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Why Texting Your Ex Is A Double Edged Sword

If you have recently come out of a serious relationship and can’t stop thinking about your ex, then try to keep yourself busy enough to avoid dialing the dreaded digits. If you are planning to message your ex in order to know how they are doing or to get them back, then don’t. It will cause more damage than good and you might end up embarrassing yourself.


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No matter what the circumstances are – you don’t want to walk the same path all over again. Even if you are drunk or have won a million dollar lottery, nothing good can come from texting an ex. It will make your ex believe how needy you are and that you can’t survive without them. If you really want to fuel their pride and would like to come out as an emotional fool, then go ahead and press that send button.

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No matter what kind of message you send them, the result would always be the same. You can either send them a small and crisp message, hoping to commence a conversation, or you can send them one of those regretful drunk messages.

Let’s consider the first scenario. You have been thinking of them for the last few days and all those good memories keep coming back to you. You realize that there is no harm is sending a text as you want to know about their well-being. But you will never know how your ex would react to your small “hi”. If you have left them hanging, then your insignificant message can mean a lot to them. They might take it as a sign and can start making wrong assumptions.

Even if you have given the relationship a closure, your text message will reopen all those gates that were once shut tight. Texting your ex can get really tricky at times and your conversation might lead to a lot more. You really don’t want to walk down the same lane all over again, do you?

Chances are that they might not even reply to your messages, which will further make you realize how wrong you were to text them in the first place. It doesn’t matter how good or pure your intentions could be, but you have no idea how they feel about you. They might still have anger or rage for you and their silence might end up hurting you even more.

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Texting your ex when you are sober is one thing, but drunk-dialing will make you experience a completely different range of self-pity and embarrassment. Your text like “Where did I go wrong!”, “I still miss you :(“, or worse “I want you to love me” will make you realize the blunder you have committed. Your ex would start thinking that you simply want their attention. They will assume that you are just not able to move on, which might make them happy.

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Do you really want to let them know how sad and miserable your life is? Texting your ex is the worst way of embarrassing yourself. You will receive replies like “I am sorry”, “That’s not my problem”, “Stop texting me” and a few other texts that won’t speak highly of you. The silence would be the worst reply, which would let you know that the door is ajar and shall never open again.

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No matter how lost you might feel, texting your ex can only mean a revisitation to romance and the same end replayed all over again OR a reinforcement of the dead end and hence, the pain. Either way, texting your ex is a road full of regrets. You certainly deserve better and don’t want to come out as a needy or a love-struck person who desperately needs your ex to complete you.

You are fine by your self (or will be) and your self-esteem matters more than your ex. The next time you are thinking of texting an ex. Don’t. Just don’t.

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Why Texting Your Ex Is A Double Edged Sword
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