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12 Pieces Of Bad Relationship Advice That People Think Are GOOD

“Don’t let him go! He is the one for you. So what if you have to change yourself for him! He is your soulmate.”

“Don’t hide anything from her. Always speak your heart out!”

We all have heard people giving advice like this to make our relationship work. Surprisingly, we often get encouraged to implement them, without knowing that they might cause more harm to our relationship than good. Take a step back and think twice before devouring these slices of bad relationship advice that won’t be digestible for those who are suggesting them.

1. Try to change yourself for your partner

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You might have already heard them saying how you are supposed to change your routine or a habit to please your partner. Before blindly following this, analyze the need of changing the habit. If it defines who you are, then you should ask your partner to meet you halfway, instead of changing you entirely.

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2. Sex will solve everything

Well, it can distract the two of you or can prolong your fight, but it can never be a solution to your problems. Don’t let sex be the answer to your conflicts. It can never substitute a healthy discussion.

3. Be completely transparent with your partner

It’s always a good idea to be truthful and honest with them, but there are a few things that you certainly need to keep to yourself. Don’t like his family or friends? You don’t have to rub it in his face. Just wait for the right time and express your opinion in a subtle way (or maybe not!) instead of hurting your partner. Sometimes, silence in good.

4. Get married

Having constant arguments and a clash of opinions? Solve it by getting married and keep fighting with each other for the rest of your life. Why would you even do that to yourself?

5. He/she is your soulmate

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This is one such concept that has ruined thousands of relationships. You need to understand that it is not necessary for your partner to be your soulmate. Sometimes, your best friend, your mother, or even your pet could be your soulmate. There is no such thing as “the one.”

6. Sacrifice your needs

Your friends might suggest you to lower your expectations or stop being needy. What they don’t understand is the whole motive of being in a relationship is to find satisfaction and being happy.

7. Everything happens for a reason

This is the ultimate lie that people might tell you when you are facing a rough patch. Sometimes, the reason is that you are unafraid to demand what you want.

8. You should bring a change in your partner

If you can’t change yourself, then why not start changing them? NO. If you truly love them, you should accept them as a whole – the good part and the bad.

9. Go for counseling

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If you two can’t listen to each other and have a discussion to solve the tension between the two of you, then how can you expect a third person to know your relationship more than yourself?

10. Give it more time

There comes a time in every relationship when you have to decide between turning a page and closing the book. Give your relationship more time or either walk out of it, only if you think you want to, and not because of someone’s advice.

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11. This too shall pass

Having a bad phase in a relationship? Don’t worry! It will automatically disappear without you making any effort at all.

12. Make a baby. It will solve everything

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No. Just don’t do that! Have a baby when you are ready or when you really want to have a kid, and not because you want to save your relationship.

Now that you know, do not sign for these packages of bad relationship advice or else who knows you might not have a relationship to implement them on!

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Article Name
12 Pieces Of Bad Relationship Advice That People Think Are GOOD
Do not sign for these packages of bad relationship advice or else who knows you might not have a relationship to implement them on!
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