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Why Nostalgia Isn’t A Good Enough Reason To Mend A Broken Relationship

We never really lose the people we love. The past that we have shared with them always keeps coming back to us, sometimes in the most unexpected ways.

It doesn’t matter if you have parted ways with your ex in an unexpected way or you might have lost them to the oblivion, a broken heart can sometimes give you an unbearable pain. Those haunting nights and the series of “what ifs” and “buts” can often make you drown in a whirlpool of your own thoughts. But it is all up to you. You can either experience a slow death or you can let your thoughts be the ship to guide your way back home.

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Nostalgia is sometimes the only thing that keeps us together when we are trying to mend a broken relationship, but is it enough? It comes uninvited and often changes our life entirely. You might think that you are over your ex relationship and would be able to carry on without their memory, but then you would hear a song that they used to like, would see someone crossing the street that would look like them, or worse, would see a picture of you together. And that would be enough to shatter your walls. You would go back in time and will relive all those bittersweet memories all over again. It would be like a maze and the more you would try to come out of it, the more you would move to its core.

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You will think of all those good moments and how you spent hours laughing together. Surprisingly, all those moments would make you cry and soon you would be inconsolable. You will find it hard to let go of those moments that defined your broken relationship – the good and the bad. That’s the wicked thing about nostalgia. It’s magical. It can make you walk barefoot on broken glass with a smile on your face. It might feel great to relive your past, but you can’t stay there forever. It’s a graveyard of dreams and you will soon be a ghost, being haunted by your past.

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It might be the one thing that you would have always wanted, and to live without it can be the hardest thing, but you need to let go of it. You need to put the glass down so that you can welcome something way more beautiful with your empty hands. This is the risk that you should be willing to take.

There comes a time when you have to ask yourself if you are willing to read the same book over and over again or if you are ready to close it and be the writer of your own life. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how much we try, but we can’t go back to where we left. We can’t cherish the same essence of our broken relationship, and you know what – it’s perfectly fine.

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There are a few things in this world that are best left alone and broken. There is no harm in being flawed and a little damaged. So instead of taking the help of all those memories to mend the broken pieces of your heart – let it all out. Let those cracks be the passage for some light to fill your soul with something that you would have never felt before – hope.

Let there be light. No matter how broken you are, there is nothing which hope can’t mend, and nostalgia can never be a remedy. It will only give you a slow death. The choice is all yours. What is it that you want – a bitter truth or a sugar-coated lie?

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Why Nostalgia Isn't A Good Enough Reason To Mend A Broken Relationship
You may try to mend a broken relationship but the cracks shall remain!
Bhavya Kaushik

Bhavya Kaushik

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