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Virgo love life 2015: What does your Zodiac sign say about your love life next year?


23rd August – 22nd September


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What does the Virgo love life 2015 look like?

Virgo, represented by the Virgin Maiden, and ruled by the planet Mercury, is grossly misunderstood when the chapter for love opens. You are meticulous and calculated, and love everything to be in order. Although you like to keep busy in your affairs, you make time for your friends. But secretly, in case of love, you come right out of a fairy tale. Belonging to the element Earth, you are like Cinderella or Prince Charming, and want to be swept off your feet in love or fall in love while dancing at a ball. How romantic, isn’t it? But your affinity for practicality and rationale overcomes all. You love to excel, not necessarily with absolute perfection or by following the norms, but only winning matters. And that is the approach you also have towards love!

Virgo in Love

True feelings do not need constant advertisement!

When in love, you are as innocent as a baby and are easily influenced. You also respect the pure form of love that commands utter faith and devotion towards your partner. Since you are endowed with the quality of survival, you are ever vigilant. This could lead you to pinpointing your partner’s flaws a bit harshly than they can take. You also dislike being dependent on anyone, which your partner might take as your disinterest towards the relationship. On the contrary, you are very much involved in your relationship, and think that once you have acknowledged your partner’s love, it stands true forever.

This also happens to you because you do not like to waste time reiterating and rehashing the same thing again and again. You have said it once, and that means a lot too you. However, your first love will always be your work. You crave perfectionism, and your constant criticism about the lack of it could drive your partner crazy. What you can do to have a great relationship is to share some similar interests that you’re both passionate about, which helps in improving your romantic horizons.

Expectation from Love

Strong-willed, but soft-hearted like a coconut!

You need a partner who can give you the independence, freedom and the space you need. They should also have a certain level of acceptance towards perfection and order. But as no one can be perfect, the partner you choose will definitely have some or the other flaws. However, if they possess enough patience and excel in the art of communication, they will be able to walk through all the censure from you unscathed.

The one who accepts you in a relationship will definitely share your characteristics of determination, and would be more concerned about their work and financial life. It does not mean that they will not love you. They will, but they will also be able to keep their love and work life separate. This is the biggest quality your partner must have for you two to work. Your partner must also understand that you need time to open up, not because you are an introvert, but because you do not trust easily. A partner who makes you smile, is a bit mysterious, can talk to you at length about absolutely everything and nothing, is forgiving of your nagging nature, and is sensitive towards your feelings, is the one you need.

You also have to accept that you too are not the perfect partner, although in your mind you may think yourself to be. Let your partner be the judge of that, just as you judge them. But to avoid conflict, it would be good if you can keep your horses in check and be a little flexible. Let the fairy tale believer in you take charge at times, and appreciate your partner a bit more.

This New Year, thank your partner and surprise them by doing something they love, even if it is completely out of the order and is chaotic, two things you dislike intensely. But don’t you love your partner? You do, we know. Let them know too!

Featured image source: Shutterstock

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Virgo love life 2015: What does your Zodiac sign say about your love life?
Virgo is represented by the virgin maiden, and belongs to the element Earth, with Mercury as the ruling planet. Here's what 2015 looks like for Virgo.
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