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10 Awesome Benefits Of Being Single And Not Dating Anyone

Are you single? It can be one of the most heart-breaking questions to be asked. However, being single really isn’t as dreadful as a lot of people think. Come to think of it, the single life can be bliss. Isn’t it better than chasing the wrong guys and getting hurt time and time again?

So, if you’re sitting on your cold bathroom floor in your oversized tee, don’t worry. Here, I am going to talk about the benefits of being single. I am sure by the time you reach the end of the article, you will be smiling and wearing that beautiful tiara that makes you look like the princess you really are.

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1. Girlfriends. Enough said


Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

Oh dear, it breaks my heart to see so many girls ditching their girlfriends when they are in a relationship. It is absolutely the wrong thing to do. Once you’re single, you will come to know their true worth as they will stick by your side during the most tumultuous of times. One of the best benefits of being single is that you can spend a lot more time with your girlfriends and thus deepen the bond between you all. It is important for every girl to have the right girlfriends with whom she can be herself, have sleepovers, and gossip a bit. When you’re single, you can do all of this and there will be no one to judge you.

2. Master your hobby

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We all have talents that we may not know much about yet. Once you are single, why not go on a spree looking for your hidden talents? Try to look for all those different ways that you can bring out the best in you. If there is a painter hidden inside you, unleash your artistic talents. All the time you spent over the wrong guys could be channeled into doing something you love, and in turn, cherish it for a long time. Remember, love is not just meant for guys. It is also meant for the things you love to do, the things that bring out the best in you. So, go get a hobby, girl!

3. No dark circles

The terror of dark circles under your eyes can be agonizing. When you were in a relationship, how often were you awake at ungodly hours in the night whispering mushy promises in his ear that ultimately took you nowhere? Think of the silver lining. Once you’re single, you don’t need to worry about staying up late at night for your partner. You can hug your beloved pillow and kiss your sleep a beautiful hello. Sleep early and wake up a lot more refreshed in the morning. When you’re single, both sleep deprivation and dark circles will be gone.

4. Travel

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Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

You absolutely must travel alone, at least once in your life. When you travel alone, you will be able to cherish the true experience of exploring a new place by yourself, in turn, getting to know yourself a bit more. When you go on solo trips, you will be able to actually see what traveling is all about. Go on these trips and find out who you are, what excites you, what scares you, and so much more. Every single revelation will help you embrace who you truly are. There is a lot of beauty in exploring your hidden facets and inner shades. When you are single, why not make the most of it by doing just that? If you have never been the one to go out on your own, then take a short trip, somewhere close by, but have a travel diary to document your journey nonetheless. You’ll be amazed at the experiences you have.

5. Rock on without the makeup

Remember the times when you spent an hour in front of the mirror because you wanted to look your best when meeting your date? While I am not one of those prudes that will judge you for the layers of makeup you put on, one of the benefits of being single is that you don’t need to fuss about the makeup mania. Be free to rock your natural face because there will no one out there to analyze, judge or even pass an opinion on how you look.

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6. PJs please

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Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

Ah, the comfort of your beloved soft, cotton PJs! You don’t need to stress about how you are looking, especially when at home. When you’re blissfully single, you can be in your PJs all night and even all day, and there is no one who will come to you and lecture you on the need to be presentable. Seriously, guys are so overrated, am I right? It is so easy to be on your own and become your own diva. I like myself a lot in my comfy PJs, with no makeup, looking my own shade of beautiful. Such pleasures in life are rare!

7. Money, honey!

Ever seen the cost of dating these days? Even if it is just little date, it might turn out to be an expensive affair. One of the perks of being single is all of the money that you can save and then spend on yourself or maybe on some other constructive task. I know that money isn’t everything, but it is nice to be able to treat yourself to your hard-earned cash. Being single means a lot more money to organize your life and your assets.

8. No pretenses

woman smiling_New_Love_Times

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

While this might not be applicable in all cases, there are a lot of us who pretend to be a lot more sophisticated and graceful when we are dating someone. You don’t have to pretend to be someone else when you are out on your own. Isn’t that one of the best perks that you could ask for? So, if you are tired of pretending to be too polished, too perfect, too good, too right – being single might just be what you need. Trust me, when you will finally be yourself, the inner soul of yours will squeal in delight. We all love to be free birds, after all.

9. The new dates

Dating is definitely exciting, and being single means you can once again enjoy the anticipation of a fresh date. While I don’t recommend that you go on a dating spree, you need to know that eventually you will find Mr. Right who will be exactly who you need. Being single means that you have a new hope of getting it right this time round. So, rather than sulking and sobbing, why not be awesome instead? Date someone different than what you deem your ‘type.’ You might even be pleasantly surprised!

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10. The crushes

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Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

Look at all those crushes that you had forgotten because you were smitten in love and wearing the committed tag. Think of the hotties you could stalk and the few crushes that you could flirt with. It is such a beautiful world of hotness out there that you had deprived yourself of, thanks to one person. Welcome to the world of hotness, divas!

These are 10 of my pretty reasons as to why being single rocks. Which of these excite you the most? Got any of your own?

Spread the love and share the hugs. Share your single story with me, I am always ears!

Featured image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

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