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Leo Compatibility: Which Zodiac sign should you fall in love with?

Leo Compatibility

Sometimes aggressive and at other times protective, that is what a Leo is like in all aspects of life – career, money and even love. Leo is a born leader and has a natural predisposition for it, and likes people to follow. A native of Leo loves fiercely and deeply, with complete truth and loyalty, and only expects simple thanks from their partner.


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They are rational thinkers, but do have a terrible bout of rage at times, that can make anyone afraid to be in vicinity of a Leo. But once they are in love, they are forever bound to their partner. It’s just hard for them to love so deeply and then move on.

Leo (23rd July – 22nd August) and Sagittarius (22nd November 23 – December 22)

Probably have the same blood group: B+ve!

These two are the dynamic duo of the zodiac world, who enjoy life as it is but to the fullest. When at a social gathering, they absolutely rock the party and are often the center of attention because of their passionate attraction towards each other. They both love to aim high, Sagittarius on a philosophical level, while Leo on a possibility of queen-sized life. Leo is ruled by Sun and Sagittarius by Jupiter – both of which are masculine energies. This is the reason that these two signs understand each other so well. And as both belong to the element of Fire, the passion within never fades, only fuels their belonging-ness with each other.


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Sagittarius is a patient soul which perfectly complements Leo’s temper tantrums. Trouble in paradise only arises when Sagittarius, being true to its nature, becomes a bit mysterious, which opposes Leo’s honest and forthcoming nature. Also, Leo is very proud of all he/she has, and when the flirty (towards another person) Sagittarius arises, it can hurt Leo immensely to the extent of irreparability. Once the differences are put aside, this couple shares a positive energy that keeps their relationship intact.

Leo (23rd July – 22nd August) and Libra (23rd September – 22nd October)

We can walk on a rope, over a fire. We are a team!

Libra is a worshipper of harmony and would go to any lengths to maintain it. This quality works in favor of its relationship with a Leo. The two provide each other exactly want they want. Leo gives Libra the security of love, home and comfort, while Libra adapts to Leo’s nature and soothes its pride and ego. In their approach towards absolutely everything, they balance out quite fairly. Leo takes the direct route while Libra tends to think over all aspects and then take the best one. In a relationship, these two approaches with an impeccable timing, can work wonders.


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They both have different interests, but Leo’s urge to be a part of its Libra partner’s life, brings them closer. They probably have the best stories to share. Libra being ruled by Venus, this relationship is a harmonious combination of masculine as well as feminine energy. They will always create a place for themselves that is warm, comfortable and also has every amenity to enjoy. They both fit each other like two corresponding pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

Leo (23rd July – 22nd August) and Capricorn (22nd December – 19th January)

One is music and the other is the lyrics, creating divine melodies.

Leo and Capricorn believe in investing time and emotions in a relationship that is going to last longer, and possibly be the only romantic relationship. This is the reason that they both take their due time before accepting to become a couple. And once they have come to this decision with mutual thought, they definitely become the most romantic couple of the zodiacs. They both have similar interests and needs in life, which helps them understand each other better. They know exactly what their partner needs and when, which tells us a lot about their companionship’s strength.


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Both these signs are determined, but as Leo is the leader, it likes to be at the helm of everything. It is actually the Capricorn partner who oversees the completion of a particular task. Leo can be wild at times, but the steady and balanced Capricorn always helps its Lion partner to bring calm during chaos. They both also believe in appreciating each other and reciprocating in the same manner, which keeps the fire between them burning bright. Once they have found a way to love each other, they will never forget to understand the value they bring into the relationship, and thus will have a happy life.

Other Parings (At their own risk!)

Leo gets on well with absolutely every sun sign almost all the time. Being the gracious one, it is easier to fall in love with Leo. But even if you fall for someone, doesn’t mean you can have a healthy and long romantic relationship. And it stands true for Leo and Cancer. They are both determined, but where Leo is more focused on love, Cancer is interested in career and money, and gives these two things more importance than love, which does not sit well with Leo. While these two can be great friends who teach the other some important lessons in life, a romantic relationship seems unlikely.

Another such pairing with Leo would be of Virgo. Leo likes to lead while Virgo likes to have its own free way. Virgo is far too mysterious for Leo to handle. While both love to initiate stuff, Virgo takes a passive approach and wants to judge all the aspects before committing. Leo on the other hand, believes in taking things in stride. Their mutual dislike for each other’s method is the biggest hindrance for them as a couple.

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Leo Compatibility: Which Zodiac sign should you fall in love with?
Leo is a natural-born leader and is ruled by the planet Sun. Read on to know with whom is a Leo compatible with.
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