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What Does A Man Find Romantic?

What does a man find romantic? What should I do to make him happy and feel loved? What if he does not like what I have in mind for his birthday? These are just some of the hundreds of questions that you may be preoccupied with when it comes to pleasing the man in your life.

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You may be surprised to know that the answers to the puzzle are in fact more straightforward than you may expect. Many men enjoy the simpler things in life rather than a grand show of love. For instance, throwing him a glance with a smile at a party is enough to make him feel reassured and wanted.

First, contrary to popular perception, men are in fact suckers for romance! Their definition of romance differs from that of women – they may just not express or experience romance the same way you do.

Next, don’t expect them to pamper you. If a man senses that you are acting a certain way just because you expect something in return, is a deal-breaker. When you invite him over for dinner, it may be common courtesy for him to bring something, but don’t expect him to help you clean up afterwards. It’s not that he won’t do it, but having an exchange involved in a romantic liaison easily ruins it for him.

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Men love women who can take charge of things from time to time. They love it when their wives, girlfriends, or partners are the ones who plan a weekend trip or even help him keep track of the English Premier League. They love it when you take care of the little things, like loading the icebox with beers for the game or a surprise party on the beach. While these seem like really insignificant things, trust me – they mean a hell of a lot to a man, or anyone for that matter!

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When wooing a man, keep in mind that it is not cheesy love notes but a sense of humor that does the trick. Just like women like a man who can make them laugh, the same goes for men too! They prefer someone who can make fun of fortune cookies over dinner over a girl who hunts for signs of love in the meaningless treats.

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Now, this shouldn’t come as a big surprise, but for men, sex is involved in pretty much everything they do – from making the first eye contact to observing what you wear, what you say, and how you say it. Men often look for signs of possible intimate contact in any interaction, so make sure you are up to it! Call them simple-minded, one-track brutes, but for men, sex, romance, and intimacy are irrevocably linked. As such, any effort you make to spice things up is sure to get noticed and will be automatically considered romantic! This especially applies to bachelors under 30, when men are actively looking for a woman to light up their lives.

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Lastly, while men love the challenge of an unpredictable woman, they love being predicted! Understand your man, know what he wants and when he wants it – and you have him pegged for life!

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What does a man find romantic?
Men and women have very different perceptions of romance. Here's a man's take on what he finds romantic.
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