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#AstroSpeak Daily Love Horoscope For 1st December, 2016

While planetary transits bring in some positive, resilient energy into your life today, Chiron’s stationary position can inject emotional vulnerability into your life as well. Uncomfortable truths and unsettling emotions occupy the forefront and shall exhort you to take action, even when you don’t feel quite ready yet. Mars comes together in a trine with Jupiter and shall invest you with some confidence and courage to meet new challenges. If you adopt a proactive approach and a positive attitude to brave these challenges with actions that can lead unto better circumstances, good times aren’t far.

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If you need help to know how, here’s the NLT daily love horoscope to help you along the way:

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Aries horoscope

Love and relationships: A past wound is scraped to revive the pain, and for good. You may come to an understanding with your partner by yielding to that adamant desire to make a change and take charge of your emotional mess.

Health:  You are filled with enthusiasm and it is a good time to introduce some healthy, green friends to the diet plan.

Work:  Your confidence is high and a broader vision takes over important projects. You are slowly paving that path toward a more powerful and prestigious position.

Money: This would be a good day to capitalize on opportunities.

Favorable color: Sea green

Taurus horoscope

Love and relationships:  You may wake up to a morning brimming with possible solutions to a stagnant relationship issue. You are also likely to face some problems in a friendship but tackle things head-on and you shall get on just fine.

Health:  Channeling your energy into constructive pursuits shall make for all the workout you need for today.

Work:  Your attitude towards work is extremely positive and you are strongly motivated to draw out meaningful returns from investing time and effort in things.

Money:  You may be thinking of turning an unfavorable financial plan in your favor- but be careful.

Favorable color: Royal blue

Gemini horoscope

Love and relationships:  A take-charge attitude can help you tackle all insecurities and vulnerability issues in relationships. Cleaning the air can inject can help you realize how strong your feelings are and how far you are willing to go to safeguard them.

Health:  This is a good day to spruce up your fitness regimen by indulging in a healthy competition.

Work:  This is an ideal time to expand your horizons by engaging in creative pursuits and expressing your ideas. You feel especially confident in your ability to accomplish all that you take on, and are inclined to go big.

Money:  Both improvement and growth feature strong in your charts, so focus on improving your income as well as returns on investment.

Favorable color: Black

Cancer horoscope

Love and relationships:  You have long been sweeping past issues under the carpet- and it is time to dust’em out in the open. You shall find new ways of dealing with the hurt, moving on and strengthening your ties.

Health:  You are strongly motivated to improve your life with people in your corner- so take to those team activities and start spreading cheer and positivity.

Work:  Expanding contacts, strengthening ties and productive projects are all going to kick former impediments to the curb and help you establish a solid footing in your realm.

Money:  Knowing the pros and cons of an investment is key to taking that long-due decision.

Favorable color: Brown

Leo horoscope

Love and relationships:  It is a powerful time for relationships with your words having the ability to make or break things. Speak wisely and engage in mutually enjoyable activities to forge a deeper connection.

Health: You may feel zapped of energy toward the latter half of the day, so keep your energy reservoirs full.

Work:  There is a ripe opportunity to forge strong ties and alliances. While partnerships can be especially profitable, there is also a substantial window to influence thousands with a creative, groundbreaking idea.

Money:  You may want to steer clear of committing to any major investment now.

Favorable color: Vermilion

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Virgo horoscope

Love and relationships:  Chiron’s turnaround helps you to dispel the clouds of confusion and sort out all complications your relationship has been riddled with.

Health:  You may want to take special care of your eyes as you are susceptible to an infection.

Work:  Adopting a panoramic and far-sighted vision could come in handy as you wish to focus on long-term benefits. However, in asking for a raise, a promotion or a lucrative project, keep in mind that the details shall have to be filled in sooner or later.

Money:  There is additional motivation to make more money and expand your business, so you can bring more wealth into your life.

Favorable color: White

Libra horoscope

Love and relationships:  By putting your insecurities behind you, you welcome abundance, cheer and prosperity into your life. You shall end the struggle in your relationships and get your love life back in order.

Health: You may want to make an important change in your fitness routine. Consult with your trainer first.

Work:  You get heart support from your peers and you shall bask in positive feedback, advice and suggestions, using the energy to drive ahead.

Money:  Hold off an important decision pertaining to money until you speak to a trusted advisor.

Favorable color: Ruby red

Scorpio horoscope

Love and relationships:  An epiphany can prompt you to take charge of your baggage and purge yourself of unresolved issues so you can revitalize your relationship.

Health:  Try to drive an extra spark of spontaneity into your workout regimen, as it shall prove to be especially satisfying.

Work:  You are feeling especially intuitive, but do not let your emotions overshadow logic. Also, you may realize you work well in solitude and are likely to carry work home.

Money: Be judicious with expenditures, as you are likely to face a crunch in the future.

Favorable color: Indigo

Sagittarius horoscope

Love and relationships:  An issue long buried may crop up again and demand attention. However, you may need to work on the issue from inside-out, trying to make changes to your emotional makeup, instead of varying the external factors.

Health:  You may want to take extra care of your back. Try not to overstrain yourself or indulge in heavy weightlifting.

Work:  A powerful conversation may spark bright ideas and help you solve a long-standing problem at work. You may also want to use your new-found understanding to advance a communications project.

Money:  You may come into unexpected monetary gain, through an undisclosed source.

Favorable color: Yellow

Capricorn horoscope

Love and relationships:  You may face a myriad mixed feelings today. A change in communication tactic can help you navigate the confusion and forge a deeper, stronger connection.

Health:  You may want to take special care of what you eat, as you may subject yourself to stomach trouble.

Work:  You can tackle any work problem if you are willing to put yourself out there with confidence.

Money:  Creativity shall also help you improve your financial status.

Favorable color: Pink

Aquarius horoscope

Love and relationships:  If you have been feeling taken for granted, it is time to turn the situation around and voice your concerns about getting treated the way you deserve.

Health: You may want to skip junk food and up the ante on your high-intensity workouts.

Work: This may be the time to shed your inhibitions and indulge in some unabashed self-promotion.

Money: An old investment is going to yield more than anticipated returns.

Favorable color: Grey

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Pisces horoscope   

Love and relationships:  You have been ignoring issues in your relationship for a long time and today is the day you need to tap into a hithertofore ignored source to find solutions and strengthen your bonds.

Health:  You need to strictly adhere to your diet, without expectation of reward.

Work:  You accomplish all projects at hand, but focus immensely on self-improvement endeavors.

Money:  You may want to lend financial aid to someone in need, for more than just the feel-good rush.

Favorable color: Maroon

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