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5 simple tips to flirt without coming across as a creep

Flirting is a technique that has been deftly deployed since ages immemorial, but only a few are able to master and perfect the art even today. Men have always been curious to know as to exactly what kind of demeanor women desire from them when flirting. Here are some tips and words of caution that will ensure you do not freak her out!

1. Be yourself!

A man with an opinion is a 100 times more attractive than one who prefers sucking up, for he does not come across as a kid who needs to grow a pair!

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When meeting a woman for the first time, don’t pretend to be someone else. After all, what’s the point? If you will be meeting this woman again, at some point you are sure to be called out for faking it. Make sure that your actions and words are in line with what and who you actually are. Voice your opinion about different topics, and don’t hesitate to disagree with her if you do not feel the same way about something. Your integrity and sense of comfort with yourself is sure to attract the opposite sex more than your big talking or bluffing.

Here’s a little prank you can play: For instance, you find out that she does not like your beloved Sylvester Stallone movies. Stand up for yourself and say, “What? You do not like Stallone movies? That’s it, this is not working out. I want a divorce. You are free to keep the house but I am taking the sports car…” Such lighthearted banter is sure to make her feel more relaxed around you.

2. It’s all in the body language

The first thing that a woman – or even anyone else, for that matter – will notice in you is your body language, so make sure you work on it.

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Firstly, do not talk without blinking. A hard, unblinking stare instead of a casual, easy look makes her feel intimidated and feel as if you are leeching at her. Also, unless you are observing her face, do not stare hard at any other area. Instead, look at her with a soft, relaxing gaze to make her feel comfortable. If you are really attracted to her, let your eyes do the talking. Smile with them and make them sparkle, like you have just had a good hearty laugh. This is sure to attract her, especially if you are meeting her for the first time.

3. Don’t be exceedingly available

The number one turn off for a woman is when a guy makes her feel that he wants her more than she wants him. Women like being in command when it comes to flirting and romance, and when a guy starts really coming on to her, it makes her lose interest. While it may be tempting to put a woman on a pedestal, especially if she’s extremely physically attractive, hold yourself back.

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Ask yourself a few questions – Sure, she’s hot, but does she have the right mix of beauty and brains? Is her life something that sounds really interesting? Is she fun to be with? Does she come across as a caring person? Does her wild streak match mine? Ask her questions on these lines and really get to know her. It will make you more confident in a way while letting you come across as someone who values himself and his choices – a quality that is sure to make you more attractive to her.

4. Remember, boundaries!

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We live in a culture where being touchy-feely when first meeting someone is a sure-shot way to put any woman off, especially if you are in a public place. While her occasional high fives and light-hearted punches may reflect a sign of comfort, the same behavior when reciprocated is not going to be taken nicely. Be patient and respect her personal space, and she’s sure to let you in soon.

5. Lastly – chivalry!


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This one simple concept has created more relationships than any other. Trust me guys, holding the door for her, pulling out the chair at the dining table, saving the last bite of chocolate for her, and other such silly but simple gestures are still very much effective in scoring you brownie points! Chivalry is a quality that distinctly separates gentlemen from men. With a little luck, you are all set!

Now that you know how to flirt, you just need to approach a girl you’re interested in and try ’em out!

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How to flirt without coming across as a creep
Flirting is an art; not many men are as smooth as they'd like to believe they are. Here are 5 simple tips to flirt without coming across as a creep.
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