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8 telltale signs he is your soul mate

As I fumbled with the lock, my new neighbor thought it apt that he should make my ears bleed with a rather corny, and on second thought, horny line. “I have the key to all your locks, allow me,” he said. I felt like I could throw up. The burger I had earlier wasn’t helping either. Thank God, the key turned and I slid in, before he could speak any more of his let-me-work-up-your-gag-reflex lines.

I switched on the television, tuned in to a music channel and went to fix myself a drink. I plopped a cushion over another, and yet another, until I could prop my head against the snowy white of the sofa’s high back and took a long sip. My article was due in the next two hours and I hadn’t come up with anything worthwhile. As I sat there, trying to supplicate the muse to be kind by sending out pleas into the air, it hit me. And I had the annoying cheese-splattering guy to thank, but then I thought better of it and rolled out a silent thank you into the air!

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So, I was off to my room in a few minutes, my mind racing on the relationship highway. What we modern women desire in our men might be known to a certain extent, but we want something more than just the perfect man, right? As the ideas in my mind became more racy and risqué and then, gutsy and gust-ier, I started to dwell on questions like why most relationships start out fine, but fizzle out in time, while certain others stand the test of time to transcend into the realm of forever. ‘Soul mates,’ my kind muse whispered. ‘Hell, yeah,’ I said. ‘Soul mates, of course,’ I added, more to myself. And then this took shape:

soul mate

Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

Life is not a fairy tale. And yet, parts of life could not have been more akin to these sugar-coated dreams we were fed, since we were all of four. Yes, it’s true. Why, you ask? Because one has to kiss a frog, in order to land a prince. Only in real life, the frogs are one too many. The strange and therefore, human part, is that we never stop hoping that this kiss shall be ‘the one,’ that shall bring unto us our ‘special someone,’ aka your soul mate. And how do you tell whether it really is? I mean, there’s no white horse or anything. And that’s where the mirror image fades away.

In real life, you do not know right away. You wait and wait, and just when you begin to think maybe this is it, it turns out otherwise. True story – happened with me and my ex. Boy, are they lucky whose permutation-combination, or whatever mathematical gibberish it is, works out fine to gift them a prince right after the first green amphibian that they kiss, approves with a cacophonous croak. So, am I telling you there’s no way to know, save going risking your heart, again and again? YES and NO! Yes, because the frogs have to be kissed until the real deal comes along. No, because there are always certain signs that shall tell you if your relationship is heading towards the forever-land and if you’ve found your soul mate. Here are eight signs he is your soul mate:

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1. He can make you laugh

happy couple

Image source: Shutterstock

There’s nothing sweeter than a guy who wraps you up in his arms, and tickles you or whispers a joke that has you in splits. Sometimes, his funny bone makes you pee your pants too! If you are with a guy, who makes you laugh because he loves your laughter, he is certainly one to hold on to.

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2. He can tell when you are masking your hurt or anger

If your guy knows to differentiate between your mood swings triggered by PMS and the times when hormones have nothing to do with how upset or hurt you are, and makes sincere efforts to turn your frown upside down, you have got yourself a keeper. Brownie points if he gets chocolate!

3. His eyes light up, each time he sees you

couple kisisng

Image source: Shutterstock

If his eyes light up each time you glide down the hallway like a floating angel, or are home, in those faded pajamas with hair tied in a disheveled bun, he loves you and loves you and loves you, like no one else. If his eyes sparkle, each time you are making your characteristic animated conversation with exaggerated movement of hands or when you win an argument by making an exceptionally strong point, he is perfect for you, even if he might not be so, by himself. You have the very definition of soul mate in your arms – don’t let him go.

4. He appreciates your intelligence and personality

couple kissing

Image source: Shutterstock

If the number of times he has complimented your achievements, ideas and thoughts > the number of times he has raved on about your physical attributes and your hotness quotient, you have found yourself a guy who’d stick by you through thick and thin. He shall be by your side, when you look drop dead gorgeous, when you start to have swollen soon-to-be-mamma-feet, when stretch marks start making you conscious, and even when you become a wrinkly home to him. He shall be your home, as much as you shall be his’. Coz, home is where the heart is, remember?

5. He makes you want to be a better person, but loves you just as you are

If he loves you for who you are, being with him brings out the best in you and the feeling exhorts you to be even better, you can count yourself among the lucky ladies. This is what a sip of the ambrosia of unconditional love and soul mate connection tastes like! The taste of stars on your tongue, isn’t it?

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6. He knows your vulnerabilities, yet you never feel unsafe

couple embracing

Image source: Shutterstock

Whether there’s an unhealed bruise or just the fading traces of an emotional scar, you feel safe with him. He is your shelter and he helps you weather any storms that might be raging within or without. As such, you cannot help but feel deep, unconditional, and enduring love for him – all of him, making him the very definition of soul mate.

7. The silence betwixt both of you speaks too

He listens to you when you have something to say and you lend him an ear when he is irked about a soccer match (even if you don’t like soccer) or pissed at a colleague. Yet, there are times when the words fade out and silence seeps in. You note that this is never an awkward silence, but one that communicates in its own way. It feels right because you are connected on every level of being, unlike others who need to succumb to the dictates of a tangible language. You can rest assured that you have found your soul mate.

8. He shows the world that you both are one

couple kissing

Image source: Shutterstock

You might be different people to the world, with different identities, but you always face the world as one. He makes you feel you are his other better half and as such, complete him. His gestures make you wonder how you managed to live by through the times he wasn’t there, and be thankful that you don’t have to, any more. He makes you feel valued and treasured, and tells you how much he yearned for this wholesomeness. And you know, that your prince has arrived and how!

No relationship is all rainbows. A rainbow appears when it has rained, and it rains when the skies above the grey swathes feel blue. But it takes looking up to the colors after the grey has disbursed its contents. So, the relationship with your soul mate shall not be conflict-free. The fact that you have ‘the one’ with whom you can be your most authentic and true self shall help you tide over the storm. You shall brave the storms together, grow together, and evolve together. You are halves of the same being – a being called LOVE. Remember that, and you’ll be good, FOREVER.

Featured image source: Shutterstock

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8 Telltale Signs of A Soul Mate
The concept of a soul mate is fantastic in theory. But in practice, how do we know if we have met our soul mate? These 8 signs will let you know about that.
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