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What is your date’s body language telling you about your relationship?

Flowers and chocolates may have their ways;

she might even drool over what he says,

But nothing will tell her the truth as much as how he will sit and how he will gaze.

That’s right, folks. How your date’s body sends out signals and how good you are at interpreting them, THAT is going to decide if you’re going to get further with them or not. Do not fall prey to verbal seduction that people use to subliminally advertise their romantic inclinations. The language that their body speaks does not lie, and it gives an insight into whether they are really interested or not. Here, we have some surefire signs of attraction to observe in your date, that’ll tell you volumes about what’s going in their mind.

Posture and Distance

The stance that your date takes up is the first indication of how they feel about you. Relaxed body posture means a welcoming and open gesture.

open posture

If your date leans towards you and orients his/her body in your direction, he/she’s urging you to feel more comfortable with them, and likes the conversation. Likewise for lifted shoulders, so cheer up!


There’s a natural sparkle in the eyes of someone who’s happy to be with you right there, right then. Dilated pupils is also a definite giveaway of their attraction to you, unless you’re scaring them somehow!

dilated pupils

But on the flip side, there’s a strong possibility that your date is not that into you. If they’re constantly looking around the room instead of focusing on you, that’s proof right there that they’d rather be anywhere else than with you, unless they’re feeling the urgent need to go to the restroom!

Palms and Feet

Always pay attention to the palms and feet. Palms facing downward when your date is making a point, is not really good news, as it means a closed and assertive approach. If they’re constantly fidgeting with things, and are squirming in their seat as if they’re sitting on an active volcano, they want out. Sure, your date can be fidgety due to initial anxiety at meeting a new person, but if it continues, then it is cause for concern. This is an easily identifiable sign that you need to untangle the cobwebs of doubt in your mind.

Facial Expressions

Who does not love a beautiful, coy smile that comes straight from the heart and touches the eyes?

a beautiful smile

If you see it, ring the bells of joy as you’re soon about to get on the boat to the tunnel of love.


Be on the lookout for that rim of the wine glass to be traced, the stem to be played with. Good news if your date does this slowly and gently.

woman playing with her hair

If she twirls her tresses, tugs at her neckpiece, touches her neck or collarbone, or plays with her earring, be almost sure that you’re going to have a great time later that day!


Ciara was right when she came out with the number, “Read My Lips”. Your date’s lips say a lot of things. They clearly depict what’s playing on their minds.

woman biting her lip

If the lips are pursed, pity and empathy is all that you’re getting from your date. Biting the lower lip; if that’s what is happening, steamy thoughts are gushing all over your date’s head. Watch out for it!

Remember folks, be careful of how you sit, what you do, and what signs you’re giving out non-verbally. Your date is reading your mind by simply observing your body language. You say much more with your expressions than with words.

Harshit Gupta

Harshit Gupta

I'm a regular joe whose second girlfriend is social media. When I'm forced into it, I write about fun stuff that nobody else thinks of. I have a wacky sense of humor that comes across in my writing.