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Why Letting Go Isn’t A COMPLETE Process, Ever

They say that letting go of a relationship is a subjective one. Some people assume that they can simply let go of their past in a certain duration of time, while others quantify it by how effortlessly they are able to move on and get back on the dating game. I don’t really believe in timelines or those traditional dating rules. Call me orthodox, but I certainly don’t think that we are able to let go of our past so easily. We can’t forget our past and carry on with our life, pretending that nothing happened.

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When a relationship ends, it not only changes your future, but it also changes who you are – as a whole. You can’t think of the same future that you have imagined with your partner. You know that you have to let go of them and face the world on your own. There won’t be anyone by your side to hold you tight or to make you the center of their world. It would be just you, and you have to face the whole world on your own, which sometimes can be the most devastating thing.

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People might ask you to let go of your past, as if letting go of your loved one is so damn easy. It is a process that never ends as with every single morning, you would go back in time, trying to make your past your future. You would keep oscillating between your reality and dreams, unable to find solace in either one of those states. Your partner will always keep holding a significant part of you, no matter where you go or whatever you do.

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Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

When we love someone, we give them our whole. We don’t think of our unpredictable future or the idea of parting ways. Gradually, with time, we invest our heart and soul and give our loved one a part of our entity. Even if we part ways, we can never really get back that fraction of us that resides in them. There will always be a significant part of you that will stay with your lover. And that is both, the most beautiful and the tragic thing about love.

It will never let you move on. Every time, you would try to overcome that phase, it will propagate in your system and will fill your veins with a bittersweet poison. After a while, you will get over the idea of letting go. You will accept your past, trying to find some peace. You would realize that you can’t let go of it. You can’t let go of your one true love. Letting go of a relationship that meant so much seems impossible.

And how can you let go of them, right? Your love was not confined. It was free. You never really owned them. Just like them, even you would keep having a part of them with you – even if it is a tiny (yet significant) idea of them. You won’t be able to let go of them because you never truly had them in the first place. You merely had an idea of them. No one in this world is able to let go – because we don’t have anything to let go of, except those beautiful memories that will always be a part of YOU.

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Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

You can’t really let go of yourself in the process of moving on. Instead, you grow. You grow as you seal your heart around with bandages and pack it inside a box. You overcome your fears and chase your dreams. Nothing stops you anymore, but somehow, in that process, you forget about letting go. You would always have your cherished love by your side. Through thick and thin, darkness and light, happiness and sorrow – it will always be a part of you.

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Even if you think you are able to let go of your true love, it will keep coming back to you. With those silent tears and old text messages, with that one old song and a forgotten photograph, with that half-written letter that was never sent and your “almost” conversation, with that first goodbye and that incomplete last kiss, and with every moment that was carved in your soul – it will keep coming back to you. It will let you relive your epic romance all over again, mocking your idea of letting go for the rest of your life.

Featured image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

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Why Letting Go Of A Relationship Isn't A COMPLETE Process, Ever
Letting go of a relationship is infinite, like a heartbeat frozen in memory!
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