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Strong Women Aren’t Difficult To Love, Nobody Is

A strong woman is never celebrated. Women are ‘supposed’ to be vulnerable and if not, it is either because they are bitter or cynical about something, which, again, is not enthralling. However, when falling in love is under the spotlight, men seem to get attracted to stronger women rather than the ‘conventional’ ones! Why? The same reason why one would set their sights on a hurricane over a breeze; a torrent and not a trickle; an avalanche instead of a rolling stone. The game of love, like any other, is manoeuvred by the thrill of the chase! “If she’s easy, she won’t be amazing,” right?

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The start of our relationship was fervid, almost supernatural! He knew that when with me, there would be no plain, run of the mill things happening. Even a colloquy, which might otherwise be mundane, was arousing when I was by his side. “You know what, you are a free soul,” he declared one day and all I knew was that a woman on her own has no choice but to be strong and when she is, she transforms into a flower child, and that is what people around see as irresistible! When with such a woman, men find themselves jogging around places they never knew existed and indulging in pleasures, they thought were implausible. All this without having to take care of this free-bird. It will be the closest they can ever get to pure bliss, but then they will announce, “I love you!”

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The amusing yet sad thing about love is that it happens all the time; there is nothing numinous in that. The real ordeal begins when you try to anchor it. Love is a verb. It is a doing word, but most people ignore that. They try to cage the free bird and take care of it! Falling in love is easy; our loneliness and human need to tick things off our list are reasons enough. But living the love on an everyday basis, in a way compatible to both? That’s the inception of a lifelong trouble. In my opinion, vowing to ‘look after one another’ is the most selfish (if true) and phony (if otherwise) assurance ever!

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The most significant kind of ardour that he neglected was self-love, while I had grown up mastering that art a moment a time. He expected me to change, he expected me to let him watch over me, lay myself defenceless in his arms, and that I could not.


While a man chooses a strong woman once and for all, she asks herself everyday if she wants to spend the rest of her life with him. This ritual is important to her: knowing that every day she is making a choice, her choice.

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Love is blind, but one shouldn’t lose sight of who they are and what makes them happy. I deserved happiness… and so did he. But I wasn’t what he was looking for.

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All strong women who are reading this, I want to tell you a few things. I know you think you don’t allow him to love you; he has told you that a million times. However, that’s not the thing. I am troubled by the idea that in loving you, he has forgotten himself, and expects the same from you. He is desperately looking to save you from yourself & the rest of the world, when that is the last thing you or anyone else needs.

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Love is not about completing each other. No one can complete you but yourself. Love is about complimenting one another and when a duo does that all labels are lost to the background or at least become trivial. It is necessary for everyone to choose themselves first every morning and then go on to choose the person they would want to spend their life and love with. Wake up and recite to yourself that you are strong and worthy of being revelled without being defined by someone else under whose ‘care and protection’ you take shelter. I want you to love someone who is capable of understanding that. ☺

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Strong Women Aren't Difficult To Love, Nobody Is
Because it isn't about strong women - it isn't about any labels even - it's about a stronger point about LOVE that people overlook!
Riya Roy

Riya Roy

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