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10 Surprising Traits In Women That Men Love

In the movie, ‘The House Bunny,’ Anna Faris’ character, sexy Playboy bunny Shelley, gives a group of awkward girls lessons on attracting men – by listing out various traits that men supposedly love in women. Of course, over the course of the movie, Shelley learns that even she hasn’t got all the answers, and that men are attracted to more than just a sexy body. But when we’re here, you don’t have to depend upon Shelley or anyone else to guide you; here we list out 10 surprising traits in women that men love. Yes, you’re very welcome!!

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1. The way you laugh

the way you laugh

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A woman’s smile is glorified in numerous songs, poems, and movies, and it certainly succeeds in attracting a man. But your laugh is something more intimate, you’re likely to laugh openly only with someone you’re close to, while a smile is more generic. Men love it when we laugh freely, doesn’t matter if we snort or guffaw; only makes it more endearing!

2. The scars on your body

hurt woman

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With all the makeup and concealer thingamajigs on store shelves these days, we women are busy covering up every spot and blemish on our bodies. But the fact is that men love that scratch from when you scraped your knee biking when you were a kid or the birthmark on your back or even the mark that was left behind when you scalded your arm when you unwittingly touched the hot pressure cooker. They point to an eventful life, where every scar tells a story about your past, which makes you the person you are today.

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3. Your quirks


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When you’ve been with a person for a while, you become privy to all aspects of their personality. When a man sees your particular quirks, it reminds him of how long you’ve been together and reinforces the connection between the two of you. The way you hum your favorite song when you cook, or twirl your hair when you’re thinking, or how you obsess over the way the bottles on your bathroom counter are arranged – they find all these incredibly cute!

4. Your kind side

your kind side

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No matter how hot you look, nothing beats a kind and honest character. Being gentle and kind stands out in today’s world when everyone’s busy yelling and abusing everyone else. Every time you feed a stray or speak kindly to someone who’s down, you make his heart flutter as he remembers why he chose you and why he’s lucky you chose him!

5. Fixing his hair

fixing his tie

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We don’t mean obsessively messing with his hair when he’d rather you left it alone. Straightening a stray strand when he’s done combing or adjusting his tie before the party, are all small gestures that show you care about him and are by his side. Men, for their part, enjoy such shows of attention and affection, and it also gives a certain old world charm to the relationship.

6. The way you put on makeup

apply makeup

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There is something sensual in the way we women smear lotion over our smooth skin that evokes certain emotions in men. Maybe it’s a show of your feminine nature that appeals to his masculinity or maybe it’s the thought of how soft you’ll feel now. That’s one reason men don’t mind when we take so long to get ready; the end result justifies it!

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7. Needing him

needing him

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Every man likes to be Mr. Fix-it-all, and when you take a break from being a do-it-all and ask for his help, he’ll be delighted! Today, women are able to do most things by themselves and men are pleasantly surprised when we need their help with something. It’s not really stroking the male ego, it’s about making someone feel needed and wanted in our lives.

8. Your passion

her passion

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Um, we’re not talking about that passion here, we’re talking about an interest or dream that you have and are aspiring to fulfill. Having a passion outside your everyday life adds another dimension to your personality and makes you that much more attractive. Men appreciate women who take time out for themselves and their dreams from their busy schedules, and most men like to support their women in achieving their dreams.

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9. Saving him a piece

saving him cake

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One of the sweetest things you can do for your man is to save him a piece of cake from that party, or to buy his favorite chocolate when you spot it at a store. He’ll love that he’s always on your mind and that you love him enough to know his likes and dislikes. Keep at it and he’s sure to return the favor.

10. Wearing his shirt

wearing his shirt

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Few men will not melt at the sight of a woman wearing his shirt. Call it gender discrimination, but while we can’t imagine them wearing our clothes, we look incredibly cute in theirs!! A fact that adds to this is probably the circumstances that led to you wearing his shirt in the first place!

As you can see, most of the traits men love about us are sweet, seemingly minor things, that we often don’t put much stock in. But apparently, men do notice, and now you can use this knowledge to your benefit!!

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10 surprising traits in women that men love
Men don't just love their partner's bodies, but some other surprising traits as well. Here's a look at the surprising traits in women that men love.
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