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#AstroSpeak On How The New Year 2017 Will Treat You, Financially

Your money horoscope is here, folks! Find out below, if you need to hold the purse strings tight or go berserk on pampering yourself, this year. Here is your detailed financial astrology forecast for the next year.

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Read on to know which are the important aspects you need to focus on to achieve all those money-related goals!

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Aries money horoscope

This year, you need to keep close reins on your money. Also, before you plan to start a business with someone checkout their credentials, cautiously. Beware, people are more than likely to take advantage of your naivety.

When it comes to your expenditures, you will need to plan some cutbacks. Also, this is not a good year to multiply your businesses. Stay focused and work more diligently in order to achieve your financial goals.

If you have recently inherited more money or got a promoted, be happy and stick the bonus in the banks. You need to drag the habit of saving up for a rainy day, high up on the list of priorities.

Taurus money horoscope

This year, you will be confident and determined to face all financial obstacles that you have been fearing for the last couple of years. You will keep a keen eye on your expenses, and as a result, will not be spending on silly, thoughtless things. Saving will be your priority, and you will start making investment plans for the long-term.

Because of the transiting Saturn in your 8th house, your significant other will be a little strained, financially. You may have to become the sole bread-winner for a while. You may feel overburdened by their expectations of you. But, nonetheless, be very careful about your attitude towards them, and remember that this situation will last only for a short while.

Gemini money horoscope

This year, you will have to stop relying on your partner’s financial help. This holds true for joint finances as well. Also, 2017 will not be a good year to take a loan from banks, because if you do, you will wish you had not, later.

Gemini, this year you will pay off all your debt, and will try to become more responsible when it comes to money and expenditure. A start up may be on the charts, too. In the later part of the year, you may have plans of relocating to a new place because of your job, which will affect your finances in a good way.

Before you embark on changing all your long term financial plans, this year, try evaluating the pros and cons of the same, in detail.

Cancer money horoscope

Dear Cancer! If you are a creative badass, you will have to wait until October, 2017 to create whatever it is that you are trying to, because then you will dig gold! Moving into a dream house is also on the cards.

You reorganized your finances a couple of years back, but it has not been very effective, has it? According to your money horoscope, in 2017, finances might be pretty much status quo like last year, unless you start making some dramatic changes. Your financial thinking and strategies will be put to test, as the sun eclipses your financial planet twice this year.

Try to adjust and not go against the flow, for that will only break you. Your significant other will be very supportive, financially, and that is where you will grow your confidence from.

Leo money horoscope

This year will be loaded with great financial opportunities for you. The inward flow of funds will increase, And you will be successful in cutting down on unnecessary costs. Your ruling planet will help you come out of a negative financial field, ushering you into the world of possibilities!

Your focus will be on investments and real estate ventures. You need to follow your instincts. Let your conscience guide you.

Your financial standing is bound to improve, this year. And so, indulge yourself, big time! Towards the end of the year, however, you may be burdened by the responsibility of a family member or significant other, and that might take a toll on the stress levels. Keep calm, and focus on your plans alone.

Virgo money horoscope

According to the 2017 horoscope, your financial situation will be your main focus, this year, From January to October, you will be flushed with dough, as Jupiter (the Planet of Good Fortune) will stick by your side, firmly pitching its tent in your sector of possessions. Have a ball and splurge a little, since this is a golden period that you have been waiting for quite some time now.

As Jupiter leaves you in October, your focus will shift to exploring new business avenues with the money that you have accumulated through the year. You will try to come up with ideas where with 0 effort, you can make a whole lot of money. Things may not pan out that way, so be prepared with a backup plan.

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Libra money horoscope

This year for you is all about money and self-confidence. You will discover your purpose in life, and as such, will put in more labor than ever, to endeavor to achieve all those things that you have put up on your bucket list.

Your increased sense of worth will be reflected in your finances, which will see an all-time high. Your assets and your investments need some serious contemplation.

If you are not in a relationship, you might meet a special someone you can “bank on”. Yep! You got that right. You will have a significant other who will turn out to be your real asset!

Scorpio money horoscope

The taskmaster, Saturn, is crowding your money house this year, which means just one thing: It’s budget time! That dinner date, plan it at home, buddy! If you are a smart Scorpio, you will be planning your investments, this year.

You have not handled your money well in the last few years, and you aren’t proud of it either. While you have Saturn in your finance zone, you will learn that your choices related to money have been poor, lately. Time to make amends.

As soon as Saturn enters your second house, your income will increase, but so will your expenses. Try to balance them both. In October, however, Jupiter will visit your money zone, and that is when you are allowed to party really hard!

Sagittarius money horoscope

Things you value and think are important in life, have changed drastically, because of a number of things that happened last year. This change in you will alter your financial situation for good. You will be more responsible and pay more attention to providing monetary security to your family and loved ones. You will stop defining yourself in terms of money, and instead focus on money as a means and not the end.

This year will be about being resourceful and self-sufficient, so that, no matter what happens, you can stand up again, on your own two feet, with your head held high.

Capricorn money horoscope

Your finances will be your major concern this year. You will be completely focused on making a lot of money, because that means everything to you, at the moment. You will hold up your purse-strings real tight and that might cause a heated argument between you and your partner. While savings are important, it is also essential to let your hair down, once in a while.

In the latter quarter of the second half, steer clear of impulsive expenses, since no one will benefit from them.

Your family will be your greatest strength when your finances dwindle a little, at the fag-end of the year.

Aquarius money horoscope

The transiting Neptune will be in your second house of money, which means you will be a little confused about your financial situation, through the year. You will be extremely busy to wonder or find out how much savings you have accumulated for yourself. You will love your work, and that will be more important to you than how much is getting deposited into your account.

In the second half of the year, you need to get really carefully about your expenses since money may start slipping through your fingers like sand. Also, be prepared for unforeseen expenditures, as they will be plenty.

2017 can be a really creative year for you, so look for possibilities in that area.

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Pisces money horoscope

Jupiter, the planet that controls personal power, our anxieties and the things we share, will work its way into your 8th house, this year. This can result in some kind of a payout. If you are a beneficiary of someone’s generosity, you might get a lump sum amount by the end of the year, and you will be confused as heck about what to do with all that money. Our suggestion: SAVE IT!

This year, try to shore up the holes in your wallet by putting an end to spending like there is no tomorrow! Also, it is time to pull the plug on your addictions. It could be cigarettes or alcohol or gambling or even video games!

A promotion is on the cards!

That’s a wrap on the money horoscope for the next year. Team NLT wishes you happiness, good fortune and truckloads of money!  😉

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#AstroSpeak Your Money Horoscope For The New Year, 2017
Your money horoscope is here, folks! Find out if you need to hold the purse strings tight or go berserk on pampering yourself, this year.
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