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7 things every guy should do to be the perfect boyfriend

When it comes to guys, perfection actually means ideal. So, even if a guy can’t be the ideal boyfriend, he can make an effort. By imbibing the following in his behavior and in his relationship, he can learn how to be the perfect boyfriend.

1. Honesty

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Honesty in a relationship is an oft abused word, but lest we forget, it can be the foundation for a long lasting and beautiful relationship. Oftentimes, we get carried away by the intoxicating urge to appear and sound attractive to our partners that we fail to be a true mirror to them. A mirror just reflects, it doesn’t distort, embellish or remove. In much the same way, a guy should be very honest and forthcoming in a relationship without being outright blatant and harsh. For example, if his girlfriend is wearing something that doesn’t suit her well, he can politely convey the same. He can give honest opinions of her work. A girl may, at the outset, find it surprising but over time, even if she is not explicit, will begin to trust her boyfriend more, appreciating him for his honest views.

2. Listening

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If the true test of a relationship is compared to earning a degree in mathematics, listening is like an elementary multiplication skill. Without listening, a girl feels unheard and unacknowledged, two things that no boyfriend can afford. Being able to indulge in long, free flowing, sincere conversation is an art in itself. With a girl, listening works wonders, especially in the earlier stages of a relationship to build trust. Listening again doesn’t mean a cursory nodding of the head. It means exhibiting genuine attention to what she is saying, understanding her, and being able to either empathize or offer your own view as a way to take the conversation forward.

3. Paying attention to the little things

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As a relationship matures, it is the little things that start to matter. After all, one can’t have picture perfect holidays every time one goes on a vacation together or hope for intellectually stimulating discussions over every cup of coffee. When the romance wanes, paying attention to little things helps keep the spark alive. It may be small gestures such as doing her laundry, cleaning her room or even helping her relax by playing music she likes, especially after a hard day at work.

4. Treating her sexual needs on par with yours

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For some guys, a lot of gap exists between claiming to behave like an equal and actually acting the part. Knowing what she likes in bed, paying attention to her verbal and non-verbal cues during the act, and even talking freely about likes, dislikes, fantasies, lets her know you genuinely care about her needs in the bedroom. After all, research has shown that women are more sexual than men. So, treating her sexual needs on par with yours would go a long way in walking the talk.

5. Being demonstrative

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It is believed that being demonstrative of one’s affections, apart from explicitly expressing our love also does a lot to our confidence. It is not wrong to show your girlfriend that you like her by being subtly demonstrative. It can be as simple as holding her hand when walking, making eye contact, having your arm around her shoulder or allowing her to rest her head on your lap or shoulder when traveling. The power of touch is also remarkable when it comes to conveying one’s love and cementing reciprocity in affections.

6. An intuitive sense of understanding

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Imagine if your girlfriend has to explain every time what she thinks or feels. It is understandable in the beginning of a relationship, but with time, one should be able to develop an intuitive sense of understanding. Eyes, touch, tone of voice, and scores of other nonverbal cues in a partner can grow familiar over time. If you are able to utilize these cues and convey to her that you understand her without the effort of conversation, her happiness will know no bounds.

7. Partner in her interests

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This is probably the toughest one to do. For, it may mean that you take an effort to learn a language she knows, indulge in some of her hobbies that you used to shy away from or even take an interest in shopping. Besides, it can never hurt to pick up another hobby, eh?

These things can help on how to be the perfect boyfriend. All the best in arriving J

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7 things you need to do to be the perfect boyfriend
Nobody is perfect, but if you pay attention to these 7 things, you just might become the perfect boyfriend to your significant other.
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