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Love A Girl Who Writes

Love a girl who writes. Love her because she will love you, simultaneously in all the worlds she knows. Love her for she will breathe into you the many lives she lives and pour into you the magic of each. Love her because she will fill your breath into the empty spaces in her sentences and paint your soul in words.

girl writing a letter

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Love this girl who writes, for in her, you will BE. Forever. Immortal.

Strewn across her pages, like mindless random thoughts or chipped along the sides like mindful musings. Scribbled across the notes like a reminder for revision or color-coded in a draft, to mark perfection, you will be anything from a  part of a tiny turn of phrase to an entire story.

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Love her each time she spills you on the page, for words are all she has- to flirt, to talk, to play, to love. Love her for all the times she lets you flow through her ink-stained fingers. Love her for the many times she finds you in the books she reads in the library. Love her when she brings them home on additional access cards, so you can read yourself through her eyes.

Wait for her when she gets late for your date because she pulled over to jot a fresh idea. Hug her when she forgets to buy grocery because the post-it you left became too cluttered with random test phrases for her new chapter. Tell her how hours of pen chewing has left a cute little ink mark beside her lips. And kiss her when she wears a frown on those lips, because the day’s battle is lost to words.

woman writing_New_Love_Times

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Love her when she dares you to the parry of a good debate. Love her when she captures your goodnight kiss in sheer magic on the page. Love her when she takes you along in her world of words and even when she leaves you behind. She will come back to you, with new stories of her adventures during the day. If she’s gone at night to wrestle with words, tell her her ally is up if she needs one. Wrap your arms about her when she cries herself to sleep when her favorite story is drawing to a close. She will miss those characters. Hold her tight through nights when she loses a scrap of paper in her clutter of half-filled journals. Tell her you love her. Tell her you love her love for alliteration too. She thinks it’s silly. For the most part, anyway.

Love her when her broken memories swing by in her stories. Love her when she regrets the pages others took. Love her when she forgets to leave her word-world to re-fill and return, restored. Love her when she frets over the one perfect word she cannot seem to remember and love her when she spends that night in silence, thinking about it.

Woman Writing_New_Love_Times

Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

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Love her when she takes her time to draw herself out in spoken words. Love her when she succeeds. Love her more when she fails. Her words probably made a rough climb, sliding down the steep slope each time they made progress. Love her when their fall leaves a fading scream of a defeated sigh to escape her lips.

Tell her you love her, then. Tell her you love her, again. Tell her you love her, often. Every day. As much as you can. Wait for her to say it back. She isn’t good with it- but she’s probably rolling it around in her brain- to capture the emotion she feels for you, the novelty of love in an elegant metaphor or a sonnet, even. Wait for it. Love her when she hides the moment in a kiss, stolen from half-torn pages in her mind’s book, where she’s still battling for that one way which will say it all. Love her so hard that you find her beneath ALL her words of guise. And tell her it’s always the end of the book that seals an ever-after.

Featured image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

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Love A Girl Who Writes
Love a girl who writes, for in her, you will BE. Forever. Immortal.
Sejal Parikh

Sejal Parikh

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