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Leo love life 2015: What does your Zodiac sign say about your love life next year?


23rd July – 22nd August


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What does the Leo love life 2015 look like?

What do you get when the Sun (ruling planet), the Fire (element) and the Lion (glyph) come together? You get an incredibly strong, passionate, determined person with excellent leadership qualities. You believe in winning over every situation by the show of your immense faith and confidence. You are a natural leader and people follow you even without you asking them. You have high moral standards, will fight for your loved ones, and have a keen eye on everything around you. Nothing, mind you, absolutely nothing gets past you. You take pride in your accomplishments, and the list of that is fairly long. You also have a dominating nature that sometimes makes others rather uncomfortable around you, but when you understand that, you give them their due space.

Leo in Love

Numbers: Flirt – uncountable; Love – just once!

You love yourself and everything else that makes you look good. You are also very faithful, regardless of the element of fire that fuels your passion to seek love elsewhere. And like the Lion, you are very persistent. Very often, after a relationship ends, your desire to get back with your partner increases. Love, for you, is a very positive feeling, and you love the idea of ‘being in love.’ That is why, before you love someone else, you are deeply in love with yourself. And in loving your partner, you require assurance and to some extent – submission.

When in love with your partner, you do everything in your power, which in reality is a lot, to keep them bound to you (not in ropes!) emotionally. You flirt a lot, which keeps the happy energy in the relationship, making your partner feel appreciated. You usually like to make the decisions, but when the tide of fatigue or boredom hits you (which is very rare), you let your partner take charge of things. You give generously and unconditionally – your love as well as gifts, and in return all you need is loyalty and gratitude. You might have many whirlwind but small affairs, but once you truly give your heart, you are in it forever.

Expectation from Love

Must have a shield to combat anger, pride and dominance.

You are very supportive and caring towards your partner. And you want them, or might I say, need them to recognize you as the ‘most important person’ in their life. You also expect your partner to be as true and upfront about their emotions and feelings as you are with them. Being endowed with limitless physical and emotional strength, you bring security to your relationship, and only expect the assurance from your partner that the decorum of harmony will be maintained. You have a very flashy and raging temper, and your partner must be very patient and of strong gut, to remain with you after your outbursts.

You always opt for big gestures to let your partner know of your love. You do not want the same in return, just appreciation – all the time. Your partner should be passionate about you so that they overlook your demanding behavior. Although it might seem shallow about you and it is the absolute truth, you need a partner who does not overshadow you, in any way. You want them to be a proud aspect of your life, and not the only aspect of your life. If you give them enough room to breathe, a tolerant, love-smacked, forgiving person will make a great partner to you.

The need to possess good things, have the best seats in the world to absolutely everything and bottomless appreciation is what gets you going. Sometimes you can be very arrogant and self-obsessed to not be able to see the needs of your partner. What you need is yoga – seriously. It will teach you to remain calm when things are not going your way. You also need to understand that your partner is not some ‘thing’ but a person, who can have varied moods just like you, and might not react well to your jovial acts. If you give them what they want instead of giving them what you think they want (materialistically), you might not have to work on your relationship and simply enjoy their companionship.

You need some heartfelt and well-pondered resolutions this New Year. Remember, it does not do well to chase someone who cannot be with you. You would be better off using that energy to find someone who can willingly give you their heart. Good luck!

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Leo love life 2015: What does your Zodiac sign say about your love life?
Leo, represented by the Lion, and belonging to the element Fire, can be a handful to handle. Here's a look at what 2015 holds for the typical Leo.
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