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Men Vs Women: 15 Ways Men Act Differently In Love Than We Do

As the cliché goes, men are from Mars and women from Venus, but do you know when this difference manifests itself most loudly? When they are in love!

Men vs Women

Here are 15 ways in which men act differently in love than we do!

1. On receiving a text message from someone of the opposite sex


  • If the guy responds immediately- “Ew! Such a despo!”
  • Less than half an hour: “Let’s see how many words he typed… One…two…”
  • After a day: “Did he ask me a question?” “Is he inebriated?” “Did he refer to me directly, as in, “How are you, K.K.K…KIRAN?!””


  • Her response: a. Yes: “She wants the D”
  • No: “She doesn’t want the D”

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2. What they want in a partner

men vs women_New_love_Times

Image source: Tumblr

Girls: Good God! Please send me a man who is tender but not sissy, smooth but not big-headed, remarkable but only interested in me. I don’t want him to do things my way but he should want to want to do things the way I want him to do…

*God retires*

Guys: “I like big b*tts and I cannot lie…”

3. How to impress your partner

men vs women_New_love_Times

Image source: Giphy

Girls: Compliment them and cuddle with them…. Blah…. Blah…. Take them shopping. Hold their hand. Blah…. Blah… Wine and dine with them. Travel the world with them … Blah…. Blah…. Blah

Guys: Arrive naked. And yep, bring beer!

4. The first kiss

men vs women_New_love_Times

Image source: Tumblr


“And then he kissed me.”

“Whoa! How was it? Tell us everything in detail. Wait. Let me switch off the phone and get some wine. Do we need tissues or does this end well, huh? OK, was it the intense I-want-you kinda thing or a smooth brush against the lips? C’mon, tell us?????”


“And then I kissed her.”




5. What’s on your mind

Girls: Babies. Security. Love. Respect. Shoes. Future

Guys: Sex. Beer. Foosball. Sex. Sex. Beer.

6. When asking the other out on a date

men vs women_New_love_Times

Image source: Tumblr

Girls: “You wanna chill?”

Guys: “Hi… umm… I was thinking… we could… I mean if you want to… No pressure… We could catch a movie… Of your choice of course… No, not that I can’t think of a movie myself… How about dinner… Your favorite restaurant … definitely….”

7. Buying a present for the other

men vs women_New_love_Times

Image source: Giphy

Girls: “I would like a polka-dotted navy blue shirt and another one with yellow stripes. Both in the size of 42. He works out. Hahaha! And a black trouser. Slim fit, of course. I told you, he works out. And a pair of shoes to go with it. And a bag … a tie… cufflinks….. Pack it in a blue wrapping paper with a heart-shaped card that says “From a special someone” ☺

Guys: “It’s my girl’s birthday. Pack whatever you think is the best.”

8. Remembering dates

Girls: “Happy first ‘spotted-the-shooting-star-together’ anniversary?”

Guys: “Happy… Happy… I am very happy.”

9. Apologizing

men vs women_New_love_Times

Image source: Giphy

Girls: “So you want me to say sorry because I barged in ‘uninvited’ to your boys only night out in Khandala? So my surprising you means nothing to you? You don’t love me anymore… You have changed!”

Starts crying… until guy says sorry!

10. Giving a surprise

Girls: “And you will enter with the placard that says “Happy” at 12:01 a.m. And you with “Birthday” at 12:03 a.m. And you with “To You” at 12:05 a.m. Then I will come from behind and you have to make space for me to enter. And then the girls outside should fire the pinwheels at 12:06. Let’s go over it again!”


*Only if they remember!

11. When talking to friends about the other

men vs women_New_love_Times

Image source: thankyoufather

Girls: “He is just so awesome. So perfect, you know. Just the way I wanted him to be!”

Guys: “Yeah, she is okay. Hmm… Cool.”

12. Planning the future

Girls: “Baby, look at the rich hue of the cappuccino you are sipping on. I want our furniture to be of the same texture. Do you think blue curtains will go with it? Cerulean will be better na?”

Guy: *Chokes on the coffee and dies*

13. Realizing transformations


Image source: topyaps

Girls: *while typing looks through his plimsolls* “You shaped your toe nails, didn’t you?”

Guys: *Doesn’t notice until told… specifically*

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14. Paying attention

Girl: “And then Richa she…..”

Guy: “Hmm. Okay. Acha”

Girl: “Richa thinks she is smarter than me…”

Guy: Hmm. Okay. Acha.”

*After two minutes*

Guy: “How is your friend Richa?”

15. Late night calls

Girls: “Janu, what did you have for dinner? What are you doing? Are you thinking of me? Are you missing me?”

Guys: “What you wearing, baby?” 😉

That’s a wrap from us. Keep laughing and loving, in your own way! 😉

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Men Vs Women: 15 Ways Men Act Differently In Love Than We Do
Men vs Women: Are men really from Mars and women from Venus?
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