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10 best relationship ads that tugged at our heartstrings

If they can paint a smile on your lips, have a teardrop take birth in the corner of your eye and most importantly, make you think, they are right! I am talking about those little snippets of life that bombard our TV screens when we are flipping channels, asking for something to eat or waiting for our program to resume. More often than not, most advertisements fail to hit the nail right on its head when they set out to do what is their most blatant purpose – attracting their target audience. However, the most effective ads are not the ones that lure us into buying the advertised product or give us a huge celebrity doing something whacky, but those that tug at our heartstrings. Those are the ones that become indelibly imprinted on our psyches and remain with us forever. I remember one such unforgettable ad from my childhood:


I love how the girlfriend dodges the security guard and dances her way into the stadium to show her excitement when her guy hits a six. The blush on her guy’s face is priceless!!

While Indian television has goofed up too many of their advertising endeavors, especially when it comes to relationships, they have done quite a good job of some. Today, we bring together some of the recent relationship ads that are remarkable for the way they just ‘click’ :

1. Cadbury Dairy Milk


Why it ‘clicks’

It’s cute and cute, and more cute! Amidst a spate of ads in the ‘hitting on a girl’ category, this one comes across as a breath of fresh air. Thank God, someone realizes that putting on red undies or spraying cologne or deo shall not get a woman (or worse, lots of them!) running to you like moths to a flame! The ad displays a think-on-your-feet attitude, a subtle and cute sense of humor, and of course, a child-like charm that just cannot go unnoticed! As for a chocolate and the girl with one, what a chocolaty yummm way to be friends!

2. Airtel


Why it ‘clicks’

We see the soon-to-be bride and groom talking the night before the D-day. And just when the girl says if the seemingly-trivial thing is the reason why he had called so late, our ohh-so-adorable groom-to-be says its coz it’s the last day he’d ever get to talk to his girlfriend as she’d be his ‘wify’ from tomorrow. MELT. MELT. MELT.

3. Asian Paints


Why it ‘clicks’

A wonderful extension of the ‘har ghar kuch kehta hai’ line, this one is touching because a newlywed husband thinks about his wife’s happiness and redecorates their room as an exact replica of the one at her previous home. A heart-warming gesture to say ‘I know home is where the heart is,’ eh? <heart-flutter>

4. Airtel


Why it ‘clicks’

Coz with a pinch of ‘naughty,’ a dollop of ‘sweet,’ and a dash of ‘romantic,’ this one is just perfect. No words to describe the butterflies that fly about within me when he says, ‘Matlab kal raat bhi hum sirf baatein hi karenge,’ and pat she replies, ‘Matlab kal raat hum bilkul baatein nahi karenge, pehle tie toh baandhna seekh le.’ Awwwww…awwww…awww. Can I also add, I want, I want!! 😉

5. ICICI Prudential Life Insurance


Why it ‘clicks’

Because it shows that however forgetful our men might be, they still care! It is their little gestures that count. The jingle is adorable too. The National creative director Amer Jaleel says, “ICICI wanted an emotional celebration of men. They take a lot of knocking, but there is a population of faithful duty-bound loyal men, the sort who’d go for insurance. We wanted to celebrate the unusual things that you don’t notice about men. So while we do rap men on the knuckles for their wrongdoings, here are a few things they do right. It’s not correct to paint all men with the same brush. The ad was meant to uncover the little things about the people we know so dearly. The credit belongs to the audience. We’re only responding to the need and clamor of an evolved audience, who’re looking for these conversations.” Well done, sir!

6. Bru Gold


Why it ‘clicks’

Because not all things in life need to be spelt out. This one is able to translate a simple moment in our routine lives into something that is incredibly meaningful and beautiful! Great idea and brilliant execution! J

7. Imperial Blue


Why it ‘clicks’

While this one does fall within the conventional gender trappings, it scores because it does it in a convincing manner. You just have to see it to believe it!

8. Tanishq Solitaires:


Why it ‘clicks’

Because this is completely relatable. In a world where one works wonky hours, it is difficult to make time for your partner. And when you do, it is essential that it be made all the more special. No, we do not mean that solitaires have to be bought for every dinner you go to, but boy, is this one thoughtful! It works because the moment is made extremely specific to the couple’s own relationship dynamics. And ohh, the beauty! It is a perfectly scripted ad that works because it is so relatable!

9. Bharat Matrimony


Why it ‘clicks’

When your man stands up for you in front of his parents – priceless, right? That is exactly why it works. When you have a partner who not only believes in you but also supports you in your choices and trusts you to achieve your dreams, you can’t help but feel truly blessed!

10. Tanishq


Why it ‘clicks’

Because it shows a representative of the older generation voice thoughts that are so fresh and liberal! When it comes to love marriages, the Indian society is still grappling with age-old issues of caste differences, social status, and what not! This one takes just the opposite stand and converts it into something so fresh and soothing … it gives you smiles that shall last long after the ad has come, played, and gone! J

Special mention

Havells :


Why it ‘clicks’

Again, refreshingly new, this one is indicative of the more open and liberal mindset. I would even go as far as to say that it isn’t liberal so much as plain rational. Why should one go by something that the society designed and kept intact for aeons! Time we challenged that, coz ‘hawa badlegi!’ J

Those are our favorite picks! Let us know which one you like best and if there are any that tug at your heartstrings better. How? By typing away in the comments section. J

Featured image source: YouTube

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10 best relationship ads that tugged at our heartstrings
Advertisements are necessary space-fillers in between programmes on the telly. Here are ten best relationship ads that tugged at our heartstrings.
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