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#AstroSpeak Daily Love Horoscope For 2nd November, 2016

In the romantic world, today, everything will work out the way you want. The Moon, and the planets. Neptune and Jupiter, are working over-time to guarantee you a day filled with love and affection. But Saturn might remind you that you should not be too idealistic in a practical world.

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When it comes to your heart, we know things before you, honey, and we are sharing the same with you! Here’s the daily love horoscope for all sun signs, so that you can make the most of it!

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Aries horoscope

Love and relationships: Those involved in an office romance can expect things to get a little dicey today. It might be because the affair is not worth the risk or because one of you is rocking the boat at home, which makes this tryst questionable.

Health: Today, control your tendency to snack on unhealthy foods. Older guys need to start working out to get themselves back on track, in terms of fitness.

Work: You have renewed your devotion to your work, and it is going to reap benefits, today.

Money: You will be confident and determined to face all financial obstacles that you have been fearing for the last couple of days. Expect some good news at the end of the day.

Favorable color: Violet

Taurus horoscope

Love and relationships: For the single folks, there is some remarkable news. You will be at your best socially throughout today. Since you will be out and about, there will be a high chance for you to bump into your potential partner.

Health: Your stress levels might rise today because of a quarrel. Focus on calming yourself, mentally, to feel your best, physically.

Work: Today work will be great fun, as your colleagues and you find a common interest.

Money: You will keep a keen eye on your expenses, and as a result, will not be spending on silly, thoughtless things, today.

Favorable color: Grey

Gemini horoscope

Love and relationships: Your partner, might not be supportive of you today, and might even make it worse by wounding your belief in your skills and talents.

Health: You might suffer from a minor stomach ache, today. Eat homemade dishes. Also, avoid water from outside or unknown sources.

Work: The day will be full of pleasant surprises. You will be the busiest you have ever been at work, but it will feel great.

Money: Saving will be your priority today, and you will start making investment plans for the long-term.

Favorable color: Saffron

Cancer horoscope

Love and relationships: You are willing to go outside that comfort zone and place yourself in the dating pool. You will meet new people and many eligible, remarkable singles, today.

Health: Enjoy in nature, today, to balance out the building stress at work. A headache is likely to disturb you through the night.

Work: Your house of career is energized right now, which means whatever you touch, at work, will turn into gold!

Money: Before you embark on changing all your long term financial plans, today, try evaluating the pros and cons of the same, in detail.

Favorable color: Red

Leo horoscope

Love and relationships:  Do your best to avoid taking any decision together, today, because that can turn on its head and transform into an argument. Why be right when you can be happy!

Health: If some issues have troubled you, lately, there is good news for you. Today be ready to let go of all these things that are stressing you up and wreaking havoc on your blood pressure levels.

Work: You need to focus the lens of your life on your work now, and for that purpose, you will have to revise some of your goals.

Money: Your financial thinking and strategies will be put to test, today.

Favorable color: Yellow

Virgo horoscope

Love and relationships: Today, you will be able to keep yourself away from unnecessary fear and anxiety that might be cooking up between you and your lover.

Health: You have been dwelling about the past A LOT, of late. Try and focus on the present and the positives, or else, anxiety levels may shoot up.

Work: Today, there is a chance that you miss out on a great opportunity. Try to stay alert.

Money: Your ruling planet will help you come out of a negative financial field, ushering you into the world of possibilities, today.

Favorable color: Pink

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Libra horoscope

Love and relationship: You should let your partner be aware of how you feel about things, about yourself, and most importantly, about the two of you, today. Only then will they be able to respond the way you expect them to. Keeping a stiff upper lip will not do any good to anyone.

Health: You are willing to rid yourself of certain habits that might otherwise seem to be joined at the hip. This will certainly serve the highest good to your health.

Work: Is a promotion on the cards, Libra? If yes, don’t do anything hasty and ruin the opening.

Money: Your financial standing is bound to improve, today. And so, indulge yourself, big time!

Favorable color: Black

Scorpio horoscope

Love and relationships: Your partner might not approve of your social life today. According to us, they are only saying this in your best interest, so better not get defensive about it.

Health: Your mind will help you overcome your physical constraints, today. Even the most chronic of ailments can be cured by the strength of will and determination. So, do not underestimate your spirit.

Work: Your sharp professional skills are not going unnoticed. Working your way up the ladder will be real easy.

Money: You will try to come up with ideas where with 0 effort, you can make a whole lot of money. Things may not pan out that way, so be prepared with a backup plan.

Favorable color: Caramel

Sagittarius horoscope

Love and relationships: For the ones who are single, today will be a terrific day to assent to your sibling’s or cousin’s proposal to set you up with someone!

Health: Some minor injuries involving fire is likely today. To be safe rather than sorry, avoid being near fire.

Work: At work today, try not to get into volatile arguments but rather look for a solution through calm conversations.

Money: Someone close might be in need of money. Notice their actions, since they won’t ask for help, aloud.

Favorable color: Peach

Capricorn horoscope

Love and relationships: When it comes to the sexual aspect of your relationship, we suggest that you put your cards on the table, today, and tell the other person everything about what you desire. Be brutally honest.

Health: Some skin breakouts are possible. But otherwise, the day will be fine, health-wise.

Work: Conversations, at work, will be stimulating and might also result in the creation of something the world hasn’t seen yet!

Money: Your assets and your investments need some serious contemplation, today.

Favorable color: Brown

Aquarius horoscope

Love and relationships: If you and your lover are already inseparable, you will yearn for some more time together today, away from the noise and chaos of everyday life. This could, therefore, be an ideal opportunity to plan a couple’s retreat or schedule an appointment at your local spa for some couple-y pampering!

Health: Today, you will feel more relaxed, physically, than you have been in quite some time.

Work: Your boss has confided something in you, and you are dying to share it with your BFF at work. Measure the pros and cons before doing the same.

Money: You will be completely focused on making a lot of money, because that means everything to you, at the moment.

Favorable color: Blue

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Pisces horoscope                                          

Love and relationships: According to the daily love horoscope, the playful sexual energy has made a comeback with a bang. Expect some really hot love-making, as your S.O. is on the same page as you!

Health:  If you have migraines, frequently, today, will be a troubling day for you. Consider a head spa to rejuvenate yourself.

Work: You need to start taking responsibility at work, or else, expect an awkward situation.

Money: Be prepared for unforeseen expenditures, as there will be plenty.

Favorable color: Emerald

That is all we have on your daily love horoscope for today. See you again tomorrow with all that the stars have in store for you. See ya!

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Daily Love Horoscope For 2nd November, 2016
Here’s your daily love horoscope for today. Check it out to see what the stars, the planets & the universe have conspired for you!
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