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15 Women Reveal The Sweetest Things To Say To A Girl

Women are romantic. While they are really capable of spreading the love and giving their man all the attention that they need and more – there is always a side of a woman that loves to hear sweet romantic things from her partner. While all you men know that you need to fulfill this particular role, you may not know the sweetest things to say to her. We have also seen so many of you just messing it up so many times.

We also understand that you are someone who works your romance your own way, but there are still a few things that all women like. Moreover, there are many more things that you do not understand about the female mind and heart and the connection between the two.

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While one of the nice things to say to your girlfriend could just be an “I love you,” it is simply not enough all the time. There is so much more you can say to just make it a better experience and memory for your partner. We have spoken to a bunch of women who have been kind enough to share their memories of the sweetest things that their man has ever said to them.

Here are a few for your reference so that you do not have to wrack your brains left, right, and center to understand what your lady love would like:

1. “Your know how pointless a broken pencil is? Pointless. That is how my life would be without you.” – Natasha (25)

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“Well he was working on something, his pencil broke and he looked at me – showed me the pencil and said it. Oh! How adorable it was,” she gushed. This gave her the realization that he thinks of her even when he is working and this made her really happy. Some of the best dating advice anyone could give you is to say the sweetest things and catch your girl off-guard. That is what he did.

2. “You are not the center of my universe, you ARE my universe!” – Lisa (32)

Well, this is one of the sweetest things to say to a girl. It lets her believe that she is the center of your life and will learn to respect that position more than ever. When she does that, you will see new levels of love and consideration coming your way without even you expecting or asking for it.

3. “I can conquer the world as long as I am doing it for you.” – Maurice (31)

You obviously are not going to mean it syllable for syllable. But your lady love is going to feel like you are willing to take on the world for her, and this will make her really happy. She is going to etch this in her memory and will love you a little more.

4. “You have redefined the word ‘love’ and ‘relationships’ in my life.” – Jennifer (38)

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She also added, “I am almost 40, I need my relationship to mean something. When he said that I had given him meaning, there was no end to my happiness. That is all we women need: the due recognition in the relationship.” Need we say more?

5. “I am going to follow you and ensure that we are together till the very end. Because I have been taught to follow my dreams and never give up on them.” – Lizzie (32)

This is one of those sweetest things to say to a girl that is sure to melt her heart. She is going to feel really important and that is going to do wonders for her confidence in herself and in the relationship as well. When she sees that the relationship is so important to you, she is also going to work extra hard to ensure that all goes well between the two of you. What more could you ask for?

6. “I know I am never going to find someone like you. Even if I do find her, she is not going to be able to love me the way you do. But even if she does – I will never be able to get you out of my head to love her back.” – Mary (26)

When you say things like these to her, she is going to just melt and give you a hug. She might also be too stumped to say anything back to you, but she is going to start to love you a lot more.

7. “If I ever wake up and you are gone, I will sleep until you come back.” –  Hannah (34)

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Here is another statement that you obviously cannot mean literally. You are going to go out and make it up to her. But when you say these things – you have actually avoided this situation for a long time. Women like to feel important and needed, and when you make her feel that way, she is going to take on a little more responsibility in the relationship.

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8. “When I wake up every morning and look at you sleeping peacefully in my arms, I know I have done something right in my life.” – Sylvia (27)

“When he said that to me, I was ecstatic. There was no end to the pride I felt because I had been able to make him feel like I was the right thing for his life. It seemed like we were headed the right direction and if there was a man who I wanted to be with, it was just him.”

9. “I love how you cuddle with me, I love when you smile at me, you make me go bonkers when your face lights up, you give me a sense of satisfaction by just holding my hand and when you hug me – I feel a lot more secure.” – Carla (33)

This is again one of the sweetest things to say to a girl ever. We all know that you can feel insecure sometimes, but when you say that we make you feel secure, we really feel a sense of accomplishment and know that we have done our part in the relationship.

10. “I really need to get my eyes checked. When you are in the same room, I can see nothing but how beautiful you are!” – Martina (31)

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Tell her that she looks amazing all the time. Tell her that you love her and cannot stop looking at her. Tell her that you long for her to be in the same room as you, and when she is, you do not care about any other activity or people in the room. All you can see and care about is her.

11. “I thought of myself as a fine man, but with you around, I have become a person that I had only dreamed of being.” – Betty (29)

Every woman is worried about changing her partner’s life. While she wants to feel like a girlfriend, she doesn’t want to do it at the cost of her boyfriend’s happiness. When you say that to her, you are assuring her that she is the change that you love having and it is definitely for the good.

12. “I have lots in my life. My career seems to be going fine. I have good friends and everything is great. But YOU are the one part of my life which makes me feel fortunate and I am scared of losing.” – Monica (24)

Women melt when they see that their man is scared of losing them. This is not because they enjoy being their kryptonite, but because they realize that they mean something to their boyfriend and that they are not just another person. The joy is definitely unmatched.

13. “I am so sure that she is jealous of how beautiful you are.” – Judy (28)

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Her boyfriend said it to her when she was going through a bad day at work and was whining about her boss (who is a woman). She also mentioned how her boss would not give her a raise, and this was the reasoning that he came up with. While it made no sense, it definitely made her laugh. This is how sometimes you can calm a situation down for your girl and she is going to love you for it.

14. “I surprise myself with how much I love you.” – Kate (37)

This is one of the nice things to say to your girlfriend. When you tell her that you are surprised with how much you love her, she is going to automatically feel that she is the most loved person in your life. That is going to make her love you more and feel really good about the relationship and her life.

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15. “I wish I was an octopus, I would be able to hold you tighter with many more arms!” – Rebecca (35)

This just made us go “Aawww!” There is nothing more to say.

Here is the little secret, you men. Ladies love to hear good things. Some like it a little more than others, but all of them do. You need to understand this need, and cater to it for a smooth and sound relationship. Even if it is over, there are going to be all these sweet memories that can be remembered in life.

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