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How To Ruin Your First Date In 9 Golden Ways

Of late, we have been saying too many things on how to get that first date right- coz you know you get only one first chance- yada yada yada. In fact, we even dished out some superb advice on how not to screw that first date. But what if we gave the same advice in the exact opposite manner? What- sometimes, messy is good fun right? #YOLO So, if you are intelligent- you will take Old Delhi Films’ clue and learn all the ways to ruin your first date… not.

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This one is hilarious. Check it out:

Also, when you are off it and haven’t nearly choked laughing, please scroll down and tell us how you have screwed a date you..err..wanted to screw..or maybe so badly wanted not to screw that you ended up screwing it anyway. Yep, type away! We are all ears..err..eyes!

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How To Ruin Your First Date In 9 Golden Ways
Coz the first date is your first and last chance to dive in or dash out! :P
Sejal Parikh

Sejal Parikh

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