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Is Your Husband Married To His Job? Here’s How To Deal With A Workaholic Husband

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” This proverb is one of my favorites because it gives you a glimpse of what’ll happen to you if you’re a workaholic – you become dull and boring and finally burn out.

There is a delicate balance between work and life. Only when you find that balance will you be successful. Success doesn’t just mean professional success; it includes success in personal life as well. Not everybody is equipped to find that balance though. That’s when the going gets tough for any relationship.

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If you’re at the receiving end of a string of cancelled dates, broken promises, and a feeling that your husband’s work comes before you, then you’re dealing with a workaholic husband. Work becomes the focal point of a workaholic’s life and their personal relationships suffer as a consequence. Apart from declining relationships, these workaholics also lose their health due to stress.

Temporary or ongoing workaholism

Some people work without any care for their health or personal lives during some phases in their careers; either meeting deadlines, or working towards a promotion, or to pull in some extra cash to alleviate financial burdens. This is temporary and once they’ve achieved their goals, they revert back to their earlier ‘versions’ of themselves.

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But if your husband isn’t working towards any of the goals mentioned above and has been going on for quite some time even without any pressure at the workplace to do so, then it’s a problem. Ask yourself if your partner is working like a maniac to avoid something at home – like any blow outs, or any emotional or personal issues that they are dodging by working long hours, or a need that’s being fulfilled by work. Or, is your partner just addicted to work.

If you knew your partner had a job that required them to work at all odd hours and you got involved in spite of that, then deal with it. Don’t whine and moan because your partner isn’t giving you enough time; you walked into the relationship with both your eyes open.

Creating a balance

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Help your workaholic husband create a balance in life. Tell them how much their work is affecting you and the relationship. But, don’t try to guilt them; they already have a reason to work, don’t add fuel to the fire. Don’t give them another reason why they should work rather than spending that time with you. And nagging doesn’t get you anywhere. Women have a tendency to nag more than men do, so women beware how you approach the situation.

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Make your partner realize what they’re missing out on by working all the time. When you’re partner eases up on the work, don’t be angry for not having enough time with them. Instead, make the most of it by having a romantic dinner planned or just a walk on the starlit streets. Make them want to ditch work to be with you.

Set apart an afternoon or an evening every week as couple’s time. Make this non-negotiable and don’t let them talk about work. Spend some quality time by sharing all that they’ve missed while they were busy at work.

Have a life

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If your partner has a demanding job and has no time for things that couples do, then do them in your designated couples’ time. While your partner is at work, you live your life, that’s separate from what you have as a couple. Apart from your work, keep yourself busy by hitting the gym or watching that movie that your partner wouldn’t come with, or take up a hobby that’s fulfilling. Hit the town with your friends and have a blast.

Just because your workaholic husband is stuck at the workplace doesn’t mean you have to wait for their schedule to clear for you to have some fun. This isn’t an endorsement for abandoning your partner, but just a reminder that you are your own person, outside the relationship.

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How To Deal With A Workaholic Husband
If your husband is one of those people who's married to his job, then here's how to deal with a workaholic husband.
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