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Magical Moments: The 20 Most Beautiful Firsts In A Relationship

very first in a relationship is accompanied with a flutter of butterflies in your stomach in frantic anticipation and yet all those moments transpire into this beautiful story that you are both are weaving together. You pile these firsts in the treasure-box that holds your love story! And you can bet some magic sits right in there and comes out, whenever you hold time to look back on the beautiful moments, the magical firsts in a relationship.

If you know just the feeling we are talking of, you’ll love what’s coming! Here are some of the most beautiful firsts in a relationship you will cherish forever after –

1. First date


Image source: theodysseyonline

Whether it was a prickly date where you didn’t agree with each other at all or simply knew that they were the one at first sight, the first date is always looked at fondly- when you are years ahead in the relationship!

2. First kiss


Image source: rebloggy

The moment has played out in your mind a hundred times since you caught sight of each other but when it happens, it’s magic! The leaning in, the warmth of each other’s breath and finally the locking of lips, oh sweet lord!

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3. First make out


Image source: Tumblr

Your passion seems boundless and that moment when you realize that both of you cannot keep your hands off each other. That journey to the second base is memorable!

4. First lovemaking


Image source: Tumblr

Whether you plan it or it just happens, sex is always surprising! You break down your insecurities and barriers and let someone explore you intimately – so they can read your life on your skin, with all its question marks, ellipses, quotes and broken syllables- only to love all of you!

5. First night in


Image source: Tumblr

This is when you don’t just scoot away after a make out session or date night but spend the entire night together. There’s something about the first night in, because you give away your privacy and let someone in on a tangible level altogether.

6. First introduction

You will always remember the first time your partner introduces you as a significant other to their friends, you will remember the smile and the sparkle in their eye and the blushing twinkle in yours’!

7. First thoughtful gift


Image source: Giphy

You will never forget the first thoughtful gift that you get. It could be expensive or not but it’s the thought that will keep you holding on to the gift forever.

8. First fight


Image source: favim

Going steady also means the beginning of disagreements and like any natural relationship, you will fight. The first fight means that you care enough to argue and disagree but you love each other enough to agree to disagree. And it’s comforting to know there’s someone like that to hold you!

9. First cry

A fight usually involves a crying session somewhere in the middle or it could just be brought on by something else, but the first bout of tears determines how the other person reacted and pacified the crier. And it’s a sweet memory to look back on.

10. First pang of jealousy


Image source: upsocl

The first time you feel jealous of someone getting your partner’s attention means that you have begun to commit and attach yourself more seriously. If it’s not the maniacal jealousy, it can actually be cute!

11. First family meeting


Image source: daum

Meeting the family is a big deal and the first time you introduce your partner to your family can be momentous. The way your partner behaves with your family can make you feel loved and immensely proud.

12. First absence


Image source: mommyish

The first time you miss your partner because they are away for a few days will almost break your heart and you will count the hours till they are back with you. The longing and waiting is a beautiful period.

13. First surprise


Image source: hotglueme

Be it picking him/her up from the airport after a trip or sending flowers at work, the first time your partner surprises you is amazing. It feels like you could die of happiness!

14. First lazy day

In a new relationship, it feels like you are almost always doing stuff together but one fine day you will both just sit back and laze and won’t find it odd at all. That’s the moment when you realize that for the first time you both are comfortable in each other’s presence without having to do anything. That first silence without words speaks volume about your love!

15. First pet


Image source: newscult

The first time you get a pet can be wonderful; the shared commitment you are willing to take up reflects that you are ready to move ahead in your relationship.

16. First hurdle

The first time either of you are going through a tough time will showcase how you react to the other’s needs versus yours. It will be a defining moment for your relationship and the one that’ll cement your promise to stand by each other through thick and thin.

17. First cook out


Image source: Tumblr

The messy kitchen, the hands stained with effort and the food at the end of it is one great signpost for the memory lane.

18. First trip

Unexpected delays, life changing experiences, grand moments- a first trip can involve all that and more, it will change the way you look at your relationship.

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19. First important news

When you realize that you are eager to tell your partner something huge, be it a promotion or a new job, that’s when it hits you how important they are.

20. First I Love You


Image source: Tumblr

Now, you don’t need me to tell you about this, do you?

The next time, firsts in a marriage! Stay glued! :)

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Magical Moments: The 20 Most Beautiful Firsts in a Relationship
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