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#AstroSpeak How To Win Your Heart, According To Your Zodiac Sign

“How do I win your heart,” he asked.

And all she did was smile.

After all, winning someone’s heart isn’t a piece of cake. Everybody has something unique that ticks off just the right buzz-alarms and it is important that one knows what it takes to get there. If you’ve been worrying about how to win someone over, the answer might just lie here. Zodiac to the rescue!

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Aries (March 21 – April 19)

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If an Aries is into you, they’ll give their all to you. They’ll shower you with immense affection and you need to be ready to do the same for them. Don’t feel shy to express your heartfelt emotions and tell them how deeply you’ve fallen for them. They’re highly enthusiastic in nature; hence go beyond the regular movie-dinner date to evoke the adventurous side to their nature. Thus, to win their heart, you need into tap your flirtatious and spontaneous self.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Leisure and relaxation is important to them, it is critical to their general wellbeing. So, arranging something like a spa day with soft music playing in the background would seem extremely pleasant to them. You can invite them for a lazy-couch day of TV watching and lots of pizza and popcorn-ah, the ultimate relaxation! Getting physical is important to these sensual creatures, so prepare yourself for the same. But don’t mistake their desire for relaxation for laziness and dimwittedness as they value intellectual sharpness a lot. Winning their heart is no child’s play, so prep with your all.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

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They’re fiery people-you need to be at your best whenever you meet them in order to impress them. Bring your A-game each time you meet up, and don’t forget to fit into their thrilling day-to-day existence. Chances are that they’ve dated a lot of people in their life, so you better stand out and you can do that by appealing to their intellect and inquisitive nature.Ask questions about topics they might have an interest in and evoke their sense of curiosity by answering those questions in the most interesting way possible. Communication with them is key-just be the romantic blaze you need to be with them and once they agree with exclusivity, you can count on their faithfulness.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

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They are hungry for love- they need to feel loved. Demonstrate your love for them by your words and prove them with your actions. They’re tender and kind creatures, so be gentle with their hearts from the beginning itself. Tell them how much you love them. Show them that you need them. Make them feel needed all the time – never leave them alone to wonder where things are. Impress them with sweet gestures and melt their hearts away, at the same time, taking great care to preserve and cherish their hearts. They are terrible at guessing-games and don’t respond to these games well, or any games, in general. So, players, stay way!

Leo (July 23 – Aug. 22)

To win their heart, set the stage of life with fun and thrill-a hell lot of activities and adventures. Unleash your inner child, unlock your craziness and be weird together. Make the days so memorable for them that they crave for more, ultimately giving in and making you win their heart. Leos are passionate about almost everything in life. So one may safely assume that like they’ll be willing to crazy in the bedroom as well. So, prepare for the romps. Since they’re exceptionally independent, don’t be pissed at the fact that they have a life outside you and your relationship. All in all, though they might be hard to live with, they’ll definitely make your days fun-filled and crazy.

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Virgo (Aug. 23 – Sept. 22)

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They covet a sense of order, so whatever is the plan, do not cancel at the last minute. You might expect them to understand, they probably will; but you’ll keep losing them gradually due to this habit. So winning their heart will be a tough task, if planning and following through aren’t your strong suits. They’re not the ones to pour their hearts out or to share everything that happens in their life; they might not even respond well to your lengthy texts or long heartfelt speech, but they’ll definitely show you that they care by doing those little things for you like picking you up from work and bringing you pizza. So once you win their heart, you’ll never be dissatisfied with the efforts you had put into them. Their sweetness comes to full bloom in bed, and they’ll show you how much they care for you. These telltale cues define that they’re falling for you gradually and send signs from your side too. Give them their space, sit silently with them on the rooftop and stare at the stars, care for them, hug them from behind, surprise them with things they love showing how much you remembered about their wish-list, and you’re all set to win them.

Libra (Sept. 23 – Oct. 22)

Loneliness is anathema to this sign, and they tend to spend years to find the right and perfect life partner for them. Since a curse so bad has been bestowed upon such innocent beings, they have the desire for long-term harmony and lasting relationships. To win their heart, you must respect their desire for being into someone FOREVER. Do not ever commit the mistake of mocking them for this. Provide them with the safe environment they try finding, and bring it unto them. Be the rock they can lean on during good and bad times, and never break for them. Be strong and lend them the shoulder they need to rest their head on. Support them through thick and thin. Help them achieve success in life by your positive support and maintain a sense of balance in all aspects of their life.

Scorpio (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21)

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Passion is all over this sign- they crave romance and sensuality. So winning their heart will be well, a lesson in passion. Bring out your inner Romeo, charge it up and go ahead, making a difference in their life. Channel your romantic and passionate self to appeal to their desire for physicality. Never hesitate to publicly display your affection for them as they enjoy it the most. To achieve the same, you can arrange for an evening where your romantic-energy remains constant from the moment you pick them up at their doorstep in the evening till the moment you lie beside them in bed at night. Prove to them that you need them, you want to be with them, and would do it forever.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21)

Monotony is definitely NOT their way of life. For them, ‘diversity is the spice of life.’ If a Sagittarius is your object of affection, then do change your PoA regularly. Surprises are the way you can woo them for good. Planning a last-minute trip, or blindfolding them and handing them a small yet thoughtful gift-all these can contribute towards making them want you more in their life. Clearly, you’ll make an impact in their life. Every moment, you’ll keep making them wonder what’s next in life and they’ll look forward to the next day when again they expect you to show up with another surprise. Apart from this laborious task, there’s a simple one at your sleeves too-crack some hilarious jokes, as they like humour and are responsive to playfulness. So, get that funny side up, NOW.

Capricorn (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19


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They’re serious by nature when it comes to relationships. They’ll always value actions over words-prove yourself by doing things that they’ll like and fulfilling their wishes rather than using going for weighty talk. It takes a touch to lock them down, but once they do, they’ll stay committed to you for life. Since they’re serious beings, you need to be serious about your relationship from the start itself, and show them that you’re in for the long-term. They’ll like taking things slow, as they’re so meticulous, comprehensive and intense, but at the end of it all, you’ll realise that they’re totally worth the wait.

Aquarius (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18)

There’s one criterion that needs to be fulfilled before you even try to court them. They’re all for intellect, so unless you don’t match them at their wavelength, do not invest your time in a lost game. Employ wit and creativity in your plans and conversation to attract them. They value frankness and imagination, hence channel your most witling self in every interaction. They’ll only fall for someone they consider equal. So be wise and stay witty with them. They value an imagination-stirring conversation and expect that from you. Matching a tough level of intellect is an arduous task. Hence, gear up and get going.

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Pisces (Feb. 19 – March 20)

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They’re generous and loyal to the core, but they want to feel like their desires are reciprocated. Try your best in making them feel so. Be loyal towards them and give them your time-that will make them really satisfied with you. Make them happy by bringing them chocolate ice-cream tubs when they’re low. Surprise them with little things on special occasions. Take your time, treat them with patience and let things unfold gradually. Time brings in everything. Expect that it will, and have faith that you’ll be rewarded for your patience with the fierce loyalty that Pisces are so famous for.

When it’s about how to win your heart, the answers wouldn’t come easy. But it’s supposed to be hard; if it was easy, it wouldn’t be worth it, right?

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How To Win Your Heart, According To Your Zodiac Sign
“How do I win your heart,” he asked. And all she did was smile.
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