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15 reasons why being single is the best thing that can happen to you

Our Bollywood movies have always associated the state of being single to boredom, and subsequently a yearning to have the perfect partner. While yearning for your soul mate is a natural process, given the fact that our hormones like to play havoc at times, boredom is something the coolest singles in town never experience. Do we really need to depend on someone else for our happiness? Hell, no!

1. Enjoy your social life to the fullest

enjoy your social life to the fullest

Singles enjoy their social lives without any boundaries. They are not obligated to stick to just their special one, during the entire event or trip. They can mix and mingle with others, and have hell lot of fun. Heck, a bit of healthy flirting just makes the day even more enjoyable.  Also, you don’t have to choose between your friends and lover, and you can spend your entire week just partying with your friends.

2. Date a random girl/guy without feeling the pang of guilt

date a random guy without feeling the pang of guilt

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What is life without a bit of uncertainty and fun! Go on blind dates without feeling the pangs of guilt piercing right through your heart.

3. Develop a new hobby

woman doing belly dancing

Now that you don’t have that extra emotional baggage, you obviously can spare some time for that special thing you’d always wanted to do. Be crazy, be innovative, and let your hair loose. Learn Parkour, or master the art of Tai Chi, or learn belly dancing, or just go for the simple muffin making lessons.

4. Forgot to wax? Who cares!

forgot to wax

Let’s face it, getting your entire body waxed/ shaved once a month is a terribly boring task. Well, singles are generally free of this ordeal of getting their body free of unwanted hair, especially during winters.

5. Deep sleep, guaranteed 

deep sleep guaranteed

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Singles are the happiest sleepers. They are not obligated to respond to late night texts, nor do they have to face the discomfort of awkward hugs in the middle of the night. They can fall asleep whenever and wherever they feel like.

6. No money crunch

no money crunch

Being single means that you don’t have to spend money on never-ending phone calls, nor do you have to indulge your sweetheart with lavish gifts. Being single means more savings!

7. No late night ‘I miss you’ calls

no late night 'i miss you' calls

When you are single, you know that you can spend the night in whichever way you feel like, even if it means sleeping for twelve hours straight because there are no ‘ I miss you’, ‘ Stars in the sky,’ kind of calls to make you stay awake at unearthly hours.

8. No dressing up woes

no dressing up woes

Well, you just need to dress up for yourself, not for your special someone. Now you know why singles are so happy-go-lucky, and flaunt their casual and breezy dressing style. Envious, isn’t it?

9. No trivial fights over toilet seats

no trivial fights over toilet seats

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Single girls, you can keep the toilet seat down; single guys, you can keep them up. It goes for towels, doormats, rugs or any damn thing in your house as well. Keep them just the way you like!

10. Singles are more responsible

singles are more responsible

Couples generally have a tendency to overtly depend on each other for the smallest of issues. Well, singles are more strong, independent, and ready to put forth their ferocious selves before the world.

11. Carpe Diem

carpe diem

Yes ‘seize the day,’ and singles do it best. They are carefree, casual, and happy-go-lucky because they do not carry 1000 kgs of emotional baggage in their heart. They live in the moment without worrying about the vagaries of future.

12. Crazy as you can be

crazy as you can be

Singles enjoy their life to the fullest because they don’t have to live according to someone else’s conditions. They can be as crazy as possible, even if it means dancing in the streets. After all, we get only one life.

13. Comfort is the key 

comfort is the key

Don’t feel like painting your face with excessive make-up or don’t feel like getting your eyebrows done? Well, singles have the freedom to flaunt the casual and messy out-of-the-bed look sometimes, because well, they don’t have to dress up for someone.

14. More career-oriented

more career oriented

Singles do well in their respective jobs because they don’t have other emotional woes to deal with, hence they can give their heart and soul to their work.

15. Happy people

happy people

So if you lead a carefree life, love the job you are doing, don’t have any emotional issues, no melodrama, well what would you be then? You will be happy! Singles are happy, independent and carefree.

Nishtha Sood

Nishtha Sood

Nishtha is a highly opinionated female, who is extremely vociferous about her beliefs. She likes to read, write and dance, in that order. She loves to talk about politics, sports and relationships, and has lofty revolutionary ideas in her mind, waiting to be materialized. She loves Tarantino's dark humor and Kafkaesque endings, but would like a fairy tale relationship for herself. When she is not busy making plans to change the world or exploring her new-found love for selfies, she likes to eat ( hog would be a better word!).