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14 Of The Most Romantic Things To Do For Your Partner When Living Together

Relationships are dynamic, always changing, morphing into something else. What this ‘something else’ is, depends entirely on you and your partner, and how much effort you both put in to make it work for you two. That’s what most people tend to forget – that a relationship requires constant attention, regular course correction, so that it’s on an even keel. The thing is, once you’ve been in a relationship for a while, you start to take things for granted, because it’s on autopilot. You don’t have to think about it – it just is.

However, once you become complacent in your relationship, you’ll wake up one day to realize that it has mellowed out. That all the fire and wildness that was there seem to have cooled down. Relationships require constant management, like anything else of import in life. One surefire way of spicing things up is to inject a healthy dose of romance into the relationship. However, your definition of romance may change depending on your beliefs and temperament, but it’s necessary nonetheless.

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This is especially so when you’re living together. Things can get monotonous pretty quickly. So keep your wits about and keep your partner happy by spicing things up when needed. Also, remember that romantic things you do for your partner shouldn’t always have a hidden agenda behind it. As in, if you do something nice for your partner, it should be done out of love, because you want to see them happy. Not because you’re looking for some action between the sheets later on.

You need only look around you to find romantic things to do with your partner, instead of coughing up loads of cash. Even simple things can help reignite that spark like never before. Let’s take a look at a list of romantic things to do with your partner when you’re living together.

1. Give your partner a back rub.

man giving a woman massage_New_Love_Times

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Your partner comes home from work, and it’s clear that they’ve had a horrid day. They’re exhausted, maybe even a bit cranky. Offer them a back rub to relieve some of their tension. Sit behind them on the couch and focus on relieving the stress and tension from their back muscles. You’ll have them moaning in pleasure in no time at all.

It’s not really about the back rub, but you showing your concern to your exhausted partner. Sure, you might have had a rough day at the office too. But you recognizing that they’re in discomfort, and you offering to relieve that stress and tension, will make them love you all that much more. It’s about being there for your partner, even when they don’t ask for it, or don’t really need it.

2. Sit and talk.

How does this figure in a list of romantic things to do, you wonder? Let me elaborate. Sitting and talking about your day to your partner, and you extending the same courtesy to them, builds intimacy. It creates a bond between the two of you that is unshakeable, because you have left the channels of communication open, no matter what. You or your partner can bring up any topic under the sun, because you know you won’t be judged, nor judge them, for that matter. A healthy relationship is one where communication gets the due it deserves, and where open and honest communication is respected. Now, isn’t that romantic?

3. Cook your partner’s favorite meal.

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Everyone has a favorite meal, and you know what your partner’s is. So cook them that meal one day, for no special reason other than to see their eyes light up with delight! Light a few candles, a bouquet of flowers, and you’ve got yourself a date, in the comfort of your home. Even on a weekday!

4. Make out in the rain.

If you or your partner is the typical romantic type, then this would appeal to you a lot. Sure, you’ve kissed your partner plenty of times, in plenty of locations, in front of people, when you’re alone, and whatnot. However, it’s a smidge more romantic when you kiss your partner in the rain. Just as the heavens open up, drag your partner outside, wipe off the never-ending slew of water drops off their face, and kiss them silly! If you could throw in some tongue action, you’ve got yourself a winner!

5. Watch the stars together.

Find a nice secluded spot, say, on your rooftop, or a safe, closed park, or even your own special spot, spread a blanket on the floor, and stargaze. While your faces are lit by the moonlight and the starlight, the silence surrounds you in a bubble of your own, it creates an illusion that it’s just the two of you in the entire universe. And if you get tired of watching the stars, you can always start making out! Just saying! *wink*

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6. Send your partner a dozen roses.

man giving flowers to a woman_New_Love_Times

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

Yes, yes, it’s a cliché, but it’s a cliché for a reason – it works! Surprise your partner with a bouquet of red roses. Send it to their work place, on a day like any other, and you’ll know how happy those flowers made them when you get back home. There’s nothing more romantic than sending and/or receiving flowers, especially a bunch of good old roses.

7. Make them breakfast in bed.

couple having breakfast in bed_New_Love_Times

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So you’re not all that great a cook, but it’s the gesture that counts, rather than how blackened your toast is, or how runny your eggs are. Over the weekend, get up a bit earlier than your partner and make them their favorite breakfast. Serve it in bed with a flower, a smile, and a kiss, and you’ll get extra brownie points for it! Make sure that you have enough food for the both of you, because eating breakfast in bed with your partner is romantic. Also, you’re showing off your sweet and thoughtful side to your partner.

8. Take showers together.

Yes, shower together to increase intimacy. There’s something sensual about washing your partner’s body, paying extra attention to their… um… specific body parts, no? One thing leads to another, and you’re shoving them to the shower wall and getting naughty, then it’s a win anywhere you look at it, eh?

9. Write romantic notes.

love note_New_Love_Times

Image source: Shutterstock

A handwritten love note or a love letter is its brand of romance. All you need is a bit of effort on your part, and you’ll make your partner so happy. Words are eternal; you can express whatever is in your mind through words. Written words touch a person like no other can. Write love notes and leave them in places around the house where your partner won’t expect it. Say, tape it on the bathroom mirror, on the coffeepot, on the back of the front door, on the kitchen cabinet, and so on.

10. Do the laundry.

Yeah, yeah, it’s not one of the classic romantic things to do for your partner, but it sure does let your partner know how much you love them. Doing laundry is one of those chores that is put off for as long as possible because… it’s boring! So you pick up the slack and do the laundry. Then, once all the clothes have dried, you can fold them together. Make a game out of it, and you won’t know how it got done so quickly!

11. Take a bubble bath together.

couple in a bathtub_New_Love_Times

Image source: Pinterest

Go the whole distance with this one – light scented candles all around the bathroom (in safe places, of course), use luxuriating bath salts in the water or a few drops of essential oil, a couple glasses of wine, and some mood-enhancing music in the background. Sigh! This is what a perfect bubble bath should sound like. Your partner will appreciate this gesture for sure.

12. Read to each other.

Pick a perfectly romantic book and take turns reading to each other. There’s nothing more romantic for a bookworm than sharing a passion for books with their partner. And if your partner is a bookworm, they will adore you all that much more, trust me!

13. Hug your partner…

couple hugging_New_Love_Times

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

… when they least expect it. In the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the bedroom, in the foyer – anywhere and everywhere, hug them. And not just perfunctory ones either, but proper bear hugs, where you envelop their body fully, as if you’re trying to pull them into your own. Those are the best kinds of hugs, let me tell you.

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14. Stare into each other’s eyes…

… for as long as possible, without kissing them! Now, that’s a challenge, eh? Staring into your partner’s eyes creates an intimacy that is unparalleled to anything. You’re opening yourself up to your partner, where they can take a peek at your vulnerabilities, without you trying to hide them. This is one of the underrated on this list of romantic things to do for your partner when living together.

There you go – if you’re trying to reignite the spark in your relationship, or are trying to never let it extinguish in the first place, then follow the above list, and you should be fine. You can add or modify any of them to suit your particular relationship and partner, and it’s fine, as long as you follow through with it. Good luck!

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14 Most Romantic Things To Do For Your Partner When Living Together
Living together is different from dating, & you need to keep the romance alive & kicking. Here are some of the most romantic things to do for your partner.
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