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Taurus love life 2015: What does your Zodiac sign say about your love life next year?


21st April – 21st May


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What does the Taurus love life 2015 look like?

Taurus belongs to the element of Earth, and is aptly represented by its glyph – the Bull. You are a peace-loving soul, and like to have some really good lazy days in your schedule. You are very patient and content, and the dangerous bull inside you awakens only when the situation is unrelentingly dire. Once you have a goal, you are very determined to achieve it, and will eventually do so with your dedication and stubbornness. You like things simple but sensual. You enjoy the experiences that any activity has to provide through smell, touch, and aesthetics. You are also very punctual and like the same quality in others. With a happy-go-lucky attitude like yours, you are supposed to have many friends, only if your fuming rage did not interfere.

Taurus in Love

You like a simple, completely-owned, and devoted relationship.

You never jump right into a relationship, but you actually take a very careful route to it. You take your time, test your partner, and only then can you give your complete devotion to them. There is no grey area for you in a relationship – it is either yes or no – and your mantra in love, as in everything else, is “no complications, please!” Material gestures are a big ‘yes’ for you, and that is why you love giving and receiving gifts. They are your way of expressing love.

You are very loyal and committed to your relationship and expect the same or more from your partner. You have an urge to have complete attention from your partner at all times and lack of it can make you jealous. You depend a lot (emotionally) on your partner which might seem a little clingy to them. The biggest difference that your perspective towards everything has from the general opinion is your sense of possession – not the one like a poltergeist; but the other kind, which simply means “it’s mine!”

Expectation in love

The expensive, the better!

Your ruling planet is Venus, and we all know what that means! Your love with sensuality and the readiness to experience it knows no bounds. Even if it’s just small talk over coffee, you want it to be utterly romantic – you will want your partner to gently touch your hand or trail the length of your face with their fingers. You require constant and grandeur acknowledgement of love. Your materialistic nature somehow quantifies your level of commitment in reciprocation to the gift you have received. Every time there is some occasion or celebration around, you start hinting out the preferred gift, while also wishing to be pleasantly surprised by your partner.

While dating someone, it would be advisable that you do not take it up as an assignment but rather bring in that relaxing energy that you have in abundance. You will find yourself attracted to those who can either match your thoughts on financial security or exceed it. You would also like to have a partner who has tastes as exquisite and expensive as you. The best place to judge whether your date can be your potential partner is a local art gallery or a high-end restaurant. It is very important for you to have a partner with almost similar interests, if your relationship has to work.

The earth element, the Bull and Venus come together to give you one of the most unique characterizations in the entire sun sign list. Apart from being the most dependable zodiac in the group, you are also two extremes of human nature brought together. You love quiet time, and when your limits are really pushed, you become, quite literally, a raging bull. Your partner must be the one who understands both aspects of you and appreciates you for it. You like to be loved for all that you are, and do not hide your personality under any veil. You love deeply and it is only understandable that you would want to know if your efforts are not being wasted.

You really are an example of the philosophy – “Love yourself.” You do that before anything else, and always lookout for yourself. But it is something that you also bring into your relationship and help your partner too. You teach them about self-importance and self-esteem, and make them a better person. And if they happen to fall on the wrong side of you, well, then there is one great lesson the “Bull” teaches them!

Christmas and New Year are here and everyone is already preparing a shopping list for gifts for loved ones. This is really a good time to figure out if that person you are currently interested in is worth it or not! Go get them!

Featured image source: Shutterstock

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Taurus love life 2015: What does your Zodiac sign say about your love life?
The second sun sign Taurus is ruled by Venus, and its glyph is the Bull. On the one hand, Taurus is peace-loving, but on the other, can become a raging bull.
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