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5 simple tips to save your relationship from taking a nosedive

A relationship is an extremely delicate thing. It depends on the level of commitment between two people, and not every relationship gets to see its perfect fairy tale ending. Sometimes, some relationships die a painful, premature death; sometimes, people tend to grow apart because they feel that spending the time together is just not worth it, and sometimes the two lovers themselves change during the course of the relationship. So if you are feeling that painful, suffocating feeling that tells you that your relationship is on the rocks, then it is time to contemplate and figure out what you want out of it.

1. Contemplate and reflect

The first step towards mending a relationship that is on the verge of breaking up is to contemplate and reflect on what went wrong and when. It is better to write it down on a piece of paper, so that it becomes easier for you to remember, and you can deal with each of the problems one by one.

contemplate and reflect
There are many reasons due to which a couple drifts apart, and different reasons have different solutions. One of the major causes of a split in a perfectly fine relationship is infidelity. While some people are willing to forgive, forget, and let go, others find it difficult to erase the fact that their beloved cheated on them. If in your case, the major bone of contention is infidelity, you need to figure out how fine are you with your lover’s deception, and if you are willing to forgive him/her.

There are other trivial reasons that might hamper a relationship; for example, you two have stayed together for a long time, and now things like lovemaking and going on dates have become monotonous, and the spark seems to have faded over time. In that case, you need to put in efforts to rekindle the romance. You also need to figure out the reasons that led both of you to lose interest in each other over time. It could be due to job stress or due to some family problems. Find out if you can deal with it, and if this relationship is worth the ordeal.

2. Discuss it with your significant other

Your problems won’t just vanish into thin air if you don’t take concrete steps to deal with them. Getting into a meaningful conversation with your lover will go a long way in helping you get out of your dilemma. Before putting your views and problems forward, it is important to listen to the other person and let him/her tell you exactly what problems he/she has with you. Before listening to the other person’s perspective, it would be very difficult for you to mend this relationship. Remember, a relationship is built on love, trust, and compatibility between two people, and if any of it falters, it could lead to the end of it.

discuss it with your significant other

While talking, it is very important to be methodical and go through each and every issue that made you fall apart. It is going to be painful, but it is the only way to get rid of your relationship problems.

Now, once you have thought carefully and talked it through with your significant other, you can work on other things that need mending in the faltering relationship. But first you need to figure out if your current relationship is worth the effort you two are planning to put into it. You need to analyze your future with each other, and see if you can have a future together. If, after everything, you are sure that he/she is the one for you, then baby, you need to put in some efforts to get your lost love and passion back.

3. Take out couple-time from your busy schedule

There is no better way to mend a relationship than to pick a specific day of the week and spend it entirely with your loved one, doing the activities you both enjoy doing.  Take out time from your busy schedule and arrange something special for your lover that you both love doing.

take out couple time from your busy schedule

You can plan a date night, which would involve a scrumptious dinner followed by a special screening of a movie both of you are fond of. Or you could just spend your time watching your favorite sitcom.

4. Plan a vacation

Going on a short weekend getaway, or if possible, a long trip can benefit your relationship in innumerable ways. Plan a trip to some place you both are unfamiliar with, because that would enable both of you to depend on each other, thereby strengthening your relationship even further.

plan a vacation

A short vacation can make you forget your relationship woes and hassles for some time, and it is also an ideal time to discuss your future with each other, because both of you are away from your monotonous routine life.

5. Make your beloved feel special

Every relationship tends to lose its spark as time progresses, and then the romantic acts of sending lovey notes to each other, or holding hands in public fade away, and even the passionate act of love-making seems more like a job. But, if you really are keen on saving your relationship, you should treat every day as Valentine’s Day.

man and woman in bed

* Small things like keeping affectionate notes in places where you think your lover would find them can show the other person that you care. These sweet little acts consisting of all nice things will bring the sweetness and newness back into your relationship.

* You can also start giving your beloved cute little gifts just to show that you care.

* If you can, try to relive your memories. Plan a date similar to your first one, or go through your photographs when you were in the heydays of your relationship.

Such acts would make you realize how happy you were together, and make both of you long for each other’s companionship.

A relationship is a delicate affair; it needs to be handled with care, concern, and utmost affection. Every relationship goes through its ups and downs; you just need to deal with them in the most careful and considerate way possible. A beautiful relationship is something you should never let go of. It’s worth every effort!

Nishtha Sood

Nishtha Sood

Nishtha is a highly opinionated female, who is extremely vociferous about her beliefs. She likes to read, write and dance, in that order. She loves to talk about politics, sports and relationships, and has lofty revolutionary ideas in her mind, waiting to be materialized. She loves Tarantino's dark humor and Kafkaesque endings, but would like a fairy tale relationship for herself. When she is not busy making plans to change the world or exploring her new-found love for selfies, she likes to eat ( hog would be a better word!).