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#AstroSpeak Daily Love Horoscope For 21st November, 2016

Saturn is done with its transit conjunction of your sun and Mars is harmonizing with Saturn so that the weight of responsibilities seems to be off you as you remain rooted to chip in more efforts for the success you foresee down the road. It is recommended that you prep yourself for slow and steady progress, with modest and realistic ambitions inspiring you to refine your methods for making headway. Busy-ness seems to be the reigning element- with highly charged intensity ruling personal relationships and incessant activity governing work. However, it shall only take a tweak in perspective to be able to handle the overwhelming pace of things.

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If you aren’t sure of the how-to, our daily love horoscope can help:

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Aries horoscope

Love and relationships: It seems to be a pleasant time in the personal realm as you are exuding optimism, kindness and cheer. Your partner is especially understanding and you feel grateful for the ‘good’ things in life.

Health: Life isn’t as easy when a manic schedule keeps you highly charged on the familial front and at beck and call of wonky work hours. Therefore, it is important that you fuel in with the right nutrition.

Work: Your go-getter ambitious nature seems to be placing you in the right place at the right time today. Make best use of the situation.

Money: You might receive financial backing or gifts today but it is recommended that you do not splurge.

Favorable color: Aqua

Taurus horoscope

Love and relationships: Your ability to express yourself is highly enhanced but be careful of what you utter. A wrong word can never be retracted and the damage done might be irreparable.

Health: You need to spend some time meditating and putting your overworked nerves at ease.

Work: While you have got a grip on work, your mind seems to wander and often. You may want to take a break and pursue some long-forgotten hobby or pet project.

Money: Your finances are likely to improve dramatically as you learn to strategize and cut out frivolous expenses.

Favorable color: Emerald

Gemini horoscope

Love and relationships: This is the day when you can fall in love. An instant connection with a stranger is possible even as you lock eyes, fall into easy conversation about a favorite book or simply, laugh together at something about the surrounding! Cupid’s a-waiting!

Health: You may want to reconsider some of the impractical routines in your fitness regimen and replace them with more viable options.

Work: If you can channel your motivation right, you may be successful in pushing your projects ahead. But mishandle, miscalculate or push the situation and you may only end up frustrated.

Money: This is an opportune moment to strategize and reduce expenditure on unnecessary items.

Favorable color: Magenta

Cancer horoscope

Love and relationships: You are feeling particularly competent to handle emotions and may feel tempted to extend your insightful draw to relationships beyond the ambit of romance.

Health: There is less stress on both your mind and body and this is the perfect time to amp up your fitness game.

Work: You are actively involved in teamwork and collaborations and yet, never before have you felt as at ease as now to express your individuality and paint your creative tenor.

Money: Your expenses are intensified and you shall be hard pressed to consider increasing your income or cutting down the cost of living.

Favorable color: Sapphire

Leo horoscope

Love and relationships: You are prone to a noncommittal attitude today, as you attempt to find yourself. While immensely rewarding for you lone, this may lead your partner down the path of frustration.

Health: Try to bolster your energy levels by going for relaxing walks after work instead of dashing to the gym.

Work: Be careful of falling prey to impractical schemes or neglecting important responsibilities.

Money: You may have a momentary monetary crisis but trust your intuition to walk you through.

Favorable color: Crimson

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Virgo horoscope

Love and relationships: This day is the day of friendships and intellectual interactions. However, romantic relationships also receive a significant boost with their strengthened platonic elements.

Health: Your throat and back may give you reason to worry and it is advisable to visit a medical practitioner before opting for self-medication.

Work: This can be a favorable opportunity for updating your work desk to include more novel, tech-friendly avenues for ease of work and communication.

Money: A well wisher may prompt you to consider a hithertofore unconsidered approach to financial planning.

Favorable color: Peach

Libra horoscope

Love and relationships: You are likely to form new connections that offer an opportunity for spiritual growth or intellectual progress.

Health: You may require more than a push when it comes to sticking to your workout plans. Ask a spouse to keep a tab.

Work: Originality reigns as your mind is overflowing with creative solutions and you may engage in more opportunities that prove rewarding in the long term.

Money: Money isn’t a cause for concern at the moment. Try to not go reckless with expenditure, though.

Favorable color: Violet

Scorpio horoscope

Love and relationships: This is the time when your sense of duty exhorts you to make your loved ones feel more secure. So, you readily support and defend them wherever necessary and never fall short of catering to their needs, material or otherwise.

Health: You may tend to give in to gluttony and that, Scorpio, is a cardinal sin!

Work: People in higher authority shall appreciate your hard work and regard you favorably. You can use the advantage to bolster your credibility and advance an idea you have been toying with.

Money: Watch out for impatient or hasty investment decisions.

Favorable color: Beige

Sagittarius horoscope

Love and relationships: You are willing to do whatever it takes to make amends for a former mistake. You cannot afford to lose your love and you are willing to prove how much he/she means to you by going the extra mile.

Health: You may be prone to skin breakouts and other infections if you do not guard yourself against pollution.

Work: You may miss out on splendid opportunities owing to pride or fear of being tied down. Push yourself beyond your comfort zone to consider the myriad choices available with an open mind.

Money: Trim down your expenses in the present to be able to afford the ‘lavish dreams’ of the future.

Favorable color: Black

Capricorn horoscope

Love and relationships: Excitement and energy fill your relationships. It is time to break out of the routine and fill your personal space with pleasant surprises.

Health: You may want to visit the doctor for a regular health checkup, just to be double sure.

Work: This is the time for exploration- so consciously seek out new opportunities and look for novel ways to grow in your current position.

Money: Be receptive to financial advice- as it may be of immense value and significance.

Favorable color: White

Aquarius horoscope

Love and relationships: This is a harmonious time in the familial sector and you may only feel grateful and blessed to have such loving connections.

Health: Your stomach may turn against you but do consult a physician before popping any over-the-counter pill.

Work: You may feel distracted at work today and it may be best to take the day off to pursue a creative hobby.

Money: There is no reason to worry on the financial front as cash flow remains optimal and sound financial arrangements are in place.

Favorable color: Brown

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Pisces horoscope   

Love and relationships: Your relationships are likely to experience a rich, meaningful period of transition and move to a deeper, more intense plane.

Health: You feel especially calm and collected at the moment and that seems to work well for your health.

Work: You may meet someone who is likely to espouse a philosophy you shall feel irresistibly tempted to adopt, so as to transform your work ethic for the better.

Money: There is likely to be a disruption in your financial plans that demands your attention for most part of the evening. But don’t you fret- you’ve got this!

Favorable color: Honey

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