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This Is Why You Should Love A Girl Who Loves Too Much…

Ever fallen in love with a girl who you thought was ‘too clingy’ because she texted you all the time regardless of whether or not she heard back from you? Ever fell for someone who is up for you at ungodly hours in the night just because you need her? Ever been with a girl who stayed by you and never asked for anything but stayed by your side, ready to help you sort your issues?

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Well, if you have found one such gem, make sure not to let her go because she is one of those rare gems who will cross your path once in an eternity. She is the girl who is ‘there for you,’ come what may. She is the girl the world dismisses as one who is overly emotional because she loves too much.

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If you are wondering why the heck should you date a girl who has too much love to offer, then, here’s the answer –  a girl who brims with love will make your heart her own abode. She is not afraid to fall because she knows how to get up on her own. However, her fountain of love is so overflowing with emotions that every time your feet lose their balance, she is not afraid to give a hand.

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Having a girl who loves too much and too well is to have someone who isn’t looking out to give and receive love as some means of making even a balance sheet. She knows what it means to love unconditionally- sans judgment, sans conditions- simply with pure, unadulterated love!

She knows love isn’t mathematics and she is not looking to get back what she gave. For her, love simply is the feeling which she lets be! She is not here to seek anything from you because she has been taught that the more love you give, the more love you feel.

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A girl who loves too much isn’t a pain in the a*s because she sticks by. She is one of those rare gems who chooses to be by your side, come what may! The moment she will retreat, the sunshine will fade and darkness will become rampant. And yet, you fear her love only because she holds your hand and leads you unto paths you were too scared to discover on your own. By laying bare her own vulnerable self, she allows you to unzip too- and that raw emotion scares you! Yet, a girl who loves too much knows that this raw affection is the only way to love, complete vulnerability is the only means to share oneself! She is not afraid to show you the deepest corners of her heart. She is not scared to be judged because she only has to give. When she seeks nothing in return, she knows that she can’t be hurt.

She will make you discover places inside you that you felt were dead long ago. We have all grown up hearing that broken is beautiful, but when you date someone who just loves too much, you will realize how deep love can be.

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She doesn’t care about what the rest of the world has to say. Even at her worst, she will smile for you and be there because she cares. Love is a euphoria which can often drive people crazy, but when you date someone who loves love, she will make crazy look perfect. When you have her in your life, even the darkest nights will smile as you will spot the rainbow amidst the twinkling stars to make everything turn bright.

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Date the girl who loves too much because her love will patch the broken shards of your heart and you will know why the poets say that love is the wildest yet the most beautiful ride of all. She will be the reason for your smile and even before you know it, she will know you better than anyone ever had.

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When you date someone who isn’t afraid to love with all they’ve got, you will truly understand why a life full of love is the only life worth your while!

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This Is Why You Should Love A Girl Who Loves Too Much
A girl who loves too much will make you fall so hard that you will wonder why nothing else ever worked.
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