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5 rational reasons to fall in love with someone you hardly know

Loretta Young said, “Love isn’t something you find. Love is something that finds you.” How true. We’ve all heard stories about eternal love, legends and myths that have been passed down generations. Most of them speak of how a couple from completely different social circles met, fell in love, and braved societal and familial restrictions to be together. Going by those stories, love was a great social leveler and it was meant forever.

However, love does not have that kind of magical quality to it today and it’s not without reason. Several people have been stung by impulse decisions made in the peak of infatuation and this has resulted in a generation of cynics. For them, love is more calculation than impulse, more choice than feeling.

Today, each one of us spends a good deal of our day online. You can find out a lot about a person from a simple online search, and delving into his social media accounts and other online activity can give you the full scoop. You ‘know’ a person without even knowing them. It’s an age of too much information.

And that’s where we lose out on the magic of falling in love with someone we barely know. And it’s not as scary as it sounds! To ease your mind, here are 5 reasons why falling in love with a person you don’t know that well isn’t such a bad idea.

1. You’ll be less judgmental

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If you’ve been in relationships before, you probably have a lot of leftover emotional baggage, which may affect your future relationships. When you fall in love with someone within a short time of knowing them, you haven’t yet had an opportunity to judge them on the parameters you’ve created based on past experiences. A less judgmental approach makes you more open to their strengths and flaws as a human being.

2. You’ll have better chemistry

couple spending time together

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Falling in love soon after meeting someone is a sign of the chemistry between both of you. Chemistry refers to that spark between two people, that they feel almost instantly. A connection or bond is formed and felt by both of them, and is usually an indication of similar interests and good rapport. Experts agree that good chemistry is vital to the success of a relationship, and they also agree that it isn’t something that can be cultivated, but has to be felt.

3. You’ll have fewer expectations

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Hollywood has churned out a large number of romantic comedies, where the protagonists are usually a representation of a male or female ideal. These movies have been largely criticized for creating unreasonable expectations from relationships, especially for women. Several women even have a checklist for their future partners, and by doing this, they are setting themselves up for a good deal of disappointment and heartbreak. Falling for someone you hardly know completely throws the checklist out of the window, and makes you accept one another as you are, without being misled by movies or TV shows.

4. You trust your gut

When you fall in love with a new person without doing in depth research on them or comparing them to a checklist, you are going with your gut. Our instinct is what made our ancestors survive the wild and it is relevant even in today’s world. Unfortunately, everything is so busy and noisy today that we barely have time to listen to our own voices. Trusting our gut is one of the best things we can do for ourselves, since it has an advantage over the rational mind which cannot process what it doesn’t see.

5. You open yourself to happiness

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There is a gentle movement nowadays, urging everyone to focus on true happiness, rather than running the rat race. It tells you to stop and smell the roses and to follow your own path, not a fixed formula that everyone else is following. By falling in love based purely on your instinct, you are taking a risk, a big leap of faith, but you are also preparing yourself to the possibility of your own happiness. It makes you open your mind to new possibilities and you start seeing things you probably ignored before.

Planning too much or ticking a checklist is great for your daily tasks, but it doesn’t always work well for relationships. After all, there is some truth in the saying: Life is what happens when you’re busy making plans! So, let go of the information excess and focus on what your heart is telling you – it might just be what you were looking for!

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5 rational reasons to fall in love with someone you hardly know
You usually fall in love with someone after getting to know them for a certain time. But what if you fell in love with someone who you hardly know?
Fabida Abdulla

Fabida Abdulla

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