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What Turmeric Can Do For Your Health And Skin

The use of turmeric is a very old tradition in India and occupies an important place in the Indian medical science of Ayurveda. The herb has amazing properties and benefits for a wide variety of applications, including as a natural beauty product, spice, and medicine. The tough brown root, believed to be native to Southwest India and Indonesia, is used in herbal medicine to strengthen and warm the body.


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With its natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric is one of the most powerful natural medicines that treat and give immediate relief to a wide range of health conditions. It can also protect you from a number of diseases and infections.

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Here are some top health benefits of turmeric:

1. Boosts immunity

Consuming turmeric regularly can help you boost your immunity and strengthen your immune system, protecting you from many ailments like the cold, cough, and the flu.

2. Treats cold and cough

common cold

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Meanwhile, turmeric’s antiviral and antibacterial properties make it a natural remedy to give you instant relief from sore throat, cough, and the cold when you do fall sick.

3. Heals cuts and wounds

Turmeric is rich in antiseptic and antibacterial properties, and therefore helps heal any kind of burns, wounds, and cuts very easily. Moreover, it is used to treat external ulcers, mucus in the throat, and any other watery discharge like pus in the eyes, ears, or any kinds of wound.

4. Relieves pain and arthritis

The anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric also gives the best relief to pains and aches, including arthritis. Thus, regular consumption of turmeric milk can strengthen your joints and spine.

5. Strengthens your bones


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Turmeric is a great source of calcium, keeping your bones strong and healthy. Consequently, regular consumption of turmeric milk can prevent osteoporosis and fractures.

6. Detoxifies your liver and prevents liver diseases

Turmeric is one of the best natural liver detoxifier, since it produces vital enzymes that break down toxins in your body. It also helps improve blood circulation, giving you a healthy liver.

7. Reduces cholesterol levels

Consuming turmeric on a regular basis can also help you maintain a proper cholesterol level, preventing cardiovascular diseases and keeping you healthy.

8. Improves digestion

One of turmeric’s main health benefits is due to the fact that it has powerful antiseptic properties that protects your intestinal health, and can treat most forms of inflammatory bowel diseases like colitis and stomach ulcers. For better results, it is advised to consume raw turmeric.

9. Manages weight

fat woman

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Turmeric aids the breakdown of dietary fats, helping in weight loss.

10. Controls diabetes

Turmeric can also help in controlling diabetes and moderating insulin levels in the body.

11. Strengthens reproductive system

Turmeric helps regulate the female reproductive system by purifying the uterus and also breast milk. Meanwhile, in men, turmeric helps in purifying and building semen.

12. Prevents cancer


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Turmeric milk prevents and stops the growth of breast, skin, lung, prostate, and colon cancers, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. Turmeric prevents cancer cells from damaging the DNA in our body and reduces the side effects of chemotherapy.

13. Prevents Alzheimer’s disease

One of the important health benefits of turmeric is that it also supports brain health by removing plaque build-up in the brain, improving the flow of oxygen. This prevents brain inflammation and thus prevents you from developing Alzheimer’s disease.

All these health benefits aside, turmeric is also lauded as one of the best natural beauty treatments that has been passed down since time immemorial. It is very effective as a natural cosmetic product for treating skin problems and gaining glowing, flawless, and bright skin.

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Here are some benefits of turmeric on skin:

1. Balances oily skin: When mixed with orange juice and sandalwood powder, applying turmeric on your face can help you get rid of oily skin.

woman applying moisturizer

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2. Moisturizes dry skin: Meanwhile, a face mask made of turmeric, egg white, olive oil, rose water, and lime juice can help you solve dry skin issues.

3. Works as a brilliant night cream: A paste made of turmeric and milk or yogurt works as a brilliant night cream that moisturizes and cleanses your skin.

4. Reduces skin pigmentation and removes dead cells: Applying a mixture of turmeric and milk can help remove dead cells from your skin and reduce skin pigmentation.

5. Reduces sun tanning: Turmeric mixed with cucumber juice or lemon juice applied on tanned areas can help lighten your complexion.

6. Soothes skin burns: Turmeric’s antiseptic properties help in healing and soothing burns easily.

woman on a beach

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7. Removes facial hair: Turmeric mixed with gram flour can be used as a face scrub that inhibits facial hair growth.

8. Treats acne: Turmeric is one of the best remedies for acne, with its antibacterial and antiseptic properties. It can fight pimples and also help in reducing scar marks from acne.

9. Treats wrinkles: Make a face pack of turmeric with tomato juice, rice powder, and milk and apply it on your face to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines.

woman horrified about lines on forehead

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10. Prevents aging: Turmeric is an excellent exfoliating agent, and can help in eliminating signs of aging.

11. Treats eczema, rashes, and redness of skin: A glass of turmeric milk daily can help you treat eczema and many skin issues, relieving you from body rashes and redness on your skin.

12. Treats cracked heels: Turmeric is a brilliant healing agent that can help you get rid of cracked heels. Turmeric mixed with coconut oil is the best solution for this problem.

There are a variety of ways in which turmeric can be used and consumed in order to take advantage of all its health effects.

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Here are just some ideas:

1. Applying turmeric paste

The easiest way to get rid of pimples and acne is using turmeric paste. Mix some with a little water and apply it on acne-affected areas. This process will help you cure acne easier and faster than any other cosmetic product. You can also replace water with honey for better results.

2. Mixing turmeric with olive oil

olive oil

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Mix turmeric with olive oil and apply it on your pimples. This mixture, rich in antiseptic and antibiotic properties, is a quick way to clear your acne.

3. Turmeric with rice flour and yogurt

A thick paste made of turmeric powder, rice flour, and yogurt is excellent for pimple-prone skin. Leave the pack on for 15-20 minutes and wash it off thoroughly with clean water.

4. Paste of turmeric and sandalwood powder

Make a paste combining the two ingredients along with rose water, and apply it on your pimples. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water.

5. Mixture of turmeric, lime juice, and sandalwood


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Applying a face mask made of sandalwood powder, turmeric powder, and lime juice mixture helps you clear acne scars and gives you clean, youthful, and glowing skin. Keep the face mask on for 10 minutes and rinse it off with lukewarm water.

6. Consume turmeric

Apart from making face masks and face packs, consuming raw turmeric or turmeric juice on a regular basis can also give you soft skin that is clear of pimples.

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