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Scorpio love life 2015: What does your Zodiac sign say about your love life next year?


23rd October – 21st November


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What does the Scorpio love life 2015 look like

You belong to the element of Water, and from it you have inherited your unpredictability. And that makes you interesting as well as mysterious. No one ever knows how you will react to any situation, and thus you make a good subject for constant study. You have a charm about you that attracts people towards you. You are usually highly matured for your age and are humble about your intellect. You are passionate and feel deeply for others. But it also makes you want revenge, if someone betrays you. You do have a strong spirit, and no matter what, you can always find a way to overcome dire situations.

Scorpio in Love

My world revolves around you!

Being ruled by the planet Pluto, you are aware at your subconscious level. You also have a high emotional consciousness that helps you understand your partner. You love intensely and are very dedicated. And through all your love, you somehow believe that you can own a person; not in the literal sense of the word, but as in ‘You’re mine.’ And you get jealous if your partner indulges in something that doesn’t involve you. It is also because you give everything to the relationship and would like it to flourish.

For you love is an all-consuming and all-encompassing phenomenon that rules your life. When you are not in love, you want to be in love. And when you have found your love, you work every day to keep it fresh and new. The only trouble you really have is yourself. You tend to overthink and complicate simple matters. Your partner is late for dinner, you jump to the conclusion that they are cheating on you, rather than thinking that they might be really busy with some work. You hate just as much as you love. But when you realize that your partner is in for the long haul, things eventually smooth out.

Expectation in Love

All I need is your love, forever and always!

You need someone who has a rational way of looking at things and can put some sense into you, when and as required. Your partner must share the same compassion as you. Being a magnetic personality, you also tend to be attracted to one. The one you love should be able to keep you reassured that they will ride into the sunset with you. You also need a partner who understands and shares your level of intellect.

You have a very wavering nature; one moment you want something, the next you want something else. You need some stability and rule in your life that can be brought in by your partner. Also, for you, the expression of love may not be just verbal, but a lot more physical. Someone who understands that your carnal desires are actually a way of appreciating your partner, and tell no less of your love, will be just the perfect partner for you. They should be able to involve themselves in everything, and for that they must be very honest, at least to you. You pride your love, and you need a partner for whom your love is as precious as it is for you.

You are a strong, loyal, tender, and a protective lover. You are also very perceptive and sensual. The only time you can bring trouble into your love life is by being overly emotional, and making it about you. You feel that pain is a part of love and that you and your partner need to go through it to strengthen your bond. But you also have to understand that it does not always work. When you repeatedly test other people they tend to give up trying because they feel that no matter what they do, you will always doubt them.

As the New Year comes, make a resolution to give your partner their own space, time and method to love you. And it would also mean that you will not use your charms to influence them. Only then will you know that someone truly loves you, unconditionally.

Featured image source: Shutterstock

Article Name
Scorpio love life 2015: What does your Zodiac sign say about your love life?
Scorpio being the Water element can be very unpredictable. Here's how the New Year looks for a typical Scorpio in love.
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