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Aquarius love life 2015: What does your Zodiac sign say about your love life next year?


20th January – 18th February


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What does the Aquarius love life 2015 look like

Breaking boundaries – these two words sufficiently describe the Aquarius in you. Ruled by the planet Uranus, you have a set of ideals and principles that you will never forgo. But these ideals are something that the hypocrite society never approves of. You are independent, vivacious, and your knack at innovation and creativity never lets you have a dull moment in life. You are generous as well as eccentric, and pose a mystery to most people. Sarcasm is your biggest tool, and makes you quite popular amongst friends. You are caring and soft-hearted. You believe in giving people second chances, but no more than that. If someone gets on your wrong side once, they cannot do anything to gain your trust back. Even while doing something, be it relationships or your job, you need to take a few minutes to yourself. It’s not because you need to think, but because you need to accept the fact that the world around you still needs to catch up with the fast-paced ideas that you have. As far as career is concerned, you generally choose a profession that lets you create, put your ideas into working, and that satisfies you the most.

Aquarius in love

I promise to be loyal for my true soul mate!

For you love is a feeling that you like to be in. Born under the element Air, you have never had any lack of friends or suitors, and have tried your hand at the game called love, many times, without any regrets. You believe love to be an essential part of life and take everything it brings in a happy stride. But you are also the zodiac king/queen of paradoxes. When you like someone, you keep an alert watch on them from a distance, while also sending them sweet messages. This confuses most people, but it is your shrewd way of selecting the best one from the crowd.

You are candid, supportive, and a loyal partner (only with your soul mate!). You are intuitive and intelligent, with greater ability to deduce things from what you observe, and it helps you understand your partner, even before they do it. When your partner finds out that you have planned a date, they are thrilled, because you always make all your dates funny, creative, and enchanting experiences. Since your symbol is that of a Water-bearer, which makes you a multi-tasking person and you always have your hands full. This could lead to some of your not-appreciated qualities like absent-mindedness, aloofness, and overlooking your partner’s needs.

Expectation in Love

Spontaneity, independence, and interest – not asking for anything more.

Freedom – of space, ideas, interests, and everything else, that is the only thing you need in a relationship. Your partner has to be adventurous, passionate, and a mystery that you love to unravel. They should also value their career, and you will help them achieve greater heights in it. As you like to try out new things, they should be either enthusiastic about it and join you, or at least be supportive and watch you try it. You get bored easily, so the responsibility of keeping you interested falls on your partner, occasionally. And most of all, they should not fear the unconventional, because you are all about it!

You are forgiving and gracious. You also believe in equality, and it applies to your relationships too. You treat your partner the way you want to be treated and give them the same freedom and even more. Your partner must be able to offer you the same, without any complaints. A person who is compassionate, loves artistic things, is edgy, and likes to travel, suits you best. They should also be patient and not take your isolation as a symbol of ‘lost-love’. They must understand that although you are good at multi-tasking, you are devoted to only one cause at one time. So, they can enjoy their fair share of your love when your focus is your partner.

You have a never-ending stock of energy. But given the paradox that revolves you, you will also have days where you simply want to sleep in. Anything new excites you, but you shouldn’t let this drive your romantic life. If you find the one meant for you, give them due time to understand and get used to your way of life. It wouldn’t hurt, if you sometimes keep your artistic project on hold and spend time with your partner. This New Year, do not get too involved in all the DIY stuff. You will have many more new years to try those. Instead, take your partner out to a club and rock the dance floor!

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Aquarius love life 2015: What does your Zodiac sign say about your love life?
The eleventh zodiac sign, Aquarius, is ruled by the planet Uranus and belongs to the element Air. Here's what the New Year holds for Aquarius.
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