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#AstroSpeak Daily Love Horoscope For 26th January, 2017

External triggers rule the day. Most events find your soft spot and hit right where it hurts. Try not to take these to heart and focus on dealing with attitudes that are holding you back from finding solutions. You might be alerted to shortcomings that you hadn’t been consciously aware of until now and you should be willing to make changes. Your willpower is strong and with a little direction, you are likely to get a lot done.

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Aries horoscope

Love and relationships:  Your patience and rock solid nature is going to draw out the loving and caring of a kind soul.

Health:  Take care of your stomach and make sure you make life palatable for the important part of your body.

Work:  Work hard and party less hard this week. All your effort will bear fruit in the coming weeks and months.

Money:  Keep a tight budget as you would need to spend when the time is right on important life investments.

Favorable color: Red

Taurus horoscope

Love and relationships:  It is time to dig your head in the sand and wait out the possibility of heartbreak.

Health:  Make sure you hit the gym without fail but avoid carrying heavy loads.

Work:  You may find your mind to be elsewhere this week. But the thorough professional that you are, you will glide through the week without anyone noticing.

Money:  Future planning in money matters beckon.

Favorable color: Cobalt blue

Gemini horoscope

Love and relationships:  You’d do best to avoid digging deep into the past and keep things as they are, on the personal front.

Health:  Good energy is on your side and all you need to do is stick religiously to your fitness routine.

Work:  Deliberate moves and strategies are the call of the day and you may wish to draw out favors from the higher-ups in order to prove your competency through actions and practical support.

Money:  Although it isn’t your favorite thing in the world, you may benefit from seeking advice from a peer or family member regarding an investment.

Favorable color: Grey

Cancer horoscope

Love and relationships:  You may tend to be a little conservative when it comes to expressing how you truly feel- but do not feel obligated to explain right away. It shall all pan out.

Health:  Traditional methods seem to work best for fitness goals at the moment.

Work:  You shall find yourself geared to find practical solutions for work problems today.

Money:  You may find yourself thinking of long-term purchases for the family.

Favorable color: Sky blue

Leo horoscope

Love and relationships:  You may feel a unsure about your relationship. However, if you feel you are walking on precarious grounds, hold onto the uncertainty to learn more.

Health: You have been working tirelessly lately and may do well to give yourself an off on the workout routine.

Work:  Pressure to perform mounts but you aren’t in the mood to play by the rules. Howsoever you wish to accomplish your goals, try not to overwork yourself to the point of exhaustion.

Money:  Tensions pertaining to money shall pop up today. However, do not trust every advice that comes your way.

Favorable color: Ochre

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Virgo horoscope

Love and relationships:  Facing stagnant issues in a relationship head-on is the only way of moving forward.

Health:  You may feel zapped of energy early during the day- remember to eat well and remain hydrated.

Work:  Strong ties, alliances and partnerships can prove to be especially profitable.

Money:  You may want to steer clear of committing to any major investment now.

Favorable color: Crimson

Libra horoscope

Love and relationships:  You have a natural inclination for establishing peace but aren’t willing to battle the discomfort caused in the process of getting there. There isn’t another way.

Health:  Yoga can play an active role in healing your emotional hurt- and overcoming obstacles to recovery.

Work:  You may need to come to someone’s defense or aid- owing to a huge misunderstanding regarding your team’s project.

Money:  Try not to spend too much today, Libra.

Favorable color: Magenta

Scorpio horoscope

Love and relationships:  You make room for your loved ones to be, without levying any added pressure to meet your expectations.

Health:  Remember to stick to your self-care routine.

Work:  This is a day to prove your mettle and demonstrate expertise and efficiency.

Money:  Exercise restraint when it comes to expenditure.

Favorable color: White

Sagittarius horoscope

Love and relationships:  You seem to put your relationships on the backburner in favor of your career right now.

Health:  You may be troubled by a persistent headache. Avoid self-medication.

Work:  You possess the patience to work through something that may not yield immediate rewards.

Money:  You are ready to take on any challenge life throws at you- but be careful of an investment decision you may end up regretting.

Favorable color: Indigo

Capricorn horoscope

Love and relationships: You may realize that it is easier to find answers to problems when you share them with another.

Health:  Your friends may be touching sore spots pertaining to your new fitness routine- however, do not allow the frustration to seep in.

Work:  Be careful not to indulge the office grapevine, Capricorn. It ain’t nobody’s friend.

Money:  The time is excellent for resolving any fears or apprehension you may be feeling about a financial decision.

Favorable color: Orange

Aquarius horoscope

Love and relationships:  You may act a little aloof at the moment- but assure your partner of their importance in your life and you can enjoy your downtime.

Health:  Focus on dealing with long standing health issues now.

Work: You have been working on an important project behind the scenes- but now is the time to draw the curtain and hog the limelight.

Money: Money shouldn’t be a constraint when it is about pursuing your lifelong dream.

Favorable color: Black

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Pisces horoscope   

Love and relationships:  Do not mince words when you are discussing a crucial matter with your significant other. It is better to be brutally honest and express how you feel, than arrive at a decision half-heartedly.

Health:  You have been working yourself to the point of overwhelm- take the day to pamper yourself. Book a spa appointment.

Work:  Your work in the past is yielding results and you are making your way to the higher echelons, in a more eminent and powerful position. Just be careful to not make enemies along the way.

Money:  This is a good day to capitalize on opportunities that offer additional income.

Favorable color: Gold

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