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Cancer love life 2015: What does your Zodiac sign say about your love life next year?


21st June – 22nd July


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What does the Cancer love life 2015 look like?

Cancer is ruled by the planet Moon, falls under the element of Water, and is represented by the glyph of a crab. You are emotional; you feel deeply for everything around you, and try to heal it. You are a gentle soul, give an ear to whatever anyone has to say, and are sympathetic. But god forbid if anyone falls on the wrong side of you, and they will never see the good side of you. The tender shell of yours hides within a strong-willed and ambitious person. You are very much into introspection, doubt yourself at times, but hardly ever accept your flaws. You like the idea of change but do not appreciate when it really happens, and tend to dwell on the past. But once you have found your stability, you work very hard to never let it go, be it in your career or relationships.

Cancer in Love

Absolutely irrevocably and unconditionally, I am all in!

You have a very gentle exterior, that is easy to fall in love with, and that explains the queue of suitors behind you. But you are very cautious in choosing the person to fall in love with because you know yourself too well. When you are in a relationship, you give it all. You are loyal, romantic, caring, and enthusiastic – everything a partner would want. And so you want to make sure that you invest your heart in the right place. You work very hard to make it a successful relationship and it hits you very hard if your partner betrays you in any manner. You do not really seek affection equal to what you provide, but at least some of it, with complete dedication.

You like commitment; it ensures a longer life for your relationship. You are generous in nature, and hence give space, time, financial security, or whatever that your partner needs. You have a very good relationship with your family, and when in love, you like your partner to resemble a warm home, a person you can come back to after a long day at work. You, in essence, are a family person, and a perfect partner for those who can take an extra step to penetrate your outer shell and appreciate what’s within.

Expectation from Partner

Be with me, always!

Your glyph is a crab, who likes to have various holes dug, in which it can seek shelter in case it’s required. Necessarily, you need a partner who can act as your safety blanket, someone who can understand you, care for you as deeply as you do, and more importantly comfort you. You expect your partner to be true to you so that you can rely on them. And in return, you dedicate your entire life keeping them happy. Your partner has to be soft spoken because you simply cannot handle insults. They have to find a way to get their message through to you, without hurting you.

From your partner, you seek long-term companionship. You both need to have similar interests to maintain a healthy and happy relationship. You are also ambitious in life, and you need a partner who has similar dreams, and can therefore have a mutual respect in the relationship. Your anger is well-known, so a person who is strong, clear-headed and caring will be perfect, and never leave your side, no matter what mood swings you have. They must also share an equivalent concern for safety, so that you both can take precautionary measures to avoid any hurt. In short, anyone will be delighted to be your partner, and you will be happy to have them, if they give you what you require the most – a home!

Once you are truly invested in a relationship, you tend to become a little clingy, which could make your partner feel a bit restricted. You need to give your partner some time to adjust to your nature. But once they do, they will definitely feel that they ended up with a better bargain, because you take good care of them. Early on in the relationship, while you are dating, try doing activities that require a partner to depend on another, like certain trust-building activities. It will help you both to find if you are a better fit together, or not.

In the coming New Year, as celebrations abound, and as you and your partner’s family gather together, you can hope that you made the right choice. Salud!

Featured image source: Shutterstock

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Cancer love life 2015: What does your Zodiac sign say about your love life?
Cancer is the fourth sun sign, and is represented by a crab. Like a crab, a Cancer could become clingy. Here's what is in store for a Cancer in 2015.
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