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6 Telltale Signs That Show You Have Trust Issues With Your Partner

Trust is the fuel that powers relationships and keeps them going over the rockiest roads of life. It takes time, effort, and dedication to develop trust in a relationship. It also takes very little to break this precious component.

When two people enter into a relationship, they take time to understand each other. With time comes understanding, and with understanding comes reliability on, and appreciation of each other. You know you can trust your other half, fully count on them, and also do anything to show you cherish the relationship. Sustaining trust is of utmost importance, and failing to do so can ruin your relationship in an instant.

Here are 6 telltale signs of trust issues in your relationship that you can look for:

1. If you are too clingy

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It is no secret that couples are healthier both physically and mentally when they have a close, positive relationship. However, there is also the need for a healthy balance where you must maintain personal space, however small, and not feel as if the other half is intruding. Where there is trust, there is an understanding that everyone needs some private space, however intimate the relationship may be. What upsets that balance is unrealistic expectations making one partner become overly dependent, clingy, or demanding. If this occurs, it could easily lead to a vicious cycle wherein trust within a relationship erodes.

2. If you are overly suspicious

Suspicion is another. You may choose to magnify a small incident and let it build up to a point where you actively take destructive actions against your partner – and from there things can only go downhill. If you have trust in your partner, you know your relationship is always safe.

3. If your mind is constantly clouded with insecurities

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Sometimes, the issues go deeper, far back to your childhood experiences. If your trust was broken by your parents or siblings or friends at a formative age, the trauma could stay submerged in your subconscious. It only takes a little pin prick to provoke such insecurities, letting them take hold of you and your present relationship. You may become afraid that your partner too will betray your trust for no reason. Even if one is a mature adult, this is a chink in your psyche that could develop into cracks and chasms.

4. If you always act in a selfish and demanding manner with your partner

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Insecure individuals, as research shows, are also selfish, translating everything into something that relates to them. If they have doubts about themselves, they may be inclined to blame it on their partner instead of making an effort to resolve them. If their selfish desires are not fulfilled, they feel dissatisfied. This is a typical harbinger of an unhealthy relationship.

5. If you display certain behaviors

Maladaptive behaviors, even if they do not necessarily come from distrust, can eventually spoil trust. If any of these behaviors sound familiar, resolve your own issues before you blame or find fault with your partner:

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  • You are being overly possessive, questioning their every move and testing their love for you
  • You keep calling them at all times to check where they are and what they are doing, in an attempt to assert control over their lives
  • You try to check your partner’s emails and phonebook to know who they are in touch with
  • You blow up even little incidents out of proportion
  • You assume the worst. For example, you may think they are cheating on you, leading you to do the same
  • You refuse to discuss the situation or clarify your doubts objectively

6. If you come to realize that you simply distrust your partner

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Truthfully ask yourself whether you can trust your partner – sometimes, deep down, you just know. If you don’t trust your partner, a time will come when the relationship will inevitably break down. And you will come to realize that the relationship was but a hollow liaison all along.

Trust is a fragile citadel that needs regular upkeep. Ignore it and let the bastions be attacked by unwanted thoughts or emotions, and trust crumbles, bringing down the entire structure with it.

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6 telltale signs that show you have trust issues with your partner
Trust is a fragile thing in relationships. If there are trust issues between a couple, then there is no other way but for it to go down.
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