfalls of romantic associations with men who are simply not right, and slowly you will be able to wean yourself off such unhealthy crushes.

Featured image source: Shutterstock

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6 reasons why you keep falling for the
Find yourself falling for the quintessential "bad boy" time and again? Here are six reasons why you might be doing that.
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